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Too many goodbyes.

You gotta love this place. We went to Comme Il Faut this morning, but I gave strict instructions to Viv not to let me forget my trousers. The trip was successful, Viv even managed a sale pair.

We headed back all the time I was making sure I remembered my trousers. We arrived there just after one, the guy has a lunch “hour” 12:30 until 3:00.  I thought I would check El Bosque to see if it was open, it too has a long lunch time. Makes you wonder how anyone does business here.

I managed to get out again before we left for the milonga. El bosque was open and he could get the shoes done this week. He did a really good repair on the other strap, you can hardly tell it was broken. Now he will do this one as well, and he will do it by Friday so we will have the shoes ready for next time we are here. All for 0nly$150. I picked up my trousers as well, and he threw in a hanger. One pair repaired and one pair shortened $300. That is a good deal of repairs for less than a fiver.

It’s Wednesday so it is Salon Canning. This will be our last visit this trip so I make a resolution to dance with at least one of the women that have avoided me. Well I failed with one, she left before I could get to her. Thee second I was failing every time I tried to cabeceo, then as the evening wore on she was left sitting. She was still not looking my way, but faint heart never won fair lady I walked over and said ” I know it is breaking all the rules, but will you dance with me?” Well it worked and she seemed quite pleased. I think that I now have another lady to dance with.

On those lines, there was another lady who, it seems, has been trying to get a dance with me. Numbers being so low, she was the only woman left. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes that is what it takes. Viv has been in the same situation. Anyway, this lady also comes to Chique, so I may see her again Thursday.

We said goodbye to Erwin, and thanked him for the music, we will not see him again before we go. Then we said goodbye to Montenegro, our waitress here.

We had our regular trip to The Taco Box again. We don’t even get the menu any more, we just ask for the usual, that includes the beer. Our waitress was showing another the ropes and teaching her the English words for things. When we left we said Goodbye to her as well, Everyone seems surprised when we say we are going home, we seem to have been here forever. That, I suppose, is the advantage of  becoming regulars.

Afterwards we walked back along Gascon and crossing the road at Honduras was the guy from Sullivan’s bar. He was really pleased to see us, but gutted that we are going home. He told us that he lives near to us, but he was having trouble because he was the worse for drink. We had to promise him we would come and see him Sunday. My appointments diary is getting very full. I love the fact that we meet people as we walk around here, and everyone is so glad to see us.

We stopped at Chioco to find out what time it closed. We intended to have an ice cream there tomorrow. But, what the hell, you only live once, so we stopped for one now. It was a nice end to the night.

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70s Bell Bottoms.

My first job of the day was, to get my new trousers altered. I am still not sure about them so I am not going to pay UK price to have them altered. Our usual shop is empty, maybe they could not make a living here. I searched the streets unable to find another place. There was a tintoria with a notice about Arregular.

Anyway I came back with my trousers and no fruit. Viv was not happy, so I had a coffee and tried again. This time I knew the word for alterations, and tried the tinteria. I have learned something else; the difference between “cortar” and “anchar”. I wonder what they would have looked like if he had done 11cm anchar. He was measuring the width of the leg. I would not have got my foot through. I remembered to buy some fruit on the way back as well. Just checked “anchar” and it means to widen. 70s bell bottoms then.

Salon Canning was all but deserted when we arrived, so we danced together. Soon though one or two arrived and for a while Viv did better than me. It was a slow build up but we never really missed out. I may have missed one or two tandas but generally we did well. We stayed past the rock and roll section. Every time Viv was ready to leave she got another dance. We both danced with new people, because the numbers were low. This, hopefully means that those people will remember us for again.

We called time just before eight and went across the road to a place called Baru. We went here many years ago when it was called something else that we cannot remember, for an anniversary meal. Now it is a sort of salsa bar. We asked if we could just have coffee and they said yes. We sat down ordered a coffee (or so we thought) and asked if we could just see the menu.  There was no sign of our coffee so we called them over. We asked if we could just have coffee and she snatched away the menu.  Well it was a tiny coffee and I never had time to see what they had. Seems you can not order and still view the menu here. So we drank our coffee , then left for Taco box.

