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Quiet day at Nuevo Chique

Viv has decided to buy some weights, so no point in delay, we buy too many things that end up just for others use. There is a sports shop just along Corrientes so we pop in there. Viv picked some pink rubber things, but the guy said that the metal ones were a third of the price and there was a 30% discount. We bought four, two pairs. The guy put one of each in a bag, this was not to Vivs satisfaction, she intended me to carry the heavier pair. Well it told on my biceps by the time we got back to the apartment, carrying one in each hand gave me quite a workout.

Then she sent me out to the chino again, seems all I do is shop when I am here. I bought a quarter of cherry tomatoes and he put them on a polystyrene tray and covered them in plastic. I will ask for a paper bag next time. Half an hour later I realized we were short of milk, so it was out again. I think that I am wearing a furrow across the road.

It will be our first return to Nuevo Chique today and it starts badly. We had to wait 10 minutes for the subte, this meant there was a crowd waiting to get on.  More got on at the next two stations, the second being a connection, I expected many to get off, it was awful. Some did get off at Pastuer and Callao but it was still rammed full.

The streets, in contrast were all but deserted. It seems there is some sort of demonstration, for or against the new president. Nothing is ever certain here. In Nuevo Chique there was almost nobody there, but at least all who were, were dancing. All afternoon the numbers never picked up. Viv loved it she danced her socks off as did I. I did at first think that I would run out of women, but they arrived in dribs. I did dance with some women twice, but it never became an issue. Viv did get three tandas with Hubert  though.

We had no problems crossing Congresso, but were expecting problems getting home. If there was no bus then we would have to walk as the subte would be unmanageable. As it happened a 151 passed us as we walked up and a 90 followed soon after, little traffic so we were home in no time.

Viv has cooked up a pasta treat and we washed it down with some Quilmes Negra.

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