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No Hay Luz otra vez

Up at a reasonable time today and I make coffee, for when Viv gets up. It is dark outside and the forecast says tormentas all day. Sure enough it starts raining heavily. Not one to miss an opportunity I clean the balcony. No one is complaining about the water running off and it is soon pristine again.

I go out for my usual shopping trip via the welder guy. Just before I get there I realize I do not have my wallet. New wallet, and it gets forgotten, such is the way my mind works. Still I have enough money of Viv’s for the shopping. Thinking “according to sod’s law, no money means Jorge must be there” Sure enough there was a light on and someone welding. I had to wait for him to break, it was not Jorge.  Well I asked anyway “Jorge?” he said something about him not being here today, so I thanked him and left to do the shopping.

Philippe contacted me, trying to arrange a meeting is difficult with our differing schedules. So we put it off,  I do not want to put it off too long as he has paid my city tax.

Well here we go again. I got to El Beso and again there is no power. After we had kissed everyone and said what we are doing for new year we went over to The Coffee Store. We could manage without coffee, but I needed the internet. I Sent a message to Philippe, but got no reply. Still it would take us half an hour to walk up there, and if he was not in we would have lost nothing.

As it happened he was not in. After we had rung his bell the second time we turned to go. Then like a bad penny he turned up on his motorbike. He was off to see Mariela at six so we just stopped for a quick coffee. He did not want my money, he pays the bills with Walter’s account so I had no need to worry.

It was still raining heavily when we got back, and then I got another message from Philippe. I had left my shoes, he said he would bring them around in ten minutes.  I seem to make a habit of leaving my shoes every where.

No milonga and not much else to do we went round to HB. We bumped into Jose on the way out. A good chance to practice my Spanish and him his English.  He was off out for some shopping and we left him at the door.

It was still early Buenos Aires time, but HB never shuts. I tried the European burger, quite tasty I thought, with double Gloucester, but Viv went for the lentil burger and she was disappointed, mushy and no flavour she said. I guess I had a close call the other night then. A litre of stout makes everything right though.

On our return Jose was still talking to one of our neighbours.  Viv said Lili probably sends him out shopping knowing she will have a couple of hours peace.  Not like me out and back again in ten minutes.

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