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Catching up

After a little shopping, I went to have my hair cut. Different Girl this time, and she wanted to put a part in. My father tried for years to get me to have a part in my hair, you can put it in, but my hair will always have its way. So I told her no.

I remembered my trousers, I was supposed to pick them up Friday, but I forgot. Saturday was another possibility, but again I forgot. Today though was ferria, so it was closed.

We got an invite to Philippe’s, so after much thought today’s milonga visit was cancelled. It was not such a hard decision as we are not enjoying El Beso at the moment anyway. It was nice to catch up with Philippe, Mariella and Walter for a few hours.

Later I went walkabout as my step count was down for the second day on the run. I walked up Bartolome Mitre and Diez Valez crossing and re crossing the railway. There are some interesting bridges here with plants growing on a high level framework. Around this time of day the automatic watering is on, making it even more interesting. Around Medrano the road curves across the railway so that it becomes more of a tunnel. There is a large childrens play area here as well.

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Cena con Amigos

Expensas day today. So I walked down Cordoba. I must have walked right past the bank and walked on all the way to the park.  I could not decide if I had missed it or it had gone. There were so many new buildings. I thought I would check on my phone, and typically I had left it at home. So I walked back on the other side of the road, from here I could see it better. It is now squeezed between construction sites, but is still there.

Typically, I had decided to use this branch because they have more machines than the one closer and easier to find. Also Typically there was only one working. A good day to go though as there was no queue. I put in my $6000 and it threw it straight out again. When I tried again it said I had put in $5000. I tried to reject it but it just gave me the option to put in more.  It may well have been right, it may have been wrong, but I will never know. I really hate these automatic machines.

Off to Salon Canning again today, and the walk is not quite as hot as it was yesterday.  Inside it is almost deserted. There is an English couple, who were, for this tanda, dancing together, and half a dozen regulars. So when the next tanda came on we danced it together. A few more started to arrive, including two likely looking men. They were quit tall and young and they sat at the back not far from us. I was hoping that they would dance with Viv, but that was not to be.  They had put on dance shoes and were up together for the next tanda. One of them had shorts on, shaved legs, painted toenails and was wearing very elegant heels.

By now there were a few more here and we were getting regular dances, although there were a few women struggling to get partners. When other men started to dance with the guy in heels, some of the women were incensed. They come here week after week for the men to ignore them and then dance with a man.

Well it did leave many of them more than happy to dance with me. Viv though was only dancing every other, but she was quite relaxed tonight and some of her favourites arrived later. As usual we stayed until Pugliese and the rock and roll came on. Also as usual somebody came over to ask Viv to dance. I sat there happily just listening, when a woman came over and asked me to dance. I usually avoid Pugliese, but it would be rude to refuse.  Sometimes though if a woman asks it is because she feels the music. When that is the case, Pugliese becomes a pleasure.

Later we walked down to Jean Jaures to the apartment of Hubert and Paloma. They had invited us along with Mercedes and Jorge for supper. Mercedes has not been well this year and it is the first time I have seen her. Jorge does not dance so we have no contact apart from when Mercedes comes to the milonga, so it was a great chance to catch up.

Jorge speaks English and French, but we spent the evening in Spanish.  I coped quite well, but really struggled when Jorge mixed it. To help, he would throw in some French and English. I suppose some things are better said, in their original language.

We always expect fish from the French, but tonight we had suckling pig with chips. It was bought in, I know not where from. We had quite a discussion on religion earlier, had I been on the ball I should have said I was Muslim. That would have caused some fun.

The BBC said no rain tonight, they were wrong again. It was raining on the way home and we had no umbrella with us. Still it was not too heavy and we arrived home only slightly damp.

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Last minute shopping

I tried phoning the welder man, I got no response. So I decided to walk over just to check. There was a woman tugging on the lock, so I guess no one was there. No point in wasting a walkabout, I walked up to Corrientes and along to Sweet Victoria. The lady in there remembered me, but not that I do not wear boxers. Still she had some briefs in, looked old stock to me. They were only $500 hopefully they will get some more in, I will be back for more at this price.

