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Otra noche de Viruta

Well that went rather well. There were two counters open at the Coreo, and neither had the jobsworth haradon. This girl was a picture of efficiency, and we were out again in minutes and, again, never needed the passports.

Viv was directing me today after yesterdays failures so we then went to Bruno’s shop.  You see, it is not just me, they close one until four, so Viv’s plan immediately fell apart.  Across the road is a farmacia, Viv does not like it as you have to ask for everything, but today needs must. Try asking for Baby oil, how do you mix aciete with shampoo, but we got there in the end. Atrix was actually $15 cheaper and then we tried Nivea face cream, Viv thought she should check the price $125, that is half what it was across the road. They have a Pagofacil here as well, I may well become a regular customer.

Then to Goji for those lentejas, well it seems I should have bought the lentejon, it never said green or verde though. We got nearly everything we came out for just a quick trip to the chino and we were back home in no time. Forgot the milk, well it was not on the list. At least you cannot say it runs perfectly when Viv is in charge.

We did not go to Nuevo Chique until seven today, deciding, for a change to do the late shift. Despite the air conditioning it felt very hot in there. I think the humidity was up because of all the people. We don’t usually bother with the sorteo, but as we were here; and I won a pair of earrings. They were not my style, so I gave them to Viv. This milonga is supposed to carry on until eleven, but by ten I was running out of women to dance with. Soon there was literally not a spare woman left. Good in a way for Viv, as the eight or ten men left would then dance with her, giving her some new partners.

There was an American couple there, first day here, so I gave her a tango lesson on the almost empty floor. At quarter past ten Viv was the only woman left, a guy she had never danced with before got her up, then Dany said “what shall I play””La Cumparsita” he said, and then it was all over.

So then we joined up with Semiha and caught the 151. Going a bit further tonight, we got off at Cordoba and Armenia. We arrived at La Viruta earlier than we had intended, but as we were all hungry, it gave us time to partake of an empanada before the show. You can tell that this is a young persons place; we got dire warnings from the waiter about the empanadas being hot and not pouring too much beer in the glasses. As we have been around the block a few times, I think we can manage or food now.  Maybe the dear little snowflakes complain about burning their precious mouths.

Otras Aires actually did come on before midnight. Quite a surprise as usually midnight means about two in the morning here. Not so much danceable stuff from them tonight, but the youngsters seemed to just dance  anyway. I did get up, Otra noche de Viruta, Sin Rumbo, and of course, Milonga Sentimental. I could not sit these out. On the whole though, we were content to just sit and watch and listen.

As is often the case, our Otras Aires show was the highlight of our stay.

One thing surprised me though; numbers here were definitely down and it was much easier to dance. Still had the crazy’s leaping about the floor and taking lots of backsteps. I did have one or two crashes, but for La Viruta it was, probably my best dances. Also had a last dance with Isabel, she is off to Central America on Saturday, we did not see as much of her here as we had expected.

We walked Semiha back up Armenia and told her about the Commemorations two years ago for the Armenian Genocide. It then occurred to me, we should not be advertising around here that she is Turkish. We put her on a 140 colectivo and said goodnight. I still think she should have taken a 151 though, but no one ever takes my advice .


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