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Correo Central

Well it was a nothing sort of day, lazy Saturday morning. I did a little shop and not much else.

Off to Los Consegrados today, but Viv did not want to take the bus. So it is a three train subte journey. When we got there there was a class going on and no one there to take our money. I thought that 3:30 was early to start. Seems I had read the time of the class not the milonga, That starts at 4:30. Still it gave us some relaxationĀ  time before the dancing began.

The first hour I did well but I was short of women I knew and I soon began to struggle. Now there may not have been many women we knew but there were a lot of men, so Viv did really well. I was getting many beginners, but among all the new partners there were a few good dancers. As luck would have it one was available for Pugliese, so unusually I danced a Pugliese tanda.

Still not milonga fit, we left soon after eight. We stopped for a coffee on the corner of San Juan. This was a mistake; we asked for two media lunas, but the guy was trying to get us to have a tostada. I made the mistake of using the word “solo” meaning solo dos media lunas, of course when they here the word Solo they think solo cafe, so after a long wait we just got coffee. Luckily we did not get cafe solo, as Viv will not drink it without milk. As it was she did not drink much of it anyway. It was arguably the worst cup of coffee we have had here.

My intention had been to walk up San Juan to Jujuy, but as we had stopped so close to the station we dropped straight down again at San Jose. Since we were last here, the E line has been extended all the way to Retiro and that gave me some food for thought. If it runs all the way to Retiro, then it must pass the end of the B line. I checked on the map and this was, indeed the case. We could carry on, on the E line and get off at Correo Central and there join the B line. It was a slightly longer journey but, only one change, and we got onto an empty train, so we had a seat all the way home. We may travel down this way next week although there is no doubt we will not get a seat travelling down the line.

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