Later I came out again to go to the carneceria at the chino. I got my 2kilo of bife de lomo $512 and it should be enough for four meals.

Off to El Beso today. We got to Medrano station and the platform was packed. Thinking there would be a train soon we rushed onto the platform. Then we saw the board, the next train was twelve minutes away. People were still crowding onto the platform and when it finally came it was already full.  It was a real shoulder to the wheel job to get on. When we passed Gardel I managed to get a bit further in, but ended up standing on one leg because I could find nowhere to put my other foot. Puerredon gave no relief, even though it is a connection, as many got on as off. When we finally got to Callao it was a relief to get off, but Viv was stuck on the train. I thought for a minute I was going to loose her, she only just made it when the doors closed.

Beso today was not the best, I think everyone is staying home for Christmas. We left early, but not before the raffle. I won, a ticket for one for tomorrow afternoon. As we are there anyway later, I did not want to go twice in a day. I tried, I really tried but it seems no one was interested. If I could not give a free ticket away, I cannot see it being worth going anyway.

After our usual coffee at the Coffee store we took a slow walk back. We needed some veg and a couple of other things. We managed to get every thing on our list, even managed to get rid of all the change, but the streets were manic. Everyone, it seems, is last minute shopping.

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Ungrateful Parrot

We have a new visitor this morning. A parrot has appeared on our balcony rail. There is food on the floor but he seems reluctant to go down there. In the end I risk walking out and breaking some nuts onto the rail. The bird seems unfazed and actually comes over. Before long it is eating out of my hand. Just when I thought it could get no more surreal it jumped onto my shoulder.

I was at a loss what to do, Viv did not want me to bring it inside and everything I did, it just changed positions. In the end I did manage to get it back onto the rail and enticed it to drink some water. It seemed quite at home there.

I had ordered some money so I needed to go out. I left Viv with the parrot. Argenper were efficient as always and I was soon back in the apartment. Apparently the parrot had seen the pigeons feeding and went down to join them. Later it just squawked and took off. there’s gratitude for you. Didn’t even say goodbye.

Nuevo Chique was quieter today. I was doing Ok but Viv was struggling. That is what she said anyway. Then I did not dance every tanda, it was just too hot.

Then we set off for HB. We had a bit of a feast, black beer, a full salad, chicken gujons and chips with cheese and bacon. ( a bit of a specialty round these parts). All came to about £11.  You cannot crib at that and I left stuffed.


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Coughing fit

When we bought skirt hangers, I said we should have bought ten, but we bought five. So this morning Viv sent me out for more. It was a hot walk down Levalle, but when I got there the man said he had non until Thursday. I did think of buying different ones, but that would never do. So I headed back. On the way I spotted a shop selling perchas, but not the ones I wanted. Then on the other side of the road I saw another. There were two just like the ones we had, so I thought I would give it a try “Hay cinco?” I tried “Si” said the guy. Now the last five were $137 these were $125, and I thought I’d had a bargain. Seems the first guy was ripping me off.

Funny place this they have a cavalier attitude to prices, but they weigh lettuces. You just can’t figure it.

Viv was not at her best today, but at the last minute decided to come with me to El Beso. The numbers were down but I was still having problems getting dances. Viv however was not, she was up every tanda until she had a coughing fit and dissapeared over to The Coffee Store.

I would have joined her sooner, but Maria arrived and I had to dance with her. Then it was Biagi and I could not miss that tanda. Then it was a ladies choice and I was grabbed. When I finally got out to Viv she was disappointed that she was having such a good time but had to leave. At least she was not mad at me, for a change.

On the walk back we stopped at Farmacity again and then the shop that sells the glace fruit. The prunes in here are cheaper that Goji but the avena (oats) is nearly double the price. So then we had to go to Goji for the oats. As I said, they just seem to make up the prices as they go along.

