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Fracas at Pasteur

Late rising today, it has taken a week to settle in, but I think we are finally there. First job today; pay the gas and electric. It is almost $1000ar, only £12 but still a massive rise, and makes me wonder again how the locals cope. The guy at the local pagofacil was incredibly efficient. I wonder if he is in the wrong country, I was done in no time.

Then a small shop, breakfast and it is time to get ready to go out again.

El Beso was very quiet today. Viv had a great  time because the men now had to dance with her. Hopefully they will now remember her next time. For me though it was very poor. I am sure that Teresa was happy as I did four tandas with her, but otherwise it was very slim pickings for me. I hear the ladies saying “welcome to my world”. I can put up with this for one or two milongas, but sometimes it is just good to sit and listen to the music.

We stopped off at The Coffee Store again, then meandered back up Corrientes. There was some sort of fracas near Pasteur; A policeman  and a guy with a phone. I have no idea what it was about, the guy was indicating that he was talking on the phone, but the policeman tackled him to the ground, we thought better of staying too long.

We stopped in a kitchen supply place and bought a silicon oven glove, made in China of doubtful quality, but we need it to replace our old ones. I have no idea what happened to them and Walter does not seem to know either.

By the time we had stopped in Goji for some supplies it was getting late and plans we had to call on Philippe were shelved. So off home for some food then.



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