Still great food here, good service and beer. What more can you ask?

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Quiet at Canning.

Salon Canning was all but deserted when we arrived today. There was one English couple there, and Erwin had not yet started the music. When he did start a few men had arrived but few women, and for the first two hours there were more men than women. This was, of course good for the women, and many would say ” welcome to my world” but Wednesday is a sort of rest day for me so I sat out every other tanda, and just enjoyed the music.

A few of my favourites got more than one tanda today, and some more than two. I danced with a lady I have not danced with before, I have seen her here every year, and had always thought her a bit miserable, but it was a very good dance. Just shows you should not pre judge. I will definitely dance with her again. (unless,of course she thought  was a bad dancer).

Christine and Barry arrived before six and joined us at our table. They gave us some extra dances but also a distraction. As I said though I like a rest on Wednesday. So we had a quiet, but enjoyable afternoon.

Afterwards we went again to The Taco Box for Fajita mix. I could not convince Christine to come, she does not like Mexican, it seems. We did not stay long as Walter was coming. So we ate and ran. Walter did not stay long either, he had been working and needed a shower.

So we watched another film and had another early night.

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Cena con Amigos

Expensas day today. So I walked down Cordoba. I must have walked right past the bank and walked on all the way to the park.  I could not decide if I had missed it or it had gone. There were so many new buildings. I thought I would check on my phone, and typically I had left it at home. So I walked back on the other side of the road, from here I could see it better. It is now squeezed between construction sites, but is still there.

Typically, I had decided to use this branch because they have more machines than the one closer and easier to find. Also Typically there was only one working. A good day to go though as there was no queue. I put in my $6000 and it threw it straight out again. When I tried again it said I had put in $5000. I tried to reject it but it just gave me the option to put in more.  It may well have been right, it may have been wrong, but I will never know. I really hate these automatic machines.

Off to Salon Canning again today, and the walk is not quite as hot as it was yesterday.  Inside it is almost deserted. There is an English couple, who were, for this tanda, dancing together, and half a dozen regulars. So when the next tanda came on we danced it together. A few more started to arrive, including two likely looking men. They were quit tall and young and they sat at the back not far from us. I was hoping that they would dance with Viv, but that was not to be.  They had put on dance shoes and were up together for the next tanda. One of them had shorts on, shaved legs, painted toenails and was wearing very elegant heels.

By now there were a few more here and we were getting regular dances, although there were a few women struggling to get partners. When other men started to dance with the guy in heels, some of the women were incensed. They come here week after week for the men to ignore them and then dance with a man.

Well it did leave many of them more than happy to dance with me. Viv though was only dancing every other, but she was quite relaxed tonight and some of her favourites arrived later. As usual we stayed until Pugliese and the rock and roll came on. Also as usual somebody came over to ask Viv to dance. I sat there happily just listening, when a woman came over and asked me to dance. I usually avoid Pugliese, but it would be rude to refuse.  Sometimes though if a woman asks it is because she feels the music. When that is the case, Pugliese becomes a pleasure.

Later we walked down to Jean Jaures to the apartment of Hubert and Paloma. They had invited us along with Mercedes and Jorge for supper. Mercedes has not been well this year and it is the first time I have seen her. Jorge does not dance so we have no contact apart from when Mercedes comes to the milonga, so it was a great chance to catch up.

Jorge speaks English and French, but we spent the evening in Spanish.  I coped quite well, but really struggled when Jorge mixed it. To help, he would throw in some French and English. I suppose some things are better said, in their original language.

We always expect fish from the French, but tonight we had suckling pig with chips. It was bought in, I know not where from. We had quite a discussion on religion earlier, had I been on the ball I should have said I was Muslim. That would have caused some fun.

