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Guilty shopping

On my way out shopping today I bumped into the guy from the fruit shop around the corner. He greeted me like an old friend, made me feel quite guilty. You see I now buy my fruit from the chino opposite. It is close and he always picks out the best fruit for us and will often reject something I have picked out as not good enough. This morning though Viv wanted some chop suey, which he did not have.  He watched me as I shopped in the chino so I had to buy my fruit off him. Then I had to conceal my fruit as I went to the next fruit shop, which had chop suey. Life is never this difficult when you just go to Tesco.

It started to rain as we set off for Nuevo Chique so we decided to get a bit closer on the subte. Viv was not too keen on the two changes needed if we used the H line, so we headed into town and used the C line. This would have been Ok if it were not  for the crowds, we were all but locked down by them. The change at Pelerini took an age and when we got off at Plaza de Mayo it was packed. I did not know how to get to Lima station and we emerged in the middle of 5 Mayo. The bodies were just a mass, we were in the middle of a demonstration and I just could not navigate. By the time I had worked my way out of it, then consulted the map, Viv rightly said we could have walked from home.

It was a time for last dances and saying goodbye. We actually stayed longer than ever and I even got a glass of Champagne from Dora, but we are happy in the knowledge that we will be back next year. We had a funny conversation with Marcella before we left; She asked why we were all leaving at the same time, I told her it was Macri’s fault, he will only let us stay 90 days. “Macri Gato” she jokingly said. I told her that that was the contraseña for El Revolucionario WiFi.

Then it was off to El Revolucionario for some beer and hamburgers. The place was crowded out due to the demonstration and the service was somewhat lacking. Again I have to say great food and beer for less than £15. Just one problem today, for the first time, they overcharged me by 100$ar. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but now I have a better grasp, I challenged it and my money was soon returned.

We will not be back this year, but I live in hope it was a genuine mistake, because we have enjoyed this place and would hate for it to be tainted.



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Revolutionary food

A sad note today, our last week begins. So every where we go will be our last time although we do go to Nuevo Chique twice a week. This will not actually be our last visit but our last Tuesday. Many who go on Tuesday do not go Thursday so already the goodbyes have started.

Nuevo Chique was not so good for Viv today. There were very few men but just as many women. At six she had enough and told me she was off to El Revolucionario. As instructed, I danced on. It became more and more difficult for me to leave as the women wanted me to dance, but by seven I had changed my shoes. This was not enough though to win my freedom, Paloma grabbed me, and it was after all a Biagi vals. So I danced it in my Hotters, not the best dancing shoes, but very comfortable. Glad I stopped as I saw Juan our old dance teacher on the floor dancing with Dora, nice to say “Hello” again.

On the way out I bumped into Marriane, seems she too was having problems and decided to head for Obalisco.

When I arrived at El Revolucionario Viv was still drinking coffee. I fully expected her to be on her third cup, but she had been across the road watching the dogs at play, so had not been there long. Beer was now in order, no Quilmes but they did have Imperial Stout, that’ll  do nicely. The food was good too, but I still cannot get used to the idea that pies and pastry are starters and salad is the main course.

Still the cheapest place for food though and good service. Pudding, as always supplied by our local Ice cream gal, tasty.


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It’s all true

Off to Nuevo Chique again today, but my foot is playing me up and I suspect I will not dance much.  I did the first tanda with Viv then a couple followed by the milonga with Viv. My foot was hurting too much so I retreated to the toilets and made a roll of  paper towel to go under my foot. While I was in there two men were practicing their moves with each other. I knew that this happened many years ago but I never expected to see it today, so it is all true, the men dance with men to improve their tango.

Once out of there I found my makeshift foot support really helped. I still missed the odd tanda but I was not missing every other and I did not have to miss another vals. Viv meanwhile was having a rare old time, I thought we would be staying late. She had other ideas though, seems that she can get tired as well as bored, so just after seven I got my marching orders.

