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Otra noche Viruta

Not a lot to do this morning just a bit of shopping. I do have to plan carefully though, you can’t take a bag full of stuff into the supermarket. Then I do not want a load of heavy veg to carry up and down. So I went to the dietetica then back to the confiteria and finally back to the verduria. Job done and I managed to get rid of all he change as well.

Nuevo Chique was busy for a Thursday, this was not good for Viv. She started well but by seven she was struggling. I, on the other hand, was struggling for a different reason. I wanted to dance with all those ladies that I would not see again, but there were just too many of them. When I had one refusal because the lady does not valz, I never got back to her, she now probably believes I was annoyed. There is nothing I can do, I am only one man.

We intended to go home for food, but time was getting short. We would still have to go home but we stopped off at Congreso Plaza for a promotion; ham and cheese toasty and coffee. At $180 it fills the gap and does not tell on the wallet.

After another coffee we head out to La Viruta. Miguel DeGenova is on tonight with Carlos Lididinsky. Not the full otras Aires but we expcted some of the old favourites. We were not disappointed with the music, the numbers though were badly down. This did mean when we wanted to dance we were not trying to avoid flying heals all the time and we had space to move. Later a French lady arrived who I have danced with in Canning and Nuevo Chique. I had a dance with her, but her partner seemed disinclined to dance. I could see her watching us dance and I think she was surprised as here I could let fly. She did not stay long. She had missed the show anyway.

Miguel remembered us again and we took another selfie with him. I know I do this every year, but how many international artists would remember one of their fans by name? Sorry for interrupting your Pizza Miguel.

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No beef in the land of cattle

Getting beef in this land of cattle, is becoming increasingly difficult. I wanted a kilo of mince, and our local butcher said “mas tarde” so I tried the chino two doors away. The butcher there was shut up. The chino opposite us had non. So I returned home without, because I had a bag full of shopping and was being looked on suspiciously in the chinos.

I left again without my shopping to try elsewhere. What I did notice is that there are increasing numbers of Tiendas Granjas. Don’t bother to translate, it translates as farm stores, which is not what they are. They sell chicken, whole, breasts,legs, and whatever bits you might want. I wanted minced beef. Last time we had this problem we had stopped at a place on Gascon, it was expensive, but needs must. So I went there, inside there was no sign of mince. “Hay picada?” I asked “Picarda Carne?” he replied “Si un kilo”  “Si” Now as I said there was no sign of it there, but he took what looked to me the leanest steak I have seen, trimmed any remaining fat off it and put it in the mincer. This was all good stuff. He weighed it out and it was just over a kilo. He picked some out and put it into his hand until it weighed exactly a kilo. Once it weighed the correct amount, he threw what was in his hand back into the bag. Like I said it is dear here, cost me $400ar, but let’s put this into perspective, that is £4, and it was slightly more than I paid for.

Nuevo Chique never fails.  Today there was a shortage of women, this meant that occasionally I was stuck, but I have a few old favourites that will always dance with me. For Viv there was no such problems, she was up every tanda. I only missed two, Pugliese and Biagi. and thereby hangs a tale; Viv always dances Pugliese with Miguel, who incidentally hates Biagi. So when a strong beat started, Viv got up with Miguel. I never even gave it a thought, I just headed for the toilets to freshen up. I was out in the corridor before I realized that it was not Pugliese but Biagi.

When I got back, cursing, it was all my fault, of course. I should have told her. Well in the course of four hours one missed tanda is not the end of the world. Next tanda was a Vals, and this was followed by, you guessed it Pugliese. So she danced again with Miguel.

I had a pile of raffle tickets by the time the sorteo came. I failed to win the champagne, I failed to win the chocolates, I even failed to win any discount vouchers, but my number came up for two free entradas for Caminito milonga Saturday night. I did not respond, and let someone else have it, who may actually want it.

We retired to Congreso Plaza Pizzeria for a coffee and medialuna. I fancied the tostada again, but Viv was not for that, she wanted us to save ourselves for her pasta later.

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Well, we got a plate

Why does everything happen at once? I have not spoken to Perry this trip, and I was just talking to him in messenger when Philippe arrived. The only time, it seems we can meet up is when I have other arrangements.  So I am holding two conversations at once until Perry went then so did Philippe.

We are entering our last two weeks here, and suddenly everyone wants to meet up. It was ever thus. I think if we stayed longer it would be no different.

Nuevo Chique did not let us down again, although Viv was having trouble with this persistent cough. It did sort of cut short our stay today, but anyway the heat and humidity was getting to me as well. We met a welsh guy here today. Now for the scary bit; later he came up on Facebook, People you may know.

There was a demonstration again tonight so our bus was not running so we headed across to the subte. This, of course was packed and not running regularly. So we had a long wait, a crowded train, and at every stop there was a delay. This, of course meant that even more people were trying to get on, so all in all not a pleasant journey home.