The BBC said no rain tonight, they were wrong again. It was raining on the way home and we had no umbrella with us. Still it was not too heavy and we arrived home only slightly damp.

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Coffee crisis

We went out to Petish Bazar this morning (It’s a general household ware shop) for some plates. We have the bowls and are happy with them. They are supposed to be unbreakable so we wanted some plates as well.

Four large and four small just over £20, but hopefully we will not need to buy again. When we got home two of the small plates were chipped. Unbreakable, ha. Muggins here gets all the good jobs, I had to take them back. The guy in the shop was no problem but I checked every plate. I took two plates to the counter and another damaged one. I wrapped my plates showed them to him, he said “Dale” and that was it. Don’t know what I was worried about. He did not clear the security tags though, the alarm went off as I walked out. I looked around and no one took a blind bit of notice, so I just carried on out of the shop.

Salon Canning was very quiet today. We get tired so Wednesday we do not mind a quiet milonga. That said we never actually missed a tanda. We did only stay two and a half hours once the rock and roll came on it was time to go. We needed coffee anyway, we had no milk in the flat so came out on low coffee. We walked to the end of Scalabrini and Cafe Artaud. It cost us more for two coffees than it did last week for two pints, but hey this is Buenos Aires.

Afterwards we had some things to get in Farmacity then it was down to The Taco Box again. Two pints of red beer and mixed tacos, just the job. Our usual little girl is back as well.  I did think to ask where she was last week, but the answer would only baffle me.

One last stop on the way home, buy some milk, so that Viv can have her coffee.

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Tarrifa Dos

I only wanted a few things today from the fruit shop. As I entered I was followed by a girl, sort of miniature version of the proprietor and she started to serve me. I guess she must be the daughter. I have never seen her before, and I just thought how cute she was. I suppose that the boss lady is still cute but in a slightly larger way. My total today came to $95 hardly worth the trouble but they are always so cheerful and friendly, I always feel like giving them more.

A guy from the electric company was outside today, well a whole group and a truck with a hoist. They took the pole out opposite us and replaced it with another. It looked a bit rusty and possibly in need of paint, but I could see no good reason to change it. On a side note; because it was rusty looking we had thought it wooden. So the guy working off a fiberglass ladder on live cables, was not actually insulated from earth. He must have thick skin, one jolt at that height and he would be dead.

So, Salon Canning again today. We do not bother arriving on the dot, but even though we were half an hour in it was all but deserted. Pauline and Geoff were there but almost no one we knew. After the excesses of yesterday I was not too bothered. I had a few good dances and later on so did Viv, but afterwards when the rock and roll came on we did a couple of jives and hit the street.

There are a couple of new bars on Lavalleja y Gorriti so we stopped for a beer. It was too early to eat so we had some Porter and a bowl of peanuts. It was only $100 a pint here, and Viv could not understand why I wanted to stay.

Then we walked down Lavalleja to The Taco Box again. The service here is second to non and the food is exceptional. More beer and enough food to stuff two pigs only $1200. You have to patronize a place like this.

Two lots of beer and Viv was getting a bit loud by the time we got back. She saw some nectarines in a shop so we bought two $112. I think we were ripped off, I bought two this morning from our regular shop, a potato and three bananas for $95. Must be tarrifa dos after ten at night. still it is only a pound when all is said and done.

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Don’t encourage the drunks

Today I need to polish the mesita in the lounge. There is a tangle of cables underneath it, caused by the multi block that will ft the euro plugs and the other one for the UK plugs. So I have decided to mount them on a piece of wood. The first problem is to cut the wood. I only have a junior hacksaw here, so it is a long slow process and, of course it will not go all the way through. So I have to cut from four directions. There was not to much step in the cuts in the end. I then trimmed with a Stanley knife and then sand paper. Took me best part of the morning. With a rest in the middle to go to the chino.

