Hitting the wall

We have settled into a pattern, one good milonga, one bad. So  Friday at El Abrazo we did not expect much. So it was at the start, Viv was not missing tandas, but she was, just the same struggling. By an hour in though we were in our stride, it was non stop tango for us both.

I sat out the usual Pugliese but apart from that I never rested.  So by half seven we had been there four hours, I was in need of some food and rest.  Then I just hit the wall, I had nothing left.  I missed three tandas and changed my shoes. On seeing this Viv came over, I told her I would go for a coffee and she could stay.  She was having a great time, but she came with me anyway.

Highlight of my day though was a dance with Eli, the organizer. It has taken me a while, but I finally got there.

After a coffee and some apple crumble I felt ok again, but for today El Beso was over. Fed up with Corrientes we walked home along Lavalle for a change, picking up some stout and bread on our way.

Two days on the run, four hours dancing without rest, must be some sort of record.

Saturday we were washed out. We took the subte down to town to pick some things up for Viv, but the day has just been a relaxing one. I did not even make it to see the rugby.

Of interest today though was our butcher. It is a world wide phenomenon to make fun of foreigners, to me this is not demeaning, just enjoying the difference.  Well today the butcher was having great fun at my expense, it made him happy and we had a laugh about it as well. Of all people, I have no right to take offense, and non was taken.

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