We stopped at HB for our chicken goujons cheesy potatoes and salad. We got no nuts today with our beer, this was reflected in our tip. We can’t get them to understand we need two plates either. We have had a metal platter, a metal bowl, and tonight we had a plate. Maybe just maybe, as we are getting closer, we may get two of something next time.

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All the Crazies

We arrived early today at Nuevo Chique. It gave Viv time to change, meanwhile I settled in my seat. It looks like there are not a lot of regulars here tonight. Although I managed to get enough dances Viv struggled. The guy who plays games told Marcella he adored Viv, but still he did not dance with her.

The place was full of crazies today. The floor was far from full but still it was almost impossible not to crash. There was a  couple dancing in promenade and just charging around the place and there were several others who completely lacked floor craft. For me the icing on the cake was when the guy I had an altercation with last year appeared.  He seemed to recognize me and kept his distance, but other people were avoiding him as well. This meant that there was less floor for the rest of us. Add to that the space taken up by the promenaders and it was a difficult time.

I was approached by one lady who said she was trying to cabeceo me. I said I would dance with her later but she never seemed to be looking my way.  I did manage to get her just before we left, but it cost me some tandas. I have learned not to try for too long if a lady does not look my way, I should have remembered tonight.

It seems non of the good dancers were here tonight Viv struggled all night and left just before the sorteo. I stayed, but had no luck.

We intended going home for omelette tonight, but the night being what it was, we retired instead to HB for a steak sandwich and some black beer.


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Coffee and toasty £1.60

We seem to do less and less before the milongas theses days, still it’s nice to be a bit rested for a change.

There was a group of tourists waiting outside today. We, of course, passed them and took our seats while they were getting organized. We stayed four hours today, and apart from Pugliese never missed a tanda. I think Viv actually did miss one other as Anna was keeping her talking. I never seem to dance with Ana these days, I am not really sure why, Viv thinks she has just given up.

I saw a lady who looked like she was on the edge so I elected to do the next tanda with her. She was attractive, had a good body and danced well. New blood only goes so far, I guess, it’s still the young who get the most men.  I noticed she got a couple more dances afterwards, sometimes they just need to see a lady dance.

Afterwards we went to Congreso Plaza Pizza Cafe for a coffee. We were just going for coffee, honestly, but there was a promotion; Cafe con leche y media tostada $160. too good to pass up. We expected just some toasted bread and maybe a bit of dulche de leche, what we got were two rounds each of ham and cheese toasty. We expected to have to pay more, surely the waiter had it wrong and we had someone else’s order. But no, when we asked for the bill it was $320. Bargain of the week, perhaps we will be back.


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The last medialuna

On my morning shop, I now have to walk on the other side of the road. They are knocking the building down and have barriers all around it.  This would not normally be a problem except that the guy from the ferreterria opposite just leaves his dog out front. Today his mess is spread all across the pavement it is all but impossible to avoid.

So as we leave for Nuevo Chique today I am unable to find my shoes. Luckily I have spares, it seems I have, again left them when we stopped for coffee.

Slightly lower numbers today, it cannot be the heat, it was far hotter Tuesday. It was good for Viv although I had some problems. Not enough to stop me dancing though. I did miss a couple of tandas just to recover from the heat, because although it was not as hot today, the humidity was through the roof. At six o’clock all my regulars appeared. It seems they wanted to miss the main heat of the day. What Viv pointed out is that they would now get all the sweaty men.

The gay couple turned up here as well. There were not as many wanting to dance with them though as there were in Canning. It is also a more crowded floor so all the boleos did not go down well either. They did not stay long, I think that they would be better off in La Viruta. A guy who sits by me was watching them dance, you could read his mind, some people are so obvious what they think.

I expected to stay a little later today, but then Viv had another coughing fit, so it was time to go. We caught the 151 and stayed om it until it got to Scalabrini Ortiz. Then we were right outside Cafe Artaud. It was just as well we left when we did, it took longer than we thought and it was eight fifteen when we arrived. The place closes at half past. We were by now starving but they had only one medialuna left, so we had the last one between us. Good coffee here though it seems to relieve Vivs throat and they still had my shoes.

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Ungrateful Parrot

We have a new visitor this morning. A parrot has appeared on our balcony rail. There is food on the floor but he seems reluctant to go down there. In the end I risk walking out and breaking some nuts onto the rail. The bird seems unfazed and actually comes over. Before long it is eating out of my hand. Just when I thought it could get no more surreal it jumped onto my shoulder.

I was at a loss what to do, Viv did not want me to bring it inside and everything I did, it just changed positions. In the end I did manage to get it back onto the rail and enticed it to drink some water. It seemed quite at home there.

I had ordered some money so I needed to go out. I left Viv with the parrot. Argenper were efficient as always and I was soon back in the apartment. Apparently the parrot had seen the pigeons feeding and went down to join them. Later it just squawked and took off. there’s gratitude for you. Didn’t even say goodbye.

