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Living in Hope

I was up early, I was worried about the painter arriving. As usual I worry in vain. By ten there was no sign although Viv did hear the buzzer of one of our neighbours. I went out to the chino and looked at all the balconies. There was no sign of a painter on any of them.

On my return I finally saw him, hanging on a rope, painting the windows on the other side of the building.  His only safety gear was a nylon rope. I am glad I do not have to work here.

Sebastian was in the foyer “The painter will do your balcony tomorrow” he said.  I asked more in hope than anything if it will be in the morning. I got an affirmative, I live in hope.

Sebastian has put up a tree in the foyer, looks very christmasy even though he will be away.

The catch on our bathroom window has been broken almost since we bought the place. I have tried Araldite, then a massive application of Araldite. This has held up until now, but we arrived this time to find Walter had left it on the table, broken again. Time to bite the bullet.

Now on my travels I have passed place manufacturing windows on Juan Peron. It is only four or five blocks away so I went there more in hope than expectation. The front of the shop is wide open and a girl is sitting almost on the street behind a desk. “Hay uno de esto?” I ask offering the broken handle. She said yes and offered us a seat.

There was another guy there keen to practise his English. he kept us talking until the girl arrived back. When she offered me the handle, it was wrong handed. It would be a simple matter to remove the locking washer and reverse it. $500ar was not a fortune in real terms so I was happy.

Seems I had forgotten just one thing; I do not have any sockets here. Undoing the handle was all but impossible. Time for a coffee and a think. As I keep saying “life here is one long egg race”  after examination, it is possible to remove the hook that the handle locks into and put it back reversed. This had a further advantage, it meant that one of the screw holes lined up. After drilling another hole everything fits and the window shuts just fine again.

Off to Canning today, but when we arrived the place was empty. It took a long time to fill and was never anywhere near capacity. I danced with some new ladies and Viv managed to get some new men. Such is the way when the milongas are empty people are less choosy, and hopefully we will be remembered. There is still an American lady who will not dance with me for some reason, I have tried for a number of years and really thought that today would be the day. Well she did not dance with me and as we get more into it again I will be less bothered. One day she may regret it, or maybe not, but I have done trying.

On our way home Viv did not want to just go back cook tea and retire, so I suggested The Shanghai Dragon. Food in a box, maybe, but it is tasty and they have stout. The bar guy was determined to practise his English and me my Spanish, so we had a sort of Spanglish duel, all in good fun, of course.

It looked like rain so we hastened our way home, just ducking under our bulding as the first drops fell. I must remember to check each day before we leave, there are four umbrellas here and we are always caught out without them.


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