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Meet up at Sullivan’s

Saturday night is Los Consegrados. Funny how as we near the end and we start to care less, everything suddenly gets better. We danced on and on, staying later than ever. My problem was trying to get a dance with all the ladies who were expecting me. Then there were all the Brazilians and of course those who had promised to meet me in Rio. They were essential dances.

It was well past eight when we left and headed off to Alcala for our Bife de Chorizo, We managed to get through two litres of beer and stayed on for the act. Viv was not best pleased when the act came on and they left the football on the TV.  When I saw her march over to the bar, I knew she was on a mission. No resisting the Welsh witch the TV was soon turned off.

We left after dancing a meringue on a very crowded floor. We ran up quite a bill tonight it was £15, at this rate, if we stayed much longer, it could get expensive.

In the morning we went to Sullivan’s for bacon and egg. We had met the waiter from here in a drunken state earlier in the week. We promised to come and say goodbye. I guess in his drunken state he had forgotten it was his birthday and he had the day off. We were going to meet Perry as well, but he was unwell. Still we did meet up with Les and Ann, and also Lucy and her husband Tony. We only intended a short hello, but actually stayed three hours.

On our way back I was stopped again by Charlie The Cat asking for directions (if you are too young to remember look it up on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVOMK6YD6fw). “Perdon” I said, she gave me one of those, Oh it’s a stupid foreigner looks, and went off in a huff. Not many locals know these streets as well a me, it was her loss.

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Nu shoos

Great news this morning; my house has been broken in to. The police are doing a great job, they already have one of the guys, I will not let it worry me, I will deal with it when I get home.

Nothing for it but some retail therapy. Our first stop was a sports wear shop. It all looked a bit expensive and not really us. So we moved on to Sweet Victoria. I buy my underpants here and always have a good chat with the lady. They only had three pair in my size, so I bought them. Easy to please, that’s me. Meanwhile the girl was doing her best sales technique on Viv. She managed to get her to try a sports top. It looked good but “you need the matching leggings”. So she tried them on then another top. So while I spent $1500 on what I actually came out for Viv spent $4500 on something she did not intend.

We moved on to DNI. When we got there, there was no sign of life. The guy in the cafe said it opened at twelve. So rather than walk home (only a block away) we stopped for a coffee and cookie.

I managed to find some shoes for me, so that is me set up for cruising. Not my usual style, do you think it will make me a better dancer?

Off to Los consegrados again today. It looks like the numbers are down again but I am doing pretty well. Viv however was not. I tried to dance with her a few times but she was not happy and by seven she’d had enough. I did another milonga with a lady from Uruguay and then joined her in the foyer.

So we took the subte to Bolivar and changed onto the D line getting off at Scalabrini. From there we walked to 1810. We thought we would try something different this time, so we ordered a five ingredient salad and their version of cottage pie. It was very good, but I am struggling with my teeth at the moment and it took the enjoyment away for me.

On the walk home we passed another Murga session in Parque Latinoamerica. It just sounds like noise to me, but the locals seem to enjoy it. Then it was home to watch another film.

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Don’t let me forget my shoes.

A bad start to the day; we were in Sullivan’s to watch the Rugby. Wales were roundly beaten by Ireland and there was quite a crowd of Irish there to enjoy my discomfort. One guy had quite a bit to drink before he arrived. It was hard enough following the commentary in Spanish, but now this guy was giving me his life history, in a drunken Irish accent. He moved later and then spilled his drink over Pauline. Well Pauline and Geoff are staying for the England Scotland match, I hope they are ready for another hour and a half of this.

Los consegrados  was the same as always, although Viv was complaining about not getting dances.  From where I was sat it was not possible to see all the women so I went over to ask Christine to dance. On the way over I was stopped by Maria, she had bought a cake to celebrate leaving tomorrow. So I had to stop for some cake and champagne. When I got to Christine it was Pugliese so I sat it out and talked with her. She said Viv is always up dancing, I said that is not the way she sees it and just to prove my point she came over saying that she was fed up and was going to get changed.

Well I did the next tanda with Christine, then said goodbye to Maria, and apologized to all the ladies at there that I had not managed to dance with them.

We caught the subte home, but when we got off we went instead down Medrano to the Taco Box there. It was still before eight so we came back half a block to La Parillita de pasaje for a coffee. It looks a good place so we asked if we needed a reserva, we did and had a quick scan of the menu. we may well be back.

Then it was back to The Taco Box for Fajitas and Amber beer. When we left the girl chased us down the street, seem I had, again, left my shoes. I think she was taken aback  when I shouted at Viv “I told you not to let me forget my shoes” Even if she did not fully understand what I said, I think she understood the sentiment. She walked back laughing.

