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Forelegs good, Four legs bad.

The search for a welder goes on, you would not think it such a difficult thing. There is a shop either selling or repairing old chairs. I noticed one in there that has been welded. Looks like a stick weld to me, but if I can find nothing else I may well ask them. I am running out of options.

Well quite a successful day so far; I measured the fridge freezer in the shop, it looks a goer. On my way back I found a guy who just does metal work, said he can weld my chair. I returned with the chair and he has done the deed, well enough, that I may try the other one tomorrow. I have a new friend, it seems, spent ten minutes outside his lock up exchanging numbers. I was quite surprised when we actually connected though, I thought that I could not do Whatsapp without an internet connection or data, learned something new today.

We went to the place selling fridges ( No not Selfridges) and my luck for the day ran out. It seems that although for most places cash is king, here it is not, I will have to return tomorrow with my credit card. By my estimation it is going to cost about £40 more to use the credit card. It is at times like these I realize what a good deal I am getting with Azimo.

So we carried on to Salon Canning. Same as last week, the place was all but empty. It soon improved though and many of Vivs men friends arrived as well.  It may have started badly but in the end we had nearly three hours of non stop dancing. So this became our best afternoon yet. Time to retreat knackered.

We stopped at the corner of Scalabrini and Cordoba for a coffee. I tried to check in but they have changed the password. The girl chickened out when I asked her for the contraseña and gave me a menu with it on. It looked the same to me, perhaps they just changed the number.

On the walk home there was a dog hanging out of a window barking, but he jumped back in when I told Viv.  “He had his forelegs out” I said. Viv said “well how did he get back in?”. I saw the error straight away “Forelegs” I said “Not four legs”. Stupid language, isn’t it?


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