Botticellito a Cumbia Beat.

Well it’s Thursday and that means Nuevo Chique. We were running late, so the milonga was in full swing when we arrived, and so I was sat right down the bottom again. Too many men standing talking, too few women, and it was impossible to cabeceo. In the first hour I missed as many tandas as I danced. It was good for Viv though, so why should I complain.

After the first hour though, the ladies seats opposite me started to fill. Again I was like a pig in muck. When seven o’clock came I was not ready to leave, too many ladies un danced with, so I had to dance to Pugliese. Viv was not ready to leave either so we carried on.  Until eight when they had the sorteo, and then the tropical. Now it was definitely time to leave.

We got down to the subte at Peru and realized we were the wrong side of the tracks. There was a train in, but by the time we got to the top,crossed the road and down again, the doors shut just as Viv was struggling with her sube card. The next train was right behind, so close it had to stop halfway along the platform. It gave us some faith in the automatic systems. I did notice that there was a cross over tunnel at the end of the platform, I was not ready to risk going on the platform and not getting across, I really must remember next time.

We found our restaurant not far out of the Bulnes subte station.  We ordered the Wok de Pollo and a salad, and, of course, some black beer.

The TV was on all the way through showing The Fantastic four and The Silver Surfer.  No sound but in the background cumbia was playing. This was distracting enough, but then they put on Andrea Botticelli. Am I the only person who thinks this is madness, You put on a musical concert and play something else. I do not want to watch a classical orchestra and a blind singer, whilst listening to cumbia. I think I would prefer it the other way around, or, now here is a radical idea, we could watch what we are listening to. This applies as much to The  UK as here.

OK rant over, the food was good and so was the price. The rain even eased up for our walk back, and it did not feel as far as it looked on the map. Still too stuffed up when we got back. Our pudding will have to wait.

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