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Noche Buena

Lazy day today, spent most of it in bed ready for a late night. We did head out to Naraja y flor for breakfast. The guy on the next table offered to help us with the menu. Our problem though was not that we could not understand it, no our problem was we could not decide what we should have. Then when we decided to order revueltas (scrambled egg) and some toast, the waitress told us there was an offer, Revueltas, juice, coffee and toast. We caused more confusion when asked to pay because  we wanted to buy some cakes for our Christmas. Then we stopped at the ferria on the corner. Viv was happy looking around, but there was nothing there she wanted.

Not ready to risk the subte again we left early enough to walk down to El Beso. Not so many people around tonight so it only took half an hour. We barely had to break step at the road junctions. When we got inside the tables had been arranged for one seat to a table. We had arranged to meet Woon, but she was at a table already, so we sat with Teresa. She was quite concerned that we had to sit on separate tables and brought us a chair. The organizers were not happy with this and we moved the chair back.

They came around with hors d’oeuvres and then put on cumbia. No one got up but Eli decided she was going to get the party started. Then Quique put some tango on, that got us up. The starter dish arrived and he had to change the music because everyone kept dancing. This was pretty  much the pattern for the evening. There never was a good atmosphere though as there were only 19 people there. We did get through two litres of stout though and the champagne. The food

We have been here before on Christmas eve, but never to an organized party. They do this like we do New years eve. It was strange to us to have a count down to Christmas.

We danced away the next couple of hours, but with so few people Viv soon got bored, even though she had won a nice top in the sorteo. Time for a slow walk home, watching out for the loonies with the fireworks.

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