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No beef in the land of cattle

Getting beef in this land of cattle, is becoming increasingly difficult. I wanted a kilo of mince, and our local butcher said “mas tarde” so I tried the chino two doors away. The butcher there was shut up. The chino opposite us had non. So I returned home without, because I had a bag full of shopping and was being looked on suspiciously in the chinos.

I left again without my shopping to try elsewhere. What I did notice is that there are increasing numbers of Tiendas Granjas. Don’t bother to translate, it translates as farm stores, which is not what they are. They sell chicken, whole, breasts,legs, and whatever bits you might want. I wanted minced beef. Last time we had this problem we had stopped at a place on Gascon, it was expensive, but needs must. So I went there, inside there was no sign of mince. “Hay picada?” I asked “Picarda Carne?” he replied “Si un kilo”  “Si” Now as I said there was no sign of it there, but he took what looked to me the leanest steak I have seen, trimmed any remaining fat off it and put it in the mincer. This was all good stuff. He weighed it out and it was just over a kilo. He picked some out and put it into his hand until it weighed exactly a kilo. Once it weighed the correct amount, he threw what was in his hand back into the bag. Like I said it is dear here, cost me $400ar, but let’s put this into perspective, that is £4, and it was slightly more than I paid for.

Nuevo Chique never fails.  Today there was a shortage of women, this meant that occasionally I was stuck, but I have a few old favourites that will always dance with me. For Viv there was no such problems, she was up every tanda. I only missed two, Pugliese and Biagi. and thereby hangs a tale; Viv always dances Pugliese with Miguel, who incidentally hates Biagi. So when a strong beat started, Viv got up with Miguel. I never even gave it a thought, I just headed for the toilets to freshen up. I was out in the corridor before I realized that it was not Pugliese but Biagi.

When I got back, cursing, it was all my fault, of course. I should have told her. Well in the course of four hours one missed tanda is not the end of the world. Next tanda was a Vals, and this was followed by, you guessed it Pugliese. So she danced again with Miguel.

I had a pile of raffle tickets by the time the sorteo came. I failed to win the champagne, I failed to win the chocolates, I even failed to win any discount vouchers, but my number came up for two free entradas for Caminito milonga Saturday night. I did not respond, and let someone else have it, who may actually want it.

We retired to Congreso Plaza Pizzeria for a coffee and medialuna. I fancied the tostada again, but Viv was not for that, she wanted us to save ourselves for her pasta later.

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Party in the street

Well the Six Nations starts today so first stop is Sullivan’s Bar. Outside they were advertising football (Philistines). We were worried for a while, but when I asked our guy remembered us and put the Rugby on.

We were joined by Geoff and Pauline and got a running commentary as Wales absolutely hammered the Italians.  A few Irish arrived and left and some stayed, Their match was not until later and we would not be stopping. Geoff said he would not be going to Los Consegrados today, so may well return to watch Ireland play Scotland. There was a group of French as well, we said we  would see them tomorrow. They were disappointed I would be supporting England, but hey we are not European any more.

Los Consegrados had a different feel again today. I struggled and had to go walk about even though I now have a good seat. Basically if I did not catch a woman’s eye before the first bars were played out there were too many on the floor to see. I did not miss many tandas but it did get difficult. I don’t think Viv did that well. She said that for the first hour she was up every tanda but then it became difficult for her as well.

So by seven thirty, and when Pugliese came on it was time to leave. I suppose three hours is enough and we had not eaten since the rugby finished. So we set off for home, stopping at HB. Good food, good beer, cheap price and the staff remember us.

After we had eaten we took our stuff back and went to explore the street. There was street theatre, dancing, aerobics, even a Flamenco class. The whole world was out in Guardia Vieja tonight. We even met a guy from the milongas out with his wife. Makes you feel at home when you know people.

We stood and watched a band performing  until they had finished their set. Now I am deaf enough to sleep through the rest of the noise. There were three girls dancing with light effects. The lights followed their movements and produced some interesting effects.

The silent disco was just weird. Everyone with headphones on dancing to their own tune.

It was extremely difficult to move up and down the street because of all the people. I think we are too old for all this excitement, time to just curl up and sleep, if that is possible.



