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No hay luz en Beso

After my Birthday excesses, did I not say? well any excuse for extra beer. Anyway after yesterday I was hoping for a lay in, but I was awoken by the sounds of them smashing up the pavement underneath us again. They have only just repaired after the water people now, it appears, they are putting in new electric cables again.  Is it really so beyond their ken, that it would be cheaper in the end to install some sort of tunnel.

Off to El Beso again today for the Friday El Abrazo. We got there and the lights were out. Mario had an improvised sound system, but it did not look good. There was no air conditioning and the numbers were rapidly dropping. By six they called it a day. Apparently many had not paid but for those of us who had there would be a glass of champers next week.  I have not kept my ticket, so we will see.

We left for The Coffee Store and sat outside. I was being dripped on by the aircon so we moved away from the building.  Marcelo was inside and I went in to say hello. It was freezing in there. Marcelo Thought that I was mad being outside, I thought he was mad sitting there in the cold. He came to speak to Viv before he left, he told us he had stuck his head in El Beso and decided against staying.

I don’t get it; this is their summer, you would think that they would be used to it. In El Arranque it was always thus, the sound may have been better but they never had air conditioning.

Whilst we were outside Raymond appeared he sat with us and had a good chat. Then he told us he was in a hurry, as his taxi for the airport was due in a quarter of an hour. Must be some sort of super traveler, I would have been panicking at this point. Not Raymond, he calmly walked off to get his taxi, waving as he went.

So then we walked back home to try and get my step count up. A bit of shopping on the way, then a quick change and it was straight out again. We had decided to eat out instead of at home so that we could dance until later, that worked well!

We went over to El Imaginario. We headed straight towards the garden and the guy shut the door on us, so we sat in the bar. While we were there someone else came in and left because they could not go into the garden. It is an odd way of doing business, turning away customers.

Still, a good cheap feed here, although I wanted the lentil burger for a change and apparently they do not do it now. It has me worried; they close the garden and reduce the menu, is this the beginning of the end?

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