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Party in the street

Well the Six Nations starts today so first stop is Sullivan’s Bar. Outside they were advertising football (Philistines). We were worried for a while, but when I asked our guy remembered us and put the Rugby on.

We were joined by Geoff and Pauline and got a running commentary as Wales absolutely hammered the Italians.  A few Irish arrived and left and some stayed, Their match was not until later and we would not be stopping. Geoff said he would not be going to Los Consegrados today, so may well return to watch Ireland play Scotland. There was a group of French as well, we said we  would see them tomorrow. They were disappointed I would be supporting England, but hey we are not European any more.

Los Consegrados had a different feel again today. I struggled and had to go walk about even though I now have a good seat. Basically if I did not catch a woman’s eye before the first bars were played out there were too many on the floor to see. I did not miss many tandas but it did get difficult. I don’t think Viv did that well. She said that for the first hour she was up every tanda but then it became difficult for her as well.

So by seven thirty, and when Pugliese came on it was time to leave. I suppose three hours is enough and we had not eaten since the rugby finished. So we set off for home, stopping at HB. Good food, good beer, cheap price and the staff remember us.

After we had eaten we took our stuff back and went to explore the street. There was street theatre, dancing, aerobics, even a Flamenco class. The whole world was out in Guardia Vieja tonight. We even met a guy from the milongas out with his wife. Makes you feel at home when you know people.

We stood and watched a band performing  until they had finished their set. Now I am deaf enough to sleep through the rest of the noise. There were three girls dancing with light effects. The lights followed their movements and produced some interesting effects.

The silent disco was just weird. Everyone with headphones on dancing to their own tune.

It was extremely difficult to move up and down the street because of all the people. I think we are too old for all this excitement, time to just curl up and sleep, if that is possible.



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Freezing in the summer heat.

Not a lot going on today until we went to Los Consegrados. Now I am lucky I have Vicky she lets me have my seat and serves me quickly. Viv is on the other side of the room and has a useless girl, she keeps moving her and does not bring her a drink for half an hour. Viv is moved to a place where she cannot see any men and I have to keep dancing with her, because she is getting no dances.  Fair dos she sticks it out until after seven, but she pays exactly for her drink and leaves no tip when we leave. The seat in front of her is still vacant at the end and Viv occupies it for a short while. The girl needs to realize that we come here more than some of the locals. it is fine keeping seats for regulars, she just needs to know who they are.

I had a conversation with one lady about the weather. (OK everyone talks about the weather) she said that this heat was exceptional. I said to the Argentines every year is exceptional. I remember 2008 when we had to look for shade to get across the road. She said they are from Italian stock and complain about everything.

Anyway I got lots of dances, but was happy to leave when Viv was ready. I think she will sit at the top end next week, where Vicky serves.

We left at just before eight and took the subte home.  We left the subte at Medrano and decided to try Imperio. It looks expensive but worth a try at today’s exchange rates. It was so long ago, I cannot remember the place that was here before. They knocked it down and built this place, then took about four years to open it.We walked in and got a menu, and it was expensive, but we could cope. The air conditioning was ridiculous, people were complaining and some going elsewhere. Viv was wrapping her cardigan tighter around herself. Before we had ordered I said that there was no point in sitting here freezing. So we got up and left, I said to the waiter “hace frio” he just smiled and agreed. I can see this place having a long and successful life.

We went then to Pachi. Aircon set to twenty four degrees and it was just fine. We had a couple of sandwich completa, which basically means they have chips and some salad and cheese on them.  Viv had lomo and I had hamburguesa, Imperial stout and a waiter determined to speak all the English he knows,

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Just no leaving Consegrados

The daily shopping trip involved the butchers again today, this time though I was armed with some small notes so $209 was less of a problem. I had change then as well for the fruit lady. As I get the hang of it each year inflation kicks in and everything changes.  When I got back Viv asked what happened to the change she put in my shirt pocket, with a peso now being worth little more than a penny, I was not too bothered.

I had a trip upstairs to the laundry room. (Never had washing machines and is now a junk store, do try and keep up) My tins of paint were buried under the stuff from the painters. Had I known I would have used their grey for the chairs. The paint cost me little, but most of it remains unused, and I hate waste. The thing that struck me though, was it was all dumped in a pile. The paint, the brushes, the ropes and their harnesses. When you are hanging off a building, your life depends on these ropes.  To treat them in such a cavalier manner, to me, is madness.

Spent the rest of the morning touching up the paintwork, to make the place nice for our tenant.