Down again to El Revolucionario, they have run out of Cream Stout, we have to have Stella. It’s another 30$ar for  beer we like less, is it so hard to keep a stock?

At least our 151 collective is reliable, dropping us off at our doorstep as always.


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In the wars

All this dancing takes its toll on my feet. Last night I had blood covered socks because the back of my foot was rubbed raw. This morning I woke to aching feet and my left foot swollen. I have been liberally applying anti inflammatory cream in the vain hope of a cure.

This morning Sebastian called on the intercom to tell me that the gas was going to be cut for one or two hours. I actually understood what he said. Emboldened by this, when I went out, I asked him exactly when it would be cut as Viv has lentajas in the oven. I should have known better, he gave me the life story of the gas man and details of his van. I understood not a word.

Now I have a bit of money I bought some socks and underpants. I bought underpants here two years ago and they are the most comfortable I have ever worn. The trouble was when I got back this time they were the wrong size, so it was straight out again. Then they only had my size in white, I was not that bothered but the girl insisted on phoning for more, so I had to stand around waiting. Anyway this was a test pair, if they are as good as before I will be going back for more in the next day or so.

So I limped off to El Beso not expecting much from the day. Viv was doing well with dances, meanwhile I was happy to sit out a few tandas. It’s funny how it becomes more enjoyable the less you worry about getting dances. Some of the ladies sat across from me were giving me hard stares, but I was only going to dance the tandas I wanted. At one point Elisa (The Organizer) came and asked me if I had danced “Si” I said “I am resting my foot”. Teresa would not let me rest though, I had three tandas with her. Cracking on for ninety she still has lots of energy.

We stayed almost to the end, and I found a bit more energy later, but for Viv it was party time. When the crowd thins out she gets more dances. I was sorry e did not stay until the end, I know, when I DJ, I am always disappointed when people do not stay for La Cumparsita.

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Eat your empanadas or you don’t get your salad.

As we travelled down to Nuevo Chique today on the subte, I noticed something. Apart from the fact that it was very crowded, every one in my line of sight was staring into a mobile phone. You might think that I am old fashioned, but why not talk to the person you are with? I now carry mine with me everywhere, but virtually the only time I look at it is to use the Spanish dictionary. Then, of course, the odd time I post a check in, but that is just for my fans at home.

Nuevo Chique itself was quiet today. We think it was partly to do with El Arranque re-opening, but again it was a mainly tourist crowd. Even the locals were complaining, funny how they have taken us in, and do not consider us outsiders. No pleasing Viv, she likes it quieter but now complains that there are not enough men. So despite our commitment to stay longer tonight we left at seven. She was bored.  I spent a lot of time trying to avoid Margarita. Not that I don’t enjoy dancing with her, but there are a lot of other ladies to dance with. I appreciate the attention, but it makes it hard for me to cabeceo other ladies.

After we left we headed for El Revolucionario again. We had “Scotch Beer” as there was no stout. “Still black but smoother” she said. More like brown ale than stout but still pleasant. They can’t get used to our way of eating, we asked for empanadas with our salad, but empanadas are served first and they would not bring the salad until we had eaten them. We had to go and ask for bread, as they did not bring any. As I have said “It is not a top class restaurant” that may be the case, but our girl is always pleasant and you can’t argue the price. £11 for a meal for two with beer, better than Weatherspoons.

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Not High fashion, but at least, it’s open

We took another trip down town to try and buy shoes. Viv was determined to buy Flabella, because she liked them and they fitted. We had tried the shop twice on Saturdays so now we tried Tuesday. It was still closed up. We were not the only customers looking longingly through the steel mesh. Another couple tried, failed and went into Darcos. Unlike us they had more success in Darcos, because, I think, they were looking for dance sneakers.

