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Romantica Milonguera in Viruta

Last night we slept the sleep of the innocent. We were completely Knackered and flopped into bed unable to keep our eyes open.

We are waiting in for the fridge. I get a phone call, the guy is in Cordoba and wants to know where we are. I try to tell him Guardia Vieja 3899. He has the radio on and leaves to talk to his mate. He is rabbiting on about 3899. I just hope he has not now decided to go to Salguero 3899. I worry in vain again, he arrived with a trolley and our new fridge. He left me his card, apparently he does air conditioning as well.

We got him to take the old fridge as well. Now we have to wait to turn it on and we have the problem of what to do with the food meanwhile.

Meanwhile the guy who does the welding was not there. The whole place was locked up, I will have to wait until next week, to get my chair back.

It was off to El Beso again after this. I knew what was going to happen, Viv had said she did not want too many dances she needed a rest. Well, of course she never missed a dance, usually getting up before me.  I struggled a little even missing the odd tanda, so when Viv had enough I wanted to carry on, it was not going to happen though. So we left for The Coffee Store. Whilst there I got a message from the welder man, my chair was ready, but we still don’t know when we will pick it up.

We met Marcelo in the street, he was just going in to El Beso and would be away for Christmas, so we wished him Feliz Navidad and adios.

Thundery showers were forecast for today, so we took umbrellas. It rained a little on the way and it was cold enough that we thought we should have taken jackets, but nothing ever came of the rain.

It feels really cold later, the forecast says 18 deg but the wind makes it feel chilly even with my jacket on.

Friday night is not normally good in La Viruta, but tonight Orquesta Milonguera are here and it is entrada libre.  It took some convincing for us to get a table, I had tried to make a reserva but I got no reply. I waved my phone with the Whatsapp message on it and she finally gave us a table.

We sat there for half an hour while the children played. There was precious little Tango but we did manage a tanda of sorts. Elisa came in and joined us at our table, then went off to dance with a friend. Funny, Viv had just said that we never see anyone we know here. Then there was a demo Viv enjoyed it, I thought it was a bit too Strictly. It was very skillful just not to my taste. (I know, miserable ol’ git).

Then we had milonga, a chance for me to strut my stuff, or a chance to practice avoiding flying legs.

Then, the main event. The line up seems to have changed yet again Roberto Minondi is still there, his voice is superb, but they have yet another female singer and the pianist is different. There also seems to be a big change in the bandonistas. As far as I can see, only one original in the three. There is a male now, he is somewhat of a comic character and is pulling faces and reacting with the other band members. He reminds me of Harry Enfield.

Once the set is over we leave, Elisa has disappeared again. I will see her maybe at beso or Canning in the coming weeks.

We took a protracted walk home. I wanted to cut through from Cordoba to Estados de Isreal but I went too soon.  Estado de Isreal curves off at right angles so I sort of missed it completely. Still the back streets of Villa Crespo were slightly less windy, but I got no credit for leading Viv on one of my famous not short cuts. It did not take any longer to get home and we passed our welder mans workshop.


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