So off again to Los Consegrados. There seems to have been a quantum shift here, neither of us stopped dancing until the cumbia came on at 8:30. I was ready to leave earlier, but Viv was having such a good time, it was not going to happen. We both danced with some new people tonight. Hopefully they will be future partners as well.

Afterwards we left for 1810. We decided to just have a variety of empanadas and a salad tonight. The cottage pie looked tempting as well, although that is not what they called it. No litre bottles of beer though so the four porrones bumped the price up. Still can’t complain at £15 for a meal for two with drinks.

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Funny old day

She dragged me down into town today, shoe shopping. I know my way out of the subte now and we are in Suipacha in no time. It is quarter past eleven, Las marianas opens at eleven. Well the lights are on and nobody home. A guy came out and put a record on the Radiogram. (Bet you have not heard that in a long while). He seemed to just ignore us.

Viv went over the road to look in Darcos, again nobody around. Suipacha 265 looked open, but that train had gone. I said to Viv “You need to rattle the door”. She was not for doing it , so I did. Then the guy finally opened the door.

Well we left with two pairs of shoes, so it was worth his while. These are not the most expensive, or elegant, but they are durable and comfortable, good for the milongas here.

We dropped down into the subte at Diagonal Norte. We could have come out this way but I was unsure that it was the best way. As it happens even with crossing all the roads it is easier to go down at Carlos Peligrini. You have to go down and up and up and down passing The D line and the A line this way. Still it was worth trying.

We had a long wait for a train. Some on the platform took the train the other way, meaning that they had a seat on the way back. We arrived on the platform too late to realize. Still we would only be on for three stops, if we had gone down to Alem it would have doubled my journey.

We got off the train at Pastuer and walked through to Lavalle at the first junction. Looking for some high density foam but the quest was pointless. There was some low density and kapok but generally it was all material. We did stop for a lust outside Carolina, but Viv was not in the mood for buying evening wear. We Crossed Pueyrradon and there was a shop selling shop dummies and hangers.   We were looking in and the guy asked if we wanted anything. So I tried “Hay perchas por faldas?” I got an affirmative and he led us in and showed us some skirt hangers $35 each. Stuff here tends to be wholesale so we were more than happy, so we asked for five.  We made a note of his address for again and left happy, along with the usual warnings about not talking English around here.

So apart from the foam it was a very successful soiree.

Los Consegrados again today and the usual trip down.  When we arrived, the guy who always accosts Viv was still outside and we still do not want a car. We are early today so we start off well, but it was a funny old day. I thought that there were a lot of people, but did alright for dances. Viv thought that there were fewer but struggled. at one point I was trying to cabeceo and every lady opposite was nodding. How do you sort that out? So I just gave up and waited until more of them were up dancing.

We went to Alcala again to eat. We had a very pleasant Venezuelan girl serving us, keen to practice her English, which was very good. We had the steak offer and black beer. Testament to it’s  size we left some chips. Not much of the steak though and little of the salad. We had the same problem with change again, it is getting difficult to leave even a small tip when you have no change, Next month could be worse when the $5 notes are withdrawn. A warning to any of my readers who are here, the $5 note ceases to be legal tender 28 of January.

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Drunk on the train

As the weekend comes so we get more tired. Not up today until 11:30, how decadent. Still we do not have a lot to do and the milonga is later today.

After coffee it is time for me to go shopping again. First is Viv’s trainers. She had washed them in hot water and the soles are loose, seems they use PVA these days. I am all for health and safety, but sometimes solvent adhesives have their uses. Anyway he said the shoes will be ready Wednesday.

Next I went to the butchers in the chino, but he was not there. This gave me a problem with the fruteria, no change. So I headed off up Salguero to the butchers at the top. It got complicated again as it was $205 per kilo. so the guy just weighed me out $200 worth. Next to La Riena. Same conversation as before “Hay pancitos de queso?” same answer. They used to have a range of flavoured rolls here, I think everyone is cutting back. I had a long conversation with the fruit guy about how many pesos I get to the pound. Finished off with for £1000 I can buy half the country. At least he has a sense of humour.

I then wandered around trying various confiterias and panderias until I came to the one on Corrientes and Bulnes. There I finally found saboritas as they called them.  It got confusing when I tried to pay. Normally they are happy for any change here, but this lady could cope with nothing other than $100 note. So for the sake of $45 I now have a pocket full of change. Still I returned home triumphant, mission accomplished.

The journey down to los Consegrados is now routine and we arrived at Leonesa in good time. The guy who accosted Viv last time is still waiting outside, but as people are only just arriving and not leaving, I think that he is wasting his time. If anyone needs a taxi it will be to here not from.