Next I tried to screw the multi block to the board. You need no6 screws and the longest I have are 35mm. They barely stick out, so will not go into the wood. The UK block has no mounting points, and it disassembles from the back. Why is nothing easy? I ask. In the end I use the brown silicon mastic I have. I just hope I never need to take it apart again.

When I am putting everything back, I notice a socket behind the sofa. It would be nice to plug my new board in to this, but the cable is too short now. What did I just say?  I just hope I never need to take it apart again. Doh.

Canning again today was very quiet. We sat talking to the Australians, but every time we wanted to dance we managed it. We both enjoyed it much more with no pressure to dance and come time to leave we were both contented.

We went to Taco Box again. We had the same girl serving us and again enjoyed the food. We had a mixed dish this time, perhaps not as good at the fajitas last week but we enjoyed it just the same along with out Rojo beer.  We passed adrunk street person on the way up Gascon, he was encouraging us to pass. Well that is what we intended.

When we got to Cordoba, I realized I had left my shoe bag. Viv was not ready to walk back again, so when she had checked that she had her keys I left her to go home alone. On the way back I was again accosted by the drunk. He was asking if I was on vacation, I thought better of engaging with him and just passed.

The girl knew exactly why I was back and I was soon on my way again. This time however I crossed Gascon, I had no desire to get into conversation with the drunk.

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An Excellent day

After a long sleep, you would think we would be up early and ready to go. No chance. Even though Canning is later than other milongas we had little time to do much else.

I picked up Vivs shoes from El Bosque. I am becoming quite a regular there now. My next mission was to recover the vacuum cleaner from the shop on Medrano. I was accosted by a beggar outside the church, but I will not get my money out in public. There was, it seems no fault on the cleaner, but after all the breakers going, I was reluctant to plug it in again. He charged me $140 for some new filters, I don’t think there was anything in there for the test. Still it makes me want to come back.

I had to pass the beggar again on the way back. I was ready this time and dropped him $40. It sounds a lot but it is only 40p and he seemed grateful. Since reading A Street Cat Named Bob I do look more sympathetically on street people.

I had a further trip out for some washing powder and bread. The chino did not have our favorite bread so I went to the Fiambraria further up Salguero. I know how to deal with this now; ignore the ticket machines, pick up loaf, pass by all the queues and go straight to the till. The girl on the till is the same one who used to be in Nuevo Escotia (The Big place now closed, that also had a butchers) but she does not seem to remember me. Getting out was a problem though, all the queues and a guy coming in with a sack truck. I said to him “Necesito ser flaco” not sure how good my grammar was, but he laughed anyway.

There was still some time to spare, so I did some repairs to the bathroom door and went out again to the chino. Our lamp in the bedroom has four bulbs, one different, one out, and one rapidly failing.  I tried to get three like the odd one, but no such luck, I went instead for four similar ones. At the till, he who sees all spotted that one was different. The girl said that they were all the same price, but I wanted them all the same, so she let me change it.

So now with everything shipshape we set off for Canning. The tall dutch couple Ingrid and Jaap were in front of us as we paid, and we were put seated close to them. So from where we were seated we could talk. The place was all but empty when we arrived, even though it was half an hour into the milonga. So we chatted; I found out that they have been coming twenty five years, and I thought that we were old hands. I also discovered that they are staying in the House of Vicky and Rob. Apparently they have known Rob for many years before they came here.

The numbers were down all afternoon. Even though I had problems finding women to dance with we had a great time. There was even a steady trickle of men that Viv knew arriving all afternoon. So the floor was never crowded, there were no Cirque de Soley dancers and we just kept going. Erwin played some wonderful music, nothing off the wall, but somehow it sounded better different.

Then at seven thirty they start the rock and roll and tropical. It was time to go. Two or three years ago we sat in a bar on Gascon watching them restoring an old building opposite. Well that building is now Taco Box so I thought we would give it a try. Usual problem though “ocho” but they had seats outside and we had an unfinished water from Canning, so we were content for ten minutes or so.

