Tango, and internet.

Have you ever waited in for telecoms people? Then have you ever waited in for someone in Argentina? Well I just had a double dose. It ruined my morning, there was nothing I could do but sit here and wait.

Wait I did until at eleven Philippe called to say that the internet guy would be here in the next two hours. Well he was slightly less than that, but at least he did arrive.

To be fair he was a very cheerful guy. He told us about a place he had just been where the old guy tuned the pianos of Pugliese and Piazzola. He was passionate about tango although he did not dance. His wife was documenting all the tango lyrics and his father sang tango.

Philippe arrived  and then the conversation got a bit faster and I started loosing it. In the end though we now had an internet connection in my name. That is another hurdle surmounted.

El Arranque was good, even for Viv, though she did complain about the standard of the dancers. I could see what she meant, lots of arm wrestling, and brutal secadas.

We had an extra water and I was only halfway through when Viv wanted to leave, so I said one more tanda. After we had danced and sat down, Jong decided to get her up for the next one, it was Pugliese so I was left sitting there and starting to get hungry.

We have more steak for tea, but I am afraid I miscalculated the size and we had to pad it out a little with some toast.  It was very tender but I had not realised how thin the carniceria had cut it.


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