Tango in Gresford and contact

Here in Gresford we concentrate on getting people to dance, enjoy authentic Argentine music and dance the way that they do in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

I don’t care if you have never danced a step or if you have two left feet, anyone can dance tango. Forget what you have seen on Strictly Come Dancing and anything you may have learned elsewhere; this is not strict tempo nor is it any sort of routine, you learn to feel the music and move with it.

We do not teach ballroom, we do not teach Salsa, we do not teach sequence, we specialise. We visit Buenos Aires every year at least once and spend about a month there. We want to bring back what we enjoy, what they enjoy and the true spirit of tango.

We do this because we enjoy it, I want more people to dance and enjoy tango, that alone is the reason my rates are so low. We take no profit from what we do all the money is ploughed back into the dancing.

Almost every Monday we have a Practica here for only £2.50 that includes refreshments. I will continue this until we get too large and we have to look for a bigger venue.

So if you really believe you cannot dance I challenge you to prove me wrong, I say if you can walk to my door then you can dance. Come along on a Monday and meet the nicest bunch of people, have a tango hug, and enjoy the music of tango’s golden years.

For more info mail   tangogales@msn.com

Or when I am in Buenos Aires ring (011) 4861 3726