Buenos Aires The Photos

I thought I would take an oportunity to publish a few photos and videos that were kindly taken by Jantango in Buenos Aires, that she gave me to bring home.       

The first two were on a Saturday night when we went to Confiteria Ideal and danced to Orquesta Gente de Tango.  The full story of our day is here The company makes it  You can also see Roger and Mirta dancing at the same time as us, but unfortunately not Janis, as she had the camera.     

The second two are us dancing at Club Fulgor, our favourite Club de Barrio. It was a stormy night and very wet, so very few people turned out, except a group of five mad extanjeros (Viv and I, Jantango Roger and Mirta, OK Mirta is not an extanjera, but she was with us). Roberto Orlando did not like us being filmed in the club and stopped Jantango on the first video but later relented and allowed her to film the second time. The full story of the day is here Lluvia       

The next video is really Carlos Anzuate and Chiche but if you watch carefully you can see we muscled in there.  It was the day after his birthday this time, but he was great company all the same. Again you can read the full story here More Rain I have included a photo of us from that night that Janis took.     


This is us at Glorias Argentinas, guests of Carlos Anzuate.

We had a sort of impromptu lesson in Jantangos apartment, and she filmed us dancing on her wooden floor. I have to mention again the wonderful food that Adolfo cooked for us. If we look sluggish it is because we ate far too much.  Again full story is here Aniversario     

We met up with Janis and went to my favourite local cafe for a coffee. Janis ordered a Submarino, something I had never heard of, it is just hot milk and chocolate that you submerge in the milk and it melts. At our local cafe they do it a bit special, the chocolate is in the shape of spoons as you can see in the photo. Full story of the day is at Catching Up       

This is us in the cafe near our apartment, With the chocolate spoons






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5 responses to “Buenos Aires The Photos

  1. tangobob

    Nothing brave about it. Jantango told me to do it, If I have learned one thing in life it is, The bravest thing you can do is refuse a woman, and I am not that brave.

  2. You’re a braver man than me, posting videos of yourself dancing!

  3. Just check YouTube for “Ruben Cherie”, and also there are 3 of me dancing with Pedro Sanchez in 2005 (tango, milonga, vals)–I suppose search “Pedro Cherie”.

    Let me know what YOU think! 🙂

  4. tangobob

    Yeh I thought the same, I know we are nervous when we are filmed, but I also know that we do not often get the chance for to see ourselves dancing. I am surprised though you say there is no connection, I always thought that was our good point. I thought I looked bow legged and I know I look down, only in a quiet room can you hear the feet on the floor, again something I need to work on.
    Right where are the tangocherie videos?

  5. Hey guys, RELAX!! Excuse me if I’m out of place to comment, but I like you two, and if someone posts a video of themselves dancing, I figure it’s ok to comment and “criticize.” (please feel free to do the same with me!)

    You and Viv are both very stiff and it doesn’t appear that there is a good connection between you (and I know there is!) Relax and connect physically, heads included. The steps and rhythm look fine, but (and we can’t help being Anglo-Saxon, can we? Me too!) there’s no body movement, little “dancing.” Relax those hips over the supporting legs, both of you!

    And do you hear the sush-shush of feet being slid on the floor like skiing? That’s not elegant; you have to pick your feet up and put them down precisely where you want them to be as elegant as possible. Imagine walking down the street, especially on the cobblestones of early BsAs, as if you were ice skating? You can’t.

    I hope I don’t offend; I just want to help.
    Besos desde Buenos Aires!

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