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Livin’ The dream

After a really good sleep we were up early. Well 9:30, what did you expect? Our coffee machine is still working and we have an unopened bag of ground coffee from last year. Coffee it is then.

It is not all fun though. The grout around the bath has failed and I have to chase it all out, clean out any mould then leave it to thoroughly dry. Meanwhile there is the architrave I am using as window ledge. I have brought some brown silicon to fix it permanently. Fortunately I brought two tubes (I have no idea why). The first tube had gone off and at first fired a solid plug out and what was left was just too thick to use. The second was more successful, I just have to clean it up now.

Then I have the white silicone for around the bath. I only brought one tube but fortunately it was OK. This went on better, so there is less to clean away and most of the dust and dirt is in the bath. I shall just wash it away when I have my shower.

Then Viv sent me out to the chino again. Different girl today not the regular, but she still remembered me. Of course while all this is going on Viv is still cleaning. Poor Walter, pays for a cleaner, but it will never do for Viv.

I am determined to get Tangoing as soon as possible so shower it is then and we are heading out to El Beso. A new milonga to us La Rosa, Sunday 15:00 to 19:30. We will see how it goes, meanwhile we have to top up our Sube cards before we travel down.

Well we topped up our cards, but that was the best we got. The milonga was terrible, Paloma and Hubert were there, we danced with them, they danced with each other and I danced with Viv, but apart from this Viv and I only got one other dance.

I have never seen Hubert and Paloma leave a milonga early before, looks like we will give this milonga a miss in future. Beer time methinks.

HB came up trumps. We ordered a salad and one of their famous sandwiches. The food was superb, but I’m afraid the service leaves something to be desired. We got only one set of cutlery and had quite a wait for the second set. Meanwhile the staff had a changeover. The second beer came first, we could have waited for that. No matter we had all night, so another early night it is then. It cost us a fraction more here tonight about£12.50 but then we did have 2L of beer.

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