More Rain

After another late night we woke to the sound of yet more rain. This time it is more like the constant annoying rain we get at home than the raging torrent that normally hits Buenos Aires. It was though still enough to put a dampener on our day.  We had hoped to walk over to Palermo and meet with another UK blogger but we were too late arising and the thought of walking that far in this weather was not a pleasant prospect, so we stayed in and did very little.

There was still one or two repairs to do and the local supermarket is only across the street, so I had a foray to get in some supplies.

Tonight Janis and Adolfo are taking us to Glorias Agentinas in Mataderos. We went last year with Janis on the number 92 collectivo, but tonight we had the luxury of  a car. The rain was making the journey difficult, windows were steaming up, visibility across the roads was poor, but somehow we managed to find the way. Janis had a pre arranged plan of the route , following her knowledge of the collectivo routes, I spent my time wiping the glass and peering out to see street signs. Adolfo meanwhile patiently stopping and changing direction without complaint.

Carlos Anzuate met Adolfo and I at the door while the women were changing shoes, there was much kissing and hugging before Viv and I were seated at the same place we were last year (apparently these are now our seats).

We had a live orquesta playing, they were very good, but unfortunately the sound system was not. There was a booming distorted bass and the high frequencies were cut. It was shame as the music was brilliant. At one stage we had a singer as well, I do not know if he had come with the band or if he was just a local star, but he too was brilliant.

This is a very large floor, yet it was always packed, people come here to dance and there were whole families sat around large tables. Children were there as well, right up until three in the morning, but they were never trouble, as they would be at home and even took to the floor occasionally. I saw one guy dancing with his wife with his daughter on his shoulders.

We had a demo as well; a sort of end of term show by a local dance school. The levels and quality of the dancing varied, but one couple we saw did nothing spectacular, they just moved, cat-like, to the music, in time and elegantly. All on our table agreed, they were the best there, and Janis even commented that they were better than the teacher.

One of the things we see in these Club de Barrio are old couples who have danced together for years, they are not big names, they have no fame and they dance for themselves and no one else, these for us are the real stars of Buenos Aires, you can keep the flash dinner shows and acrobatic demos, if you want to see real tango go out and hunt the stars of the barrios. It is unfortunate that many of the youth who now come to dance only want to imitate the stars and throw their partners around like manic dervishes instead of following the calm soulful dancing of their elders.

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