Ideal is now free

Will I ever learn? I left the flat without checking the internet, well Plaza Bohemia is on every week and I know my way there. There was just no need, I knew the address.

The trouble is it had been cancelled, we got there and the whole place was locked up. What to do now? The obvious answer is find an internet café. There was nothing down Alsina but there was a kiosco and I asked there. The lady was very helpful she directed us around the corner to Morena and Pichincha. When we got there w could see nothing but then we found a sort of precinct, it said Coto on the door but there was all sorts in there.

It was a fascinating place and I suppose we would never have found it had I pre checked, so some good came of it. I think we may visit again some time just for a better look around.

The internet was not in here, when we came out, we saw the locotorio and internet on the opposite corner. Five minutes in there and we realised that Lo de Celia was out, as was Canning. Our only two choices were Obalisco or Ideal. Well Obalisco would not be open for another hour so we set off for Ideal.

The good news is that it is free, bad news the drinks are $40 each. Still I was well on the winning side. The place was full of old faces. Even though we were put seated together Viv still managed a few dances. I met up with Graciela again, I have been missing her this time. More good news it is her birthday next week and we are invited to share the tort.

All the traipsing around the streets, in the heat,  had tired us out, so we did not stay to the end. At least we had seats on the subte.

I wonder sometimes about the wisdom of these milonga organisers. They cancel at short notice, then wonder where all their customers have gone. Then you get Ideal, who ripped off everyone until they deserted in droves now the only way to get them back is to let them in free. Well I am back for now, but let’s see what the future holds.

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