The food, I think, was the best we have tasted in Buenos Aires. So To sum up; Good dancing, jobs sorted and excellent food. Oh and did I mention Black Beer? An Excellent Day.

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Happy New decade

Viv sent me for the daily shop. Thought we would try some picada (minced beef) today. I guess it is quiet at the butchers counter. He kept me chatting for some time. $130 for half a kilo of mince and fifteen minutes of Spanish practice, today’s value.

After the veg I went over to Naranja y Flor, Viv had seen some cheesy bread rolls. You can tell it’s a fiesta, the place was packed. Well I could not see them from this far back and the girl was asking what I wanted, well it makes me use my Spanish ” Hay pancitos de queso? ” I asked. “No” was the reply, so that was that then.

I walked up Bulnes to the Panedaria there. Again I had to ask, the girl looked blank, but an older lady pointed me to the pan dulce. These were not bread rolls but more like flat bread. They looked a bit dry and pastry like to me, but nothing ventured, I tried them.

Back at home and Viv was not impressed either. We tried one and it was not half bad, no way to butter them though.

This shopping lark is easy, but I wish she would decide what she wants. I was sent out again for some media lunas for the morning. Of course by three thirty all the shelves were bare. I made the mistake of asking for Medialunas dulce and I got a long story about duche de leche. They have, grasa and they have manteca, the manteca are the sweet ones. Anyway I got what I wanted and even a quarter of escones de queso. not bad for two quid. I asked for “Una quartito” and there was no confusion this time. See, I am learning.

Most venues were closed so we were off to Salon Canning, Paracultural. We were meeting up with our Dutch friends Ton and Ada. They brought a giant plate of food and gave us some excellent company for the night.

We miss timed the new year somewhat, but to my estimation it should be at six tomorrow. You see the year is an orbital event and a day is rotational. So as the year is 365 and a quarter days and this is the third year from a leap year so we should celebrate at 365 and three quarters.  (stop me if I am rambling).

Anyway being old buggers we had enough by half one, Ton and Ada left for the bus and we walked back to Castle Salguero. Sleep comes easy after a late night and beer.

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Forelegs good, Four legs bad.

The search for a welder goes on, you would not think it such a difficult thing. There is a shop either selling or repairing old chairs. I noticed one in there that has been welded. Looks like a stick weld to me, but if I can find nothing else I may well ask them. I am running out of options.

Well quite a successful day so far; I measured the fridge freezer in the shop, it looks a goer. On my way back I found a guy who just does metal work, said he can weld my chair. I returned with the chair and he has done the deed, well enough, that I may try the other one tomorrow. I have a new friend, it seems, spent ten minutes outside his lock up exchanging numbers. I was quite surprised when we actually connected though, I thought that I could not do Whatsapp without an internet connection or data, learned something new today.

We went to the place selling fridges ( No not Selfridges) and my luck for the day ran out. It seems that although for most places cash is king, here it is not, I will have to return tomorrow with my credit card. By my estimation it is going to cost about £40 more to use the credit card. It is at times like these I realize what a good deal I am getting with Azimo.

So we carried on to Salon Canning. Same as last week, the place was all but empty. It soon improved though and many of Vivs men friends arrived as well.  It may have started badly but in the end we had nearly three hours of non stop dancing. So this became our best afternoon yet. Time to retreat knackered.

We stopped at the corner of Scalabrini and Cordoba for a coffee. I tried to check in but they have changed the password. The girl chickened out when I asked her for the contraseña and gave me a menu with it on. It looked the same to me, perhaps they just changed the number.

On the walk home there was a dog hanging out of a window barking, but he jumped back in when I told Viv.  “He had his forelegs out” I said. Viv said “well how did he get back in?”. I saw the error straight away “Forelegs” I said “Not four legs”. Stupid language, isn’t it?


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