Don’t ask me, I’m English

I don’t usually chicken out that, early, but when a girl shoves a microphone in my face and bombards me with questions while a guy stands there with a camera. Well it was too much for me. “Somos ingles, mis castellano no esta buen” I said.

We decided to set out early, it was going to be hot again, too hot to be out at midday. So we were wandering around Palermo when nothing was open. We sat for a while by the empty pond trying to imagine the fountains, that have never worked from the first time we ever came here in 2006.

Nice bar across the road with parasols and Viv was craving coffee. The price looked good too. So we sat there in the sun, when we were approached. She said she needed native speakers and tried another couple over the road.  Shame really, it would have been nice to be on Argentine TV. It was not long before we moved under the parasol, 9:30 and already the sun was getting to us.

We wandered off later to our old stomping ground of Gascon. Instinto the Jamaican Café was still there, but a lot has changed. The filling station that was knocked down three years ago still has a part finished building on the site. I remember how long it took to finish ours, so I am not surprised.

It is getting near noon and we are glad to get back to our little bolt hole. Cool in there while outside it is past 30 degrees and it is expected to reach 35. Think we may siesta today ready for the night time. It actually reached 37 that’s 99 in real money.

I went out for some ice cream and nearly melted on the way back. Not that I am complaining, I came to get away from the cold. Sometimes though you have to be careful what you wish for.

It was even hot when we set out for Fulgor at eight. Fulgor lacks something now without a proper DJ. I worry that it will not last. Some sort of loyalty keeps me going, I love the people there, but worry it cannot continue like this. We saw the demise of the Thursday night this time, I wonder how long will the Sunday last.

Even the walk back at midnight is a chore in this heat. We are lathered in sweat by the time we return.

The best thing about having your own place; toast before bed and cool aircon.

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  1. I sure know how you feel about the heat…

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