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Money Day

After coffee from our excellent machine, it is time to go out into the world. Outside the building I bump into Walter talking to Sebastian. They told me that someone will be coming to paint the balcony. As is normal here, we have no idea when, but if we are in we must let them in. I asked Walter up for a coffee, but he must away to catch his flight. I last saw him heading towards Philippe’s apartment.

At the Argenper office the shutters were down the front of the building is plastered in “Se Aquiler” so it looks like this office is no more. I am unable to check further as I have left my phone, so I head for the office at Pasteur. There is a huge queue here and I have a long wait. From where I am sitting I can see the machine that dispenses tickets. I am amused watching the locals struggling with it, and there was me thinking my problems were because I am a stupid extranjero. I helps when you have been here before.  I worry that I do not have everything I need, that they will not have my money, I have no idea why; they were efficient as always and I left with all my money for the coming month.

I still worry walking back though. There is no way I will use the subte with all that money in my pocket and at every junction I check that I am not being followed. Paranoia is one thing, but I am not about to loose my months money, that would make this an awful Christmas. Happily home again and Viv has a coffee waiting, but she expected someone older.

As we shower and get ready the painter still has not come. I have no intention of waiting in, we came here to tango. so we set off for El Beso leaving the place in a mess. All the plants from the balcony are inside looks more like a greenhouse in here now.

We set off for Beso just after three and I could not find my shoes, there was only one answer; I must have left them in HB. We got there and  they were open, the guy pulled my shoes from under the bar. So today I had a reserve pair of shoes with me.

The floor at Beso is very slippy of late so I decided to use my dance trainers. It was a good move and I was much more secure on the floor than I had been yesterday. I never missed a tanda today (apart from Pugliese, a choice on my part). Viv did not do so well, funny how the men have such poor memories. Whereas all the women remembered me, the men all seem to have forgotten Viv.

Anyway Viv decided to leave early and head for The Coffee Store. I had promised a tanda to another lady, so I was dancing when Viv left, but the next tanda was Alfredo Gobbi, Quique Camargo is the only DJ I know who plays Gobbi, so I changed my shoes and left.

Viv was sat in her usual place so I joined her for “Promocion”; Two media lunas, cafe con leche and orange. Then we walked back up Corrientes. We stopped off at a dietetica that had sugared pineapple slices and prunes. After that we went to a fruitaria. They had broccoli which we did not expect. I asked the girl serving “como se llama es?” “Broccoli” she said,  I felt stupid,but will not forget again.

Sebastian was by the door when we came home. “El pintor, has terminado?” I asked, “No” he said “Miercoles” Well at least he has learned the art of keeping it simple.


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