We crossed the road again back to Las Marianas. Suipacha 256 was also closed. Viv almost bought some shoes in Las Marianas last week, so worth a try. I am not sure if the lady, at first, recognized us, but she seemed happy to bring out the same shoes all over again. Viv also tried on some black t-bars with a higher heel. She loved the T-bars but the snake skins were more comfortable. Our shop lady had seen this indecision last week and perhaps that prompted her “do you a deal for the two” she said in Spanish “how much” I asked. Well it was a saving of a tenner, too much temptation for Viv. The deal was done.

I wonder how much custom she wins, by being open and willing to deal, while the fashionable shops opposite lose by not giving a damn about their customers?

Whilst in town we could hear the familiar sound of locals banging pots. We had no idea what this protest was about but it was stopping the collectivos. This meant that the subte was crowded out for our journey down to Nuevo Chique. At the back of the train was a group of  Americans. As always there was a know it all leader. At Callao station she led them to the starboard door and said “this is our stop we need to get of this side”. Oblivious to the train standing there and the platform by the other door.  I think I shouted something like “no you don’t” as they looked confused at the people leaving the train behind them. Don’t you just love it when someone’s bubble bursts?

Nuevo Chique had a strange feeling today. We both had a great time with hardly a missed tanda, but there were loads of tourists. The couples end was packed and there were tables of eight or more. Another table of four women was sharing one taxi dancer and down the room were many women unable to get a dance. As I have said before, this is not my milonga and they are not my responsibility, I have a whole bunch of ladies to keep happy. Failure to do this will bring its own problems. Still it was good to return to good dancing for us. My floor craft was tested though, all these tourists made my life difficult, I was not the only one who said “they should leave the milongas to us locals”.

We stopped off at El Revolucionario again for beer. Still feeling peckish after the nibbles I asked for a menu, this time it did not have the salads on, I asked the girl if there was another “si” she said and just looked at me. I have no idea what she thinks I asked, but whatever I ask I always get the same answer. In the end we just asked for empanadas, even then we did not get exactly what we asked for, but the girl was so pleasant we could not complain.

On the bus home we met one of the tango ladies. It is so rare here to meet someone outside of the milonga, in this city of 14 million people the milongueros are a very small percentage.

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Revolutionary food

It’s my monthly trip to the bank to pay my expensas, a particularly stressful occasion for me. It’s hard to learn when you simply do not understand, but I made some notes and hope springs eternal. As usual there was a big queue, but fortunately two machines were running, so those behind me would at least not have to wait for me to fail. It took three attempts, but I finally managed it on my own. It will be nine months before I have to do it again, I guess I will have to learn it all again by then, that is assuming I did it right and my money is not in some black hole somewhere.

We arrived early at Nuevo Chique, as usual there were few people there. This did not last however and soon it was sardine time again. Some people still think that they can get away with multiple back steps in a situation like this. It drives me mad, I spend more time protecting the woman than actually enjoying the music. Then you get those cutting diagonals across the floor. Still despite everything I had a good time.

Viv, however was complaining again. More than ever now I know that it is all perception, she just wants to dance every tanda. I danced with the lady in front of her and she said “Your wife dances a lot”, well I know at one point she missed three tandas, but all in all she did not miss that many. We stayed until seven thirty which is another indication; she would have been out of there before seven had she not been getting many dances.

El Revolutionario was crowded as well, but we seem to now have a regular table and all the staff recognize us and say hello. We ordered our stout and the I thought I would have a look at the menu. I only wanted to look, but it seems they had other ideas. The youngest girl came over saying something about empanadas and rapido. I asked her if they were closing and she said at eleven, it is still a mystery what she was on about. Still we decided to order food anyway, it looked promising.

We had a chicken salad each and enough bread to stuff a pig. The onion bread was especially nice. When I went to pay, I did a double take. I think that they thought I was doubting the price, well I was, but not the way you would think. It was 220$ar, two meals and beer with nibbles, that’s £11 to you at home. It is not worth cooking at these prices.


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