Nuevo Chique was quieter today. I was doing Ok but Viv was struggling. That is what she said anyway. Then I did not dance every tanda, it was just too hot.

Then we set off for HB. We had a bit of a feast, black beer, a full salad, chicken gujons and chips with cheese and bacon. ( a bit of a specialty round these parts). All came to about £11.  You cannot crib at that and I left stuffed.


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Cheerful Leo

A few little shopping jobs today. First stop is Amankay for some Atrix (Atrixo). It is always a bit dear here so I will not come again, but it was nice to meet Bruno again. There was no sign of him when I went in, so I asked where he was. He was tucked on a shelf behind the counter hiding. I suppose he gets fed up of all the attention.

Cheerful Leo was on the till in the Chino. When you think his livelihood depends on his customers, you think he might be more pleasant. The only time I have seen him smile is when I bumped into him in Chinatown.

The demolition up the road continues, Fred Dibnah would have had it down in a day. but we just get the constant banging. Our neighbor has finally left, the apartment looks forlorn from the road. Maybe she had had enough of the banging.

On the way today, the streets somehow seemed cleaner. Whether that is an illusion or they have been cleaned in preparation for the murga I do not know. We have not had that much rain lately and it was quite blowy yesterday, so it is unlikely they just cleaned themselves. Or just maybe we have stopped noticing the dirt.

It is Thursday so Nuevo Chique again. I missed one tanda early on when I double cabeceod. That was it. Viv was having the same experience. So tonight is the sorteo for the shoes and I had a load of tickets. We tried really, but after four hours we hit the wall. It would have been only another half hour, but it just was not going to happen. We simply do not have the stamina.

So we left and went to La Continental again. Cafe and Medialunas it was then. Then our 151 took us right to the door again.

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Four into 237 don’t go

There seems to be a lot of fire around lately. There is a kitchen supplies shop on the corner of Medrano y Corrientes, it seems to have suffered some fire damage. As I walked around the corner the pavement was roped off. At the last window was some rather drastic fire damage. It looks to me like one of the street people were there and all their stuff burned. Whether this was accidental or malicious is hard to tell, although I would say from the amount of damage some accelerant was used. The mattress was nothing more than a wire frame and the shop window was totally destroyed.

Walter came this morning and we have finality for next year.  Every year he has to pay me more and every year it is worth less to me, such is life with hyper inflation. Still he is a good tenant and popular with the neighbors. Better still he left beer.

Nuevo Chique again excelled. Four hours and neither of us missed a tanda until nearly the end, and that was because we were exhausted. There were some new ladies arrived but I was in no physical state to do the music justice.

We went over to La Continental Av de Mayo for a change. The media lunas we had on Congreso were not good so we thought we would try here. Turns out they had non, they had run out. So we had a factura instead. Now the price on the door for coffee and a media ulna was $100. When we asked for the bill it was $237. How does that work? apart from everything else two coffees two factura, it should have been an even number. I gave him $250, Viv said that is only $13 tip. I suppose it was but if they are just going to make up the price. In my mind it was $50.

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Bad news over the interweb

Viv was cleaning the bathroom and decided to try the magnetic window cleaner. Twice she sent me downstairs to retrieve the sponge. She said every time I get to the top the outside piece falls off. There is a security string on it and she had tied it to a tap. I watched as she got to the end of the string and it fell off again.

On one of my trips downstairs I met our neighbor, she arrived with her mother and a load of boxes. I said hello to her mother and left them to use the lift. I used the stairs as there was no room in the lift with all the boxes.

Fortunately this time the sponge stayed attached. So now it was my turn at least I was not loosing it all the time, as I tied it nearer the window, but it just left streaks. Then it fell off again and I decided to go to the chino.

Sebastian was waiting by the door with sponge in hand. He tried to give me instructions on how to clean the windows, I think he has longer arms than me.

When I got back, I tried with the squeegee, Sebastian style. Viv was not happy, she was convinced that I was going to fall out of the window. It was moderately successful, but there are still streaks and I have black marks all the way up my arm.

There were a few more in Nuevo Chique today, but it did not stop the dancing. Neither of us missed a tanda, we danced solid from four until almost eight. It just gets better, unfortunately, I do not. I was flagging considerably by the end and sat out the last tanda. It was just too much and I called time. I think Viv would have carried on, but we paid our bill and left.

La Bruja did it again; last night she said to me “Not seen the dutch girl, the one who sold clothes” So Guess who turned up today in Nuevo Chique? I tell you it is scary how often she does this.

We were tired and hungry so we stopped at Vittorio for a coffee and medialuna. There is no WiFi here but I can pick up a weak signal from across the road. I received a message from home that a friend had died.  It was not totally unexpected, but sad news just the same. We will miss the funeral but sent our thoughts.

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