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Intent on a quiet day, I tried to catch up on the world news, but Viv was having non of it, so we set of in the subte for The Obalisk again.

We could not see what was happening because of the crowds but it was just good to soak up the atmosphere. There is a huge stage set up on 9de Julio and we could hear the noise even from here behind the stage. It was difficult to get to the front as there were so many people and we were so far back we could not see the acts. They had very thoughtfully projected them onto a large screen so that we could see what was happening. Each act was on about fifteen minutes and there was a real variety ranging from folklore to rock. had we more stamina we could have stayed all day, but as usual we got hungry and thirsty. I took a further step today of becoming porteno, it was so crowded, and there was so much risk of being robbed, I put my wallet in my underpants. I dare anyone to put their hand down there.

Not wanting to pay the heavily inflated prices that we were sure they would charge here we headed out of town up Sarmiento. Not far up we got another lesson in why not to buy off the streets, three guys were tearing bread apart and putting meat on it to sell. They were working on the pavements that yesterday would have been covered in dog faeces before the rain. The thought of buying sandwiches from these people nearly turned our stomachs.

Viv was not happy on Sarmiento so we turned left and one block on we were on Corrientes. The street here had been cleared of traffic and hundreds of people were walking down the centre of the road. We had to walk on a few more blocks before the crowds started to thin, Then we popped into a welcoming bar for coffee and medialunas. We could not stay there forever, but when we came out again onto the street, if anything there were more people. Another few blocks and we could see the limit of the temporary pedestrianisation, the police were there diverting the traffic. I noticed with glee that Christina has bought them brand new Honda ST1500’s and I spent some time examining them, with Viv all the time worrying that we were too close.

I have had an ambition to walk from El Centro home, and we noticed that we were at Callao, about half the distance. If the weather holds we could do it today of course if it starts raining we can always jump down the subte. Today we were lucky and the weather held for us, we have walked from El Obalisco home to Almagro and found a few new places along the way.

During the day I got several texts from people crying off tonights milonga, but when Mariela said she was not going as her daughter was ill it was time to cancel, after all she was organising it. I sent texts out that it was off and we were going to Fulgor. It is there anniversary and we will get in free as we were there last night.

Most of the regulars had turned up, many of them quite surprised we had got there in the rain yesterday. We had all the welcomes and kisses and our usual seats. I do enjoy the company and I missed them all, but sometimes it is nice when there is just the two of us and we can dance our socks off, we did the Chacarera, merengue, tango of course and milonga. We hardly sat down all night and even got a round of applause for our milonga. This took me quite by surprise as I was just messing about trying something new, which Viv did not even follow that well (no blame here it was new to me to so I probably did not lead it that well either) the point is though I did not think it that good, but the locals loved it. I wish I could remember what I did!

As we had been so good we finished the night with Helado de casa, Almond Iced cream, before crawling back thoroughly knackered.


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