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New breakfast bowls

The balcony has always been my domain, but now the painters have left Viv has taken over. She is cleaning the floor, trimming the plants and generally tidying up. Well I still have the coffee to make and blogging to do.  I do, of course have the shopping. Still it’s nice to return to normal, with the outside out again.

Been looking for some breakfast bowls to replace the broken ones. We have had these ten years, not the very same ones, of course, every year we have to replace the broken ones.  So they are a bit like Triggers Broom. Now though they have reached the end. Nowhere has this particular bowl any more, so we must decide. We walked between shops and finally decided on some toughened glass with a grey pattern. They were cheaper in our old favourite “Petish Bazar”. Let’s hope these last more than the average two years of the last ones.

Off to El Beso again today today is El Abrazo the milonga that used to be at Ideal. The welcomes continue, it will take some time for everyone to welcome us. Yesterday one lady hugged me and actually picked me up, I had to ask to be put down. You do not get this level of affection elsewhere. Even here on Friday there are still many who have not yet welcomed us.

You would think that with this level of attention we would get lots of dances, but again I struggled. Although I do not miss many tandas often I am looking at the ladies who are left. Those that I expect to dance with me just do not look my way. Viv seemed to do well for the first hour, then dried up completely. The room is bigger now that they have removed the boarded off section in the corner. This makes the dancing much better, but there is a payoff, in that it is harder to cabeceo. Again this is our first week so we should not expect too much, but by six thirty Viv had enough, and it was over to the Coffee Store.

We walked back along Corrientes and checked out Casa de Audio for a fridge. Nothing there met our tastes so we went home to change. Then we came out again to go to Imaginario.

Another good cheap meal, we had a litre of stout, a salad and papas imaginario. Less than a tenner even with a tip. You could eat out every night at these prices.

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