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Chasing the beggars

My daily shopping trip was over in a flash today. Needed some fruit and eggs, well the fruiteria has eggs, so it was a quick in and out. Trouble is they wrap them in newspaper and I cracked one putting them down. Biggest eggs you’ve ever seen though, they will not fit in our egg rack.

Off to El Abrazo again today as it is Friday. Trouble is we are late and there are no seats to be had, only at the far end of the mirror. We sat a seat away from each other and understandably it started badly for Viv. I can, of course just go a wandering. While I was dancing Maria came in and Zoraida found here a seat. I stopped my dance and asked her if she could find one for Viv. I am not so sure she was happy moving but she seemed to get plenty of dances for a while.

I managed to get a dance with my Russian today and some other ladies that I have missed for a while. I did a double cabeceo when I got the Russian up So I promised the next dance to the German lady next to her. Then, wouldn’t you know it a Pugliese tanda came on. I was committed. The room was crowded and there were lots of fancy moves going on. I have to say, it was not her fault, but it was definitely not my favourite tanda.

When it came time for the sorteo Viv had already left, and I had a confusing time with the girl over paying for the drinks. I only paid for mine and found out later that Viv had actually paid. Then it was over to The Coffee Store again. We are getting hassled more and more by beggars these days but Viv felt sorry for one in particular and ran after him with some pesos.

Then it was the walk home via a couple of panaderias. You can never get all you want from one place, but we have learned which ones have which product. We also stopped again at Farmacity, Viv wanted some antiseptic cream. So I said to the girl “Hay crema antiseptico?” Blank look. Viv got the dictionary out, but before she found it, the penny dropped and she handed me crema antiseptico. The girl actually spoke English and I think she understood our English better. It just amazes me, the locals do not open their mouths and mumble everything, yet they never understand me.

At the till, again we paid and the guy said something about para llevar. He does this every time we are here and, every time I have not a clue. Obviously I am taking it away, so what he is asking is anyone’s guess.

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Poco Mujeres

First job of the morning, is buy a new fridge. We know what we want, just a matter of doing the deed.  When we asked, the guy said”con tarjeta?”  I said “si” and he disappeared. He came back after a few minutes with a fresh fridge all wrapped up, then he plugged it in.

Next came the paperwork, I was, more or less ready this time. I gave him my credit card and my passport. Then we get the difficult questions “numero de telefono” I have no local number now. Then he asked something else that I did not catch. Viv said “I think he said llevar”well  we were rather hoping to get it delivered. This is not a full American fridge freezer, but I was not about to carry it eight blocks on my back. Anyway we managed to get them to use a flete and it will be delivered in the morning. I have no idea what it will cost for delivery, and I do not know how much is charged to my credit card, I just know that tomorrow we will get a new fridge.

Next job is to get the last chair welded.  To be honest, they are rubbish and if I had not just recovered them when the first weld failed, I would just have bought new ones. But we are going down that road now, next failure and they will be gone. I left it with the man this time, I can pick it up in the next day or so. Maybe when I get it back, I will paint them and possibly make soft backs.

Off to Nuevo Chique again today. When we got there there was hardly a woman, and it did not get much better. At one point I counted twelve men sitting down and every woman was up dancing.

Now this was bad for me, but I am not complaining, as I always say “When the wife is happy, I get no grief, and so I am happy” I did miss tandas, but not that many. Viv never missed and by 6;30 she was ready to go. Miguel was not letting her go though, he still wanted his Pugliese.

French Anna arrived so just for a change I danced Pugliese with her. I enjoy dancing with her and it would be a shame to not dance with her this afternoon. She said she also avoids Pugliese, but I think she had a real feel for it.

We left just after seven and headed for the bus. The bus, it seems, is not running. I have no idea why, usually it is because of a demonstration, but we can see no sign today. We could head over to the subte, but this time of night it will be packed. So we decided to go to Vitorio for some food and wait it out.

Again they have no black beer. The waiter said you can buy it in the supermarket. We told him in Almagro all the bars have it. They did have a choice though so we went for Brahma. Not Stout, but far better than the Crystal. We had two mini beefe de chorizo, because for some reason they did not have the Beefe de lomo.  It was very tasty though and we left well satisfied.

Still no buses had passed so we walked to the subte. It was still packed but maybe not as bad as it would have been at seven.

