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Some good, some bad

We are back at our usual place in Nuevo Chique today. We arrived early so had our normal seats, and from the start the going was good. Many regulars were missing though. This is partly the tourist lull, normal at this time of year, but also something to do with some football match. If you know about these things perhaps you can fill the gap for me.

The standard of dancing was very variable. At one point I was dancing completely surrounded, with only inches to spare, yet every one was moving well and never even touched. Tango heaven as it should be. At another point there were idiots doing boleos and Viv managed to get a graze right up her leg. Fortunately blood was not drawn, but I am fed up of forever saying “Tacos abajo”. Dancing at another time, some guy was forever crashing into me, so I let him pass, then the idiot was coming backwards into me.  Some people will never have enough floor.

Viv, when not dancing with me, was having a similar time. She says she had some of her best dances today and some of her worst.

I won the Champagne in the sorteo. I am getting lucky here as I won some earrings a few weeks back as well. We will have it next week to celebrate our despedida. Marcela announced the football score for those interested, six nil she said, no idea who scored what. A chocolate gift on departing was most welcome, it did not last us long, hunger is always present after a milonga.

We headed for The Shanghai Dragon again but stopped off for some bread on the way. If they serve nothing on the side, they cannot complain if we bring our own. (They rarely do here, and it is not uncommon for people to bring their own cakes for celebrations).  We had spring rolls as well this time, so we were well filled when we left. They do not do stout, here only porter, looked the same to me, but then I am just a Philistine, but Viv was happy with it.

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