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Party in the street

Well the Six Nations starts today so first stop is Sullivan’s Bar. Outside they were advertising football (Philistines). We were worried for a while, but when I asked our guy remembered us and put the Rugby on.

We were joined by Geoff and Pauline and got a running commentary as Wales absolutely hammered the Italians.  A few Irish arrived and left and some stayed, Their match was not until later and we would not be stopping. Geoff said he would not be going to Los Consegrados today, so may well return to watch Ireland play Scotland. There was a group of French as well, we said we  would see them tomorrow. They were disappointed I would be supporting England, but hey we are not European any more.

Los Consegrados had a different feel again today. I struggled and had to go walk about even though I now have a good seat. Basically if I did not catch a woman’s eye before the first bars were played out there were too many on the floor to see. I did not miss many tandas but it did get difficult. I don’t think Viv did that well. She said that for the first hour she was up every tanda but then it became difficult for her as well.

So by seven thirty, and when Pugliese came on it was time to leave. I suppose three hours is enough and we had not eaten since the rugby finished. So we set off for home, stopping at HB. Good food, good beer, cheap price and the staff remember us.

After we had eaten we took our stuff back and went to explore the street. There was street theatre, dancing, aerobics, even a Flamenco class. The whole world was out in Guardia Vieja tonight. We even met a guy from the milongas out with his wife. Makes you feel at home when you know people.

We stood and watched a band performing  until they had finished their set. Now I am deaf enough to sleep through the rest of the noise. There were three girls dancing with light effects. The lights followed their movements and produced some interesting effects.

The silent disco was just weird. Everyone with headphones on dancing to their own tune.

It was extremely difficult to move up and down the street because of all the people. I think we are too old for all this excitement, time to just curl up and sleep, if that is possible.



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Asignatura Pendiente

Viv wants some new clothes from Asignatura Pendiente today. We tried to make an appointment for after El Beso but it was outside her hours. So we we are going before. Early shower it is then, eating early is a problem though. I may be chewing my arm by six.

We arrived about five minutes early, I sat myself on the sofa and prepared for a long stay. Viv seemed to take most of the clothes off the rack to try on. She kept popping out and asking me how she looked, I ket telling her she needed to come out to where I could see her. I have no idea how many outfits she tried or for that matter how many she decided to buy. I just know that she did not have enough money and took most of mine as well.Fortunately I had a big float by now.

The clothes were loaded into two bags, then Viv decided that they would be better in one. All finally settled we set off for El Beso.I don’t know what they were giving away but it was rammed. Viv managed to get a seat next to Ton and Ada and I sat, as always on the back wall. Not in my usual place though, I was well down the room. I had difficulty getting dances, and soon decided to go walkabout. A normally risky strategy, but fortunately there were so many women, if the one I was after was taken there was always another. Viv was having trouble as well and not being able to go walkabout she was missing dances. She was soon getting fed up, but after the sorteo things improved. This kept her there a while longer until the rock and roll came on. I stayed to do the chacarera with Teresa then I too was out of there.

Viv had not been in the Coffee Store long when I arrived. Seems she had to come back for her clothes,which she had forgotten. It was a lot of money to just go and leave them there. We had two promos, two media lunas orange water and cafe con leche. The girl though was not on the ball, Viv had asked for two, but she only brought one, so we had to wait for the second.

Afterwards we walked the length of Guardia Vieja to see the preparations for the shows. There was one girl on a balcony singing. I think she was testing the gear. There were lights and stages everywhere, I really am not sure if we will be able to appreciate it all tomorrow.

We finished in Imaginario Bar, papas Imaginario and omelette, with stout at $100 a pint. Well at that price I had to have two. With a generous tip it all came to $900, that’s about £9. You can’t complain at that.