I still find this floor difficult. There were many ladies I knew but I was still having trouble, Viv was sat behind Julia and also having a hard time. At one point I was missing every other tanda, but for the vals and milonga we always had each other. My favourite lady that I upset in Lo De Celia was not here, so I never got a chance to redeem myself. Still we got three and a half hours of solid dancing and left thoroughly exhausted.

We got on the subte again at San Jose. It was generally quiet and we got a seat straight away.  We were at the end of the carriage so there was nowhere to go, when a guy just along the train kicked off. He was covered in bandages and scratches and obviously drunk.  When the train stopped at Bolivar he decided to come down our end of the train. The big guy opposite me his girlfriend and the old lady all jumped up and left the train.  We were now stuck there but decided to brazen it out. He may have made a lot of noise but I think he was in no condition to cause trouble. His girlfriend appeared and st on the seat opposite. The guy just lay across the seats with his head in her lap and never moved until we had left.

We got off our train at Carlos Gardel. Viv wanted to try El Rey, comida peruana. We have been here before so it was not a totally new experience. The girl who served us was a bit slow, considering we were on our own until we had almost finished. I asked for the WiFi and she told me quickly and I was unable to connect or attract her attention again. It was the cheapest meal yet, half a chicken, plate of salad, plate of chips and beer for me and it came to $710. I left $800, Viv said I was tight. Well I would have left more had she been more helpful.

It was just enough food and it was fully settled by the time we walked home.

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Back to 1810

We seem to get up later every day. I am starting to wonder, at what point will we miss a day completely?

My daily routine now involves walking down Salgureo through Rauch crossing Medrano and then through Rocamora. On finding that the welder man is not there walking back again, usually via the chino for something that Viv has asked me to get. I don’t know what I will do with myself when I finally get my chair back. This morning though I met Sebastian’s wife Maria at the door. She was with her daughter and carrying a cat basket. It appears they have purchased a kitten. It is a cute little thing, but they have not yet named it.

Saturday and it is Los Consegrados. We arrive a little later today but it is no problem, only us extranjeros arrive anywhere early. The dancing goes in phases, when Viv was doing well I was not and visa versa. It was never bad for me and Viv was having a good time too. I had a young American guy sitting by me, he was struggling. I told him that as he was not known he should walk around, many of the ladies would have trouble seeing him. He did not take my advice, at least while I was still there. He still thinks he must cabeceo from his seat.

Just after eight we left, and wouldn’t you know it, Tango Negro was playing.  Now am I the only husband whose wife  rushes ahead, and then says “I was following you”? At the front of the building I head off to the right, meanwhile Viv is being accosted by a Remis Driver.  She said she only told him she did not need a car, but it looked a long conversation to me. All my fault again, apparently.

We took the subte to Catedral and Joined the D line, then on to Scalabrini Ortiz.  I found my way easily, but ease can be deceptive. We wanted Julian Alverez to get to 1810 but it turned out we were on Aroaz. Fortunately when we found out we were only one block from our destination.

The food was good as always. It is not the cheapest, but compared to UK prices it is still good, and worth it. Still less than £20 with beer and tip.

We walked back looking for Cafe Vinilo. Turns out I was the right side Of Salguero all along, wrong Street. It was on Gorriti not Cabrera. Still a wasted journey though, it will be closed until 8th January.

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Gudfellas Band

Saturday night is Los consegrados.  Tonight though had a different feel. There were very few we knew here tonight. Strange but Viv actually danced rather a lot, but I was having  a difficult time, and so after three hours we decided to call it a day. I danced with one rather attractive lady, she told me her name was Julia and she had Norwegian blood. I was shocked when she told me she was 80, just shows, tango keeps you young.

We took our new route on the E line to Correo Central then joining the B line for home. We came out at Carlos Gardel for a change one stop short. Then we walked up Corrientes on the left hand side. We stopped at a restaurant called Alcala. We have been here before in previous trips and have always enjoyed the food. Tonight when we got there we found it was a special night. There was to be a band playing from nine, a free glass of champs and a raffle for a Christmas box.

While we perused the menu unable to decide, the waiter talked us into the offer of  Beefe de Chorizo, well, when in Argentina. They even had black beer here. The food and service was once again excellent. Definitely worth coming back for the food. But the show: We were still eating at nine, the saxophonist was sat on the floor  serenading himself quietly. Then by half past he had given up and someone was walking a round with a bunch of leads. By then we had finished our food and I was on the Gin and Tonic. By ten the guitarist was now playing to himself, I must say that individually they sounded good. Gudfellas Band was the name.

Next they all sat at a table and started drinking. Over two hours from their start time and without evening clothes, we were starting to get cold. We asked for the bill, the waiter asked why we were not staying for the band “No Tengo suficiente vida” I said.

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