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God Help The World

No sign of the painters all morning, but I can see them in the flat below us. Then at midday I got a call from Sebastian. He seems to have forgotten the art of keeping it simple. Still, it was nice while it lasted. He said something about when they have finished, or we will be the last, whatever, I was holding out little hope.

Then, as I was cooking the breakfast one arrived. He asked for water, so I gave him a glass and as we were having coffee, I offered him one. He sanded and poked for a while then his mate arrived. Funny how he was on his own on the double balcony of 1A, but on our single balcony of a B flat there were two of them.  They walked in and out as we ate breakfast, Spaniards cannot pass someone eating without “buen provecho” we got a lot of that. They were too polite to ask what this strange food was.  I remember Luba asking about our porridge, so it is obviously not seen here.

Well, watching them, they are a lot quicker than I was, but then it is their job and there are two of them.As soon as they left and the pigeons arrived, I was too slow to stop one landing on the bar and leaving his footprints. I had to sit outside for a while to stop them coming back. Hopefully the paint wass hard enough when I left to get ready.

Back to Nuevo Chique again today. The numbers are up again but Viv is still getting loads of dances. I am not doing so well, as Marcella has me sat much lower down and it is almost impossible to cabaceo. I have to get up and approach the ladies. They are fine with this, but the downside is that often they have already accepted a cabeceo from someone else. A couple of times I managed to get a lady other than the one I was after, but then a couple of times I just had to sit down again. Once this happens, the tanda is lost. It is hard enough getting someones eye from here, impossible when everyone is dancing.

I should not complain, even at its worst it is still better for me than many of the ladies. The point is though that here is a man who wants to dance and ladies are complaining that the men are all sitting down. Well, I would love to oblige, but if I cannot see you.

Still we danced until seven and my feet hurt, Viv got her Pugliese with Miguel and it was time to go for a coffee. On the TV they are ringing in the new president, the Kirchner family in power again. God help Argentina.

I get home to hear the UK election results, God Help The UK, and with Trump in The US, God help The World.

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