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Cheerful Leo

A few little shopping jobs today. First stop is Amankay for some Atrix (Atrixo). It is always a bit dear here so I will not come again, but it was nice to meet Bruno again. There was no sign of him when I went in, so I asked where he was. He was tucked on a shelf behind the counter hiding. I suppose he gets fed up of all the attention.

Cheerful Leo was on the till in the Chino. When you think his livelihood depends on his customers, you think he might be more pleasant. The only time I have seen him smile is when I bumped into him in Chinatown.

The demolition up the road continues, Fred Dibnah would have had it down in a day. but we just get the constant banging. Our neighbor has finally left, the apartment looks forlorn from the road. Maybe she had had enough of the banging.

On the way today, the streets somehow seemed cleaner. Whether that is an illusion or they have been cleaned in preparation for the murga I do not know. We have not had that much rain lately and it was quite blowy yesterday, so it is unlikely they just cleaned themselves. Or just maybe we have stopped noticing the dirt.

It is Thursday so Nuevo Chique again. I missed one tanda early on when I double cabeceod. That was it. Viv was having the same experience. So tonight is the sorteo for the shoes and I had a load of tickets. We tried really, but after four hours we hit the wall. It would have been only another half hour, but it just was not going to happen. We simply do not have the stamina.

So we left and went to La Continental again. Cafe and Medialunas it was then. Then our 151 took us right to the door again.

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Coffee crisis

We went out to Petish Bazar this morning (It’s a general household ware shop) for some plates. We have the bowls and are happy with them. They are supposed to be unbreakable so we wanted some plates as well.

Four large and four small just over £20, but hopefully we will not need to buy again. When we got home two of the small plates were chipped. Unbreakable, ha. Muggins here gets all the good jobs, I had to take them back. The guy in the shop was no problem but I checked every plate. I took two plates to the counter and another damaged one. I wrapped my plates showed them to him, he said “Dale” and that was it. Don’t know what I was worried about. He did not clear the security tags though, the alarm went off as I walked out. I looked around and no one took a blind bit of notice, so I just carried on out of the shop.

Salon Canning was very quiet today. We get tired so Wednesday we do not mind a quiet milonga. That said we never actually missed a tanda. We did only stay two and a half hours once the rock and roll came on it was time to go. We needed coffee anyway, we had no milk in the flat so came out on low coffee. We walked to the end of Scalabrini and Cafe Artaud. It cost us more for two coffees than it did last week for two pints, but hey this is Buenos Aires.

Afterwards we had some things to get in Farmacity then it was down to The Taco Box again. Two pints of red beer and mixed tacos, just the job. Our usual little girl is back as well.  I did think to ask where she was last week, but the answer would only baffle me.

One last stop on the way home, buy some milk, so that Viv can have her coffee.

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Four into 237 don’t go

There seems to be a lot of fire around lately. There is a kitchen supplies shop on the corner of Medrano y Corrientes, it seems to have suffered some fire damage. As I walked around the corner the pavement was roped off. At the last window was some rather drastic fire damage. It looks to me like one of the street people were there and all their stuff burned. Whether this was accidental or malicious is hard to tell, although I would say from the amount of damage some accelerant was used. The mattress was nothing more than a wire frame and the shop window was totally destroyed.

Walter came this morning and we have finality for next year.  Every year he has to pay me more and every year it is worth less to me, such is life with hyper inflation. Still he is a good tenant and popular with the neighbors. Better still he left beer.

Nuevo Chique again excelled. Four hours and neither of us missed a tanda until nearly the end, and that was because we were exhausted. There were some new ladies arrived but I was in no physical state to do the music justice.

We went over to La Continental Av de Mayo for a change. The media lunas we had on Congreso were not good so we thought we would try here. Turns out they had non, they had run out. So we had a factura instead. Now the price on the door for coffee and a media ulna was $100. When we asked for the bill it was $237. How does that work? apart from everything else two coffees two factura, it should have been an even number. I gave him $250, Viv said that is only $13 tip. I suppose it was but if they are just going to make up the price. In my mind it was $50.

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