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Back again

So we begin another winter/summer in Buenos Aires. Our journey here went almost without incident. We did have a slight delay in Manchester, that left us with precious little time in Schipol. So we had to forego any shopping and the delights of Murphy’s bar.

Our taxi driver from the airport was quite chatty, gave me some good Spanish practice. The non Spanish speaking Viv joined in a lot as well. She’s a fraud, I think. I struggled to find my keys when we arrived but as I was looking Sebastian let us into the building, then he took us up to the flat as Walter’s cleaner was there and would not know us. She seemed very pleasant, but left almost immediately.

I have pre ordered some money from Azimo and had checked that the office would be open Saturday. In the end after a shower, we fell asleep. Walter had left us some beer that helped us on our way. Tanto tiempo Quilmes Negra. We were awoken by Walter who came for a coffee and a cheque he had left. He had also left me some money, so there was no panic to get money out. Monday will do just fine now. I had to rush out to get some coffee and biscuits though before he came. The girl in the chino was bright as usual, even remembered me “tanto tiempo” she said.

When Walter left we went out and did some proper shopping, even buying some replacement Beer glasses. Then we stopped for a coffee and media luna on Medrano. As usual there was a problem with ordering two ” Hay una oferta” she said “cafe y tres media lunas” well we did not want three each so I ordered one cafe con leche and one oferta.  That worked, so we had one each and shared one.

Still not stocked up we decided to eat out. Imaginario was open, but not. The doors were open but the tables were not set up and the only two people in there were drinkers, so we left again. It was still early for Buenos Aires, seven thirty,  so we debated our options. HB woulds have a reserva on every table and Viv was not enamored with Zorra so we walked back towards Pachi. It had been open during the day when we were out shopping and was still open now. More black beer, we had a chicken salad and papas Pachi to share. There was more than enough food and it cost us less than a tenner. Even with a good tip still only just over. Then it was back for an early night. We still have a lot to do, but it will wait now for tomorrow.


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