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Gracias Philippe

I got an email this morning from Philippe, apparently my internet bill is overdue. They used to mail me a paper bill, which I paid at the pagofacil. Aparently now they have gone paperless. How this will work I have no idea; I do not have an Argentine phone, nor do I have a bank account. I wrote to Philippe that we should meet, I do not know what else to do for now.

We have two broken chairs. I have so far failed to find anyone to weld them so I decided to go walk about, more in hope than anything, to look for someone with welding gear. At the front door I meet Sebastian and as I stood there Philippe was crossing the road. I waited for him and invited him up for coffee. Funny how life throws things your way, I know we do not live that far apart, but we always bump into each other just when I need him most. Anyway he has agreed to pay the bill for me.  Everyone needs a Philippe in their life to succeed in Buenos Aires.

We passed half an hour catching up, drank some coffee and soon it was time for him to go. Whilst things are cheap for us here, it gets more and more expensive for anyone who lives here. Philippe must work.

We take the subte again down to Uruguay and we get some of Buenos Aires unique entertainment. A member of the Nac mac feegle arrives with a boom box. A tattooed man in a  kilt, he sings like he is high on helium and totally tuneless. It takes a while but we realize that he is singing Knocking on Heavens door. If he is really Knocking, Bob Dylan will be on the other side telling him where to go.

There is a crowd already waiting to get into Nuevo Chique, but as regulars we somehow get in first. I had a much better seat today, Viv not so good. Still it was good dancing, by the time the band came on we had hardly missed a Tanda. It is the tenth anniversary of Nuevo Chique so there is a band, a demonstration and cake.  The band is Orquesta Tipica Andariega and Marisol Martinez is singing. I do not know who the demo was.

We stayed for a few numbers from the band but by then we had been dancing for five hours solid and we had, had enough.

We stopped off at Congresso Plaza for some food. We shared a salad and had revueltos. I was disappointed though as they only had blonde beer. Must remember to go across the road next time, for cervesa negra.

Our trusty 151 ran us all the way home again. We were in convoy tonight, three in a row, the 151 we had just missed was in front, the one we were on and another bringing up the rear. It’s like our personal taxi, drops us right at our door.


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