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Correo Central

Well it was a nothing sort of day, lazy Saturday morning. I did a little shop and not much else.

Off to Los Consegrados today, but Viv did not want to take the bus. So it is a three train subte journey. When we got there there was a class going on and no one there to take our money. I thought that 3:30 was early to start. Seems I had read the time of the class not the milonga, That starts at 4:30. Still it gave us some relaxation  time before the dancing began.

The first hour I did well but I was short of women I knew and I soon began to struggle. Now there may not have been many women we knew but there were a lot of men, so Viv did really well. I was getting many beginners, but among all the new partners there were a few good dancers. As luck would have it one was available for Pugliese, so unusually I danced a Pugliese tanda.

Still not milonga fit, we left soon after eight. We stopped for a coffee on the corner of San Juan. This was a mistake; we asked for two media lunas, but the guy was trying to get us to have a tostada. I made the mistake of using the word “solo” meaning solo dos media lunas, of course when they here the word Solo they think solo cafe, so after a long wait we just got coffee. Luckily we did not get cafe solo, as Viv will not drink it without milk. As it was she did not drink much of it anyway. It was arguably the worst cup of coffee we have had here.

My intention had been to walk up San Juan to Jujuy, but as we had stopped so close to the station we dropped straight down again at San Jose. Since we were last here, the E line has been extended all the way to Retiro and that gave me some food for thought. If it runs all the way to Retiro, then it must pass the end of the B line. I checked on the map and this was, indeed the case. We could carry on, on the E line and get off at Correo Central and there join the B line. It was a slightly longer journey but, only one change, and we got onto an empty train, so we had a seat all the way home. We may travel down this way next week although there is no doubt we will not get a seat travelling down the line.

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God Help The World

No sign of the painters all morning, but I can see them in the flat below us. Then at midday I got a call from Sebastian. He seems to have forgotten the art of keeping it simple. Still, it was nice while it lasted. He said something about when they have finished, or we will be the last, whatever, I was holding out little hope.

Then, as I was cooking the breakfast one arrived. He asked for water, so I gave him a glass and as we were having coffee, I offered him one. He sanded and poked for a while then his mate arrived. Funny how he was on his own on the double balcony of 1A, but on our single balcony of a B flat there were two of them.  They walked in and out as we ate breakfast, Spaniards cannot pass someone eating without “buen provecho” we got a lot of that. They were too polite to ask what this strange food was.  I remember Luba asking about our porridge, so it is obviously not seen here.

Well, watching them, they are a lot quicker than I was, but then it is their job and there are two of them.As soon as they left and the pigeons arrived, I was too slow to stop one landing on the bar and leaving his footprints. I had to sit outside for a while to stop them coming back. Hopefully the paint wass hard enough when I left to get ready.

Back to Nuevo Chique again today. The numbers are up again but Viv is still getting loads of dances. I am not doing so well, as Marcella has me sat much lower down and it is almost impossible to cabaceo. I have to get up and approach the ladies. They are fine with this, but the downside is that often they have already accepted a cabeceo from someone else. A couple of times I managed to get a lady other than the one I was after, but then a couple of times I just had to sit down again. Once this happens, the tanda is lost. It is hard enough getting someones eye from here, impossible when everyone is dancing.

I should not complain, even at its worst it is still better for me than many of the ladies. The point is though that here is a man who wants to dance and ladies are complaining that the men are all sitting down. Well, I would love to oblige, but if I cannot see you.

Still we danced until seven and my feet hurt, Viv got her Pugliese with Miguel and it was time to go for a coffee. On the TV they are ringing in the new president, the Kirchner family in power again. God help Argentina.

I get home to hear the UK election results, God Help The UK, and with Trump in The US, God help The World.

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Expensas Finally.

Today I must pay my expensas. After all my previous attempts I now fear the ATM more than being mugged on the street, still it must be done. I did the morning shopping first, hoping to miss the morning rush. Then I went to the shoe repairers with Viv’s Shoes. I had been practicing all the way “Dos aguajeros”. (two holes, in the straps). I must have got it well as the guy was quite chatty. He did not get Wales though, Europa was as close as he was getting. Gareth Bale, Shirley Bassey, Siez Naciones, nothing worked. He underst0od when I told him I do not like the cold though.

