Due to the lateness of last nights festivities we did not get out of bed until nearly two. We had arranged to go to Janis for lunch, so we were running late, all sorted and out the door, we had reached Corrientes when Viv said “Where are your dance shoes?” so we had further delays while I went upstairs to retrieve them. I had misplaced my camera the night before and that, I think, was distracting me.

Being Sunday it was hard to find anywhere open, but right opposite the bus stop there was one supermarket where we managed to get a bottle, so finally armed we waited to cross the road, just then Janis rang to say do not hurry we are only just up, again distracted I almost committed suicide crossing in front of the traffic. I asked Janis to check the back of Adolfo’s car for the camera, it is worth very little but for my photos, but it would be a disaster if they broke into Adolfo’s car to steal it.

I don’t know how we always do it here, we had said four o’clock, and despite all the setbacks, the late arousal and the vagaries of the Collectivos, we arrived at two minutes past, , Janis greeted us at the door waving my camera at us, it had been lying in the back seat.

Adolfo cooked us fresh pasta and chicken, we ate far more than we normally would, but the food was so good. Adolfo kept on that he should have cooked four packs, but we would only have eaten it and felt too stuffed to dance, as it was we left very little and we had room to polish off the iced cream that Janis had bought in.

We had a bit of an impromptu dance class in the lounge, Adolfo reluctantly finally putting on his shoes. Janis has made a video and I am under orders to post it here later. Feeling guilty, about leaving, at about eight thirty we set off for Fulgor, Janis was going to Lo de Celia and would sit apart from Adolfo, so tonight would not have been a good night for us to go out together.

I am getting good at this collectivo lark, we managed to get off at the right stop for Janis and we did just as well for Fulgor. It helps, of course, that I know this part of town well, but preparation with comoviaje is the key for me.

These streets I know well it was how we used to reach Fulgor in the past and I could reel off the names before we got there, so I though my old brain was working well, but obviouslynot, I had forgotten it was the Fulgor anniversary. The old rottweiler on the door would not let me in “si no tienes reserva, no hay sillas”. On a night of storms a week ago the place had been empty but for the crowd I had brought, this was not going to happen. “Hablamos con Roberto” I said and although looking doubtful Roberto let us in, but said “no hay sillas” so we had two plastic patio seats and sat at the back. When you are a regular here things happen, and the couple at the next table were soon moved to join some friends further down and suddenly, we had a seat and a table.

Tonight was not going to be all dancing and as I put my coat away I noticed a group of downs children in Tuxedos, we did not get the first dance in before we had a demo. They were enchanting it may have not been step perfect but they had fire and enthusiasm in bucket loads, I had not yet seen the best but definitely this was the most enjoyable show. The applause was genuine and warm all the way through and I joined the others around the room in the ovation at the end.

Almost every other tanda was followed by a demo, including, at one point, a belly dancer. Most did only one dance, but one guy did a tango, a Vals then a fabulous milonga, he even finished with Rock around the clock. As I have said, I am not impressed with fancy demos, but this guy was incredible, he did a full circle just walking, his posture, his timing, everything was just fantastic. I come to this hemisphere to dance, not to watch or to take classes, but I said to Viv “that is the guy I want to have classes with. I now have his card and his blog address Jorge Garcia go there and watch him dance.

Once I had spoken to him he was already giving me advice (as always head up) he was doing this for free because he loves it not just to grab the tourist dollars. I felt his eyes on me assessing my moves and my posture, he would be a hard task master.

Although I love the dancing here, this is not really my scene, I prefer to dance than to watch, and soon I had my opportunity; Roberto asked our names and said “te gusta D’Arienzo?” Viv was not happy about what was about to happen, Roberto stood mid floor and said “Desde Gales, Bob y Viviana” everyone was clapping, there was no way out, so we took the floor. I don’t think we disgraced ourselves, I did pull one or two crowd pleasing moves, after all this was now a demo, not a milonga, but of all the nice comments we had later, the one I enjoyed the most was that we danced the music. As we moved around the room I thought “head up” and looked at Jorge Garcia as I did, he was nodding sagely.

What a night! great food, cooked by a porteno, great demos, torte y cidra, and Los Galeses wowed them in Villa Crespo. Viv may not like to admit it, but she enjoyed our demo immensely and I think we will be talking about this night for a long time to come.

Oh and one other thing, The ONLY place in the world where you can see two men kissing in the toilets and know they are not gay, is Buenos Aires.


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4 responses to “Aniversario

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  3. tangobob

    I have seen Jorge around, though never doing a demo, I always thought he looked like Dany and was going to ask you if he was related.
    Roberto Orlando is always glad to see us and welcomes us as old friends, the old bloodhound on the door is just a misery and thinks his job is to protect the club from anyone who wants to come in, you get them everywhere.
    Tell Adolfo Gracias por tus amistad y tus comida muy rico.

  4. jantango

    I was so grateful to find your camera on the back seat of the car. No one bothered to look inside, and one door was open.

    There are 48 raviolis in each layer, usually enough for two. Adolfo cooked three layers (called planchas) for us, and we almost finished it all. After all the chicken and raviolis, we still had room to polish off a kilo of ice cream. You probably had the largest serving of all. Who can resist Dulce de leche?

    Adolfo was very tired by the time we danced in the living room–he got up at 7,30 to drive home and return, then cooked dinner. At least Viv can now say she has danced tango with an Argentine in BsAs. After you two left, we talked a bit and never made it to Lo de Celia. Adolfo was too tired.

    Club Fulgor has had dances for 17 years. They should thank you for coming all the way from Wales. There are other places you could go to dance.

    Jorge Garcia is the brother of El Flaco Dany (Ernesto Garcia). He has rubber legs when he dances rock & roll. He dances tango better than Dany, but Dany is the master of milonga.

    Sorry I was not there to film your first exhibition in Buenos Aires–more proof that you really do dance in BsAs. I will be compiling a CD of your dancing in Confiteria Ideal and Glorias Argentinas. We have to meet one day before you leave.

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