I had delayed long enough, time for the bank. I had written the instructions down, but the one thing I had neglected; there are two types of machine: Caja Automatico and Auto Servicio.  I elected to go to the Caja Automatico, but all the time in the queue I kept thinking I was at the wrong one, and queues do tend to be long and slow here. I decided that changing would not be a good thing, even if I was wrong I would just have to start again.

Luckily I was not at the wrong machine and I got through my instructions OK until it came to putting the money in. It grabbed one note then shut the door. I could see no way to carry on so I crashed out and started again. This time I put all the money in, but it left two notes. Then I saw the option to add more notes. That was it, done. I amended my instructions to include Caja Automatico and headed home, elated. I have finally done it on my own. I have a feeling that they will change the system next year, can’t have this extranjero knowing what he is doing.

Another Thursday and another trip to Nuevo Chique. I am still being put down the far end, there are plenty of ladies down here, but they do not know me, so I still struggle to see the ladies at the top. This includes, of course, Viv. Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of dances, but from here I am never up at the first note.  So I have started walking up to the top and inviting the ladies, instead of using cabeceo. Because I am inviting for the next tanda, I did end up doing a Pugliese tando, much to Viv’s surprise.

At seven thirty Viv gave the signal to go. The next tanda was milonga and I had intended to dance it with her and then call it a day. I had promised to meet Philippe for a drink at eight, so we had to go.

We decided to sit outside today and wait for Philippe. The waiter of undecided gender came out twice to see what we wanted, but seemed happy when I said “Esperamos por un amigo” We had our usual caramel and Philippe IPA (pronounced eepa) here. It is a lively corner here, lots of young people hanging around bars, and lots of busses. The number 92 always come in threes. We sat chatting and drinking until it was time to retire. Philippe back to his studies and us for our lentil stew.

I am afraid the beer got somewhat the better of us as we had not eaten. The stew went down quickly and we were soon asleep in bed.

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The weekend starts here

Friday was just another El Beso Day, we did little in the morning as I was too busy repairing the wall and re-hanging the curtains.

We still find El Beso difficult though, I may have to re-think our seating positions. Where I sit is fine until everyone gets up, then my view of the floor is completely lost. Still we danced until seven then it was back for our chop suey and prepare for the weekend.

Saturday and we were up at a reasonable hour, breakfast of coffee and media lunas then we were out heading for Palermo. The walk over to Sullivan’s takes about twenty-five minutes and we arrived while all the pre match rubbish was playing. I ordered Quilmes Negra, typical of here, it is on the menu but they do not have it. Celtic stout is more expensive and lo and behold they do have that. They did furnish us with a bowl of nuts though to keep us going.

They are quite accommodating here I asked for the commentary and they switched off the music and put on the commentary. Not that I could understand a lot of it, but it was amusing when they named the wrong players.

It looked like we were the only ones here for the rugby, but by halfway through the first half there were maybe eight or ten in here. As Wales soundly thrashed the Scots team, the contingent of Scots were quiet. .

On a trip down Scalabrini Ortiz we stopped off to check out a furniture shop. Our old stomping ground this and we always like the shops down here, we found a coffee table we liked, but now we are unsure whether to spend the money. Maybe we will be back, maybe not.

We took the “D” line into town just to check out Ideal. It looks no different to me, I think someone is just siphoning money off, and the work will never be done. Still while we are here, check out the shoe shops. Viv managed to pick up a bargain pair. Unusually they were not battered or the wrong size $650 about £26 at todays rates. Viv is one happy bunny. Nice shoes as well.

Back on the subte The “A” line this time, out to Castro Barros. I need some tools and things from Easy. Bad move, Saturday is not a good time in any sort of supermarket in Buenos Aires. As always I got about half of what I wanted, things are quite different here. I did get what I can only describe as a flat plate covered in sanding material. We have nothing like this at home, but then they have nothing here like we have, you just have to adapt.

Back home again along Salguero and I can catch up with the Ireland France match. You have to feel for the French 13-12 up until the final kick, but then that is the best time to kick a field goal.

Sunday morning and I am free, Viv would rather do housework than come to Sullivan’s. No-one to stop my beer intake then. No surprises as England beat Italy. I expected some new tricks again from Italy but they had nothing new this year, shame, they were fun last year. Still they played well, the score line not reflecting how hard they tried.

I got talking to a guy called Michael from Hertfordshire.  He is working here and as he relayed his story I suddenly remembered him from last year. Unfortunately he will not be here for the England Wales match but will be back for some later matches.

I also got talking to a couple who are taking a year out to see South America. They told me that they could find no-one showing the Rugby in the City, but came across an ex-pats site where someone had said they would be here. That would be me then, oh! the power of advertising, perhaps I should get a discount bringing customers in.

Sunday night is Fulgor night.  I don’t know what Ruben is thinking, two hours constant tango, no Vals, no Milonga and too much Tanturi. Is it any wonder the numbers are falling? Still we were happy with our Quilmes Negra. (no one to tell Viv how much I have already had). Next week is carnival, Elsa said she is bringing us some props, mask, hats, and other dressing up stuff.

The people here come and go and we never know where, but tonight we heard an old friend had died last May. Found him dead at the wheel of his taxi apparently. No life, is it? Work until you drop.

After the tropical, we finally got a vals tanda, then a milonga, more tropical, then Pugliese. In the words of Eric Thompson “Time for bed” said Zeberdee.

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Not the floor it looked

Another day, another trip to the Coreo. Got the boss man, I think, this time and although I had my passport in my pocket, he never asked for it. I walked around to the dietetica again, still it is locked and shuttered. I assume that they are on holiday, but there are no notices up and no sign of when it will be open again. Again I presume that the locals know what is going on but the only reason that they have not yet lost our custom is that we can find nowhere better, yet.

Geoff and Pauline arrived at  Nuevo Chique today. Some more friendly faces for us, not that Viv needed them. She danced non stop all afternoon. There was a strange feeling there today. I have seen the floor more crowded but never so many collisions. Somehow the floor felt more crowded than it looked.

At just before seven Viv had enough and said “I’m going” I said to Geoff “It will be Pugliese next anyway” and it was. So we set off into the night.

No coffee on the way home tonight, I am running short of funds. Hopefully I will be OK after the weekend, if not I will have to pray to the great God Azimo.


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I bit of a damp squid this, they predicted an Eclipse in the local papers. Maybe it was my lack of understanding, but while the local TV showed it happening in Chubut there was not a sign here. We could have done with a bit of darkness to drop the temperature, still I came here to get away from the winter so cannot complain too much about the heat.

I was going to Sullivan’s this morning to watch the Rugby, but Viv did not want to go and Geoff decided to watch it on freeview. So not wanting to be Billie no mates I stayed in to watch it myself on freeview.  I thought I struggled with the rules, but it seems I am not the only one. The Italians developed a whole new game plan that thwarted the English team. It seems that they were using the rules to their advantage, and the English were totally flummoxed. The weaker side and fifty to one outsiders, they very nearly carried it off. Fair dos to the French referee, he had the best game of all. When asked what they could do about it he said “I am a referee, not a Coach”

We hit the chino afterwards, first time ever we spent over £20. More a result of our shortages than sudden inflation. Although inflation is a big problem here, household items like washing liquid and other cleaning items are for some reason expensive here. I bought some cheddar (not typical here) it was 170$ar a kilo. I checked Asda price at home and Cathedral city is 200$ar per kilo. So even on non typical Items they are still cheaper than at home.

I know I should not complain, but the walk to Club Fulgor was too hot. With no cloud and the sun gone you would expect some drop in temperature, but it was barely discernible. When we got there one of the air conditioners was not working and it was way above the Cities recommended 24 degrees.

Still we danced, and I danced with Norma and had another lovely dance with Bebe. The couple we met last year from Cumbria were here again, still not attending many milongas, but happy being here. We had our usual agua con gas and Quilmes stout served up by Mariana, who was returning after last weeks bout of sickness. Her son (we think) was there all night to watch over her, but I thought she still looked unwell, despite her ever present cheerfulness.

We stayed later again but by eleven we had enough, a Puliese tanda, I did not like the first track, danced the second and sat down for the third. So we changed our shoes. All packed and ready to go and Ruben put on Tango Negro, I shouted at him “he cambio mis zapatos” he just laughed. Viv said I should have told him to play it earlier next week, but I think he got the message.

When we got back we had left our air con on, set to 24 degrees, it felt like a fridge after Fulgor.

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