Bife de Chorizo

We had a long standing invitation from Jantango to come around for food. It was a late night last night and we did not get up untill after two, so the mail I got asking if we could be there by three I assumed was a joke. After some debate here and with Jan we said five thirty.

Hoping to bring something with us nowhere was open, not even the chinos, so we hopped on the bus and hoped we would find something the other end. There were one or two kioscos open and the odd pizza place, so in the end we managed to get some beer in a small shop that sold it chilled ready to drink.

What can I say? the Bife de chorizo was beautiful the ratatouille delicious, and the coffee, well it was Janis’s coffee. We talked for hours and the subject of timing, she said she really did not know what she was thinking when she said three o’clock as she was not that long up herself.

We posed for some photos for her blog, they are supposed to be anonymous but hey I will claim any fame I can get. See them here

All too soon it was time to go and it was time for us to go to Fulgor. Yet we still talked on, I was getting resigned to missing tonight but then suddenly we were off and back on the 168 again.

Now, I could not understand why we caught it on Moreno when last week we caught it on Rivadavia (parallel streets), but as it came towards Almagro it made sense,  there are two routes with the same number when we caught the bus in  and ended up missing our stop that was because we should have been on this bus, so now we went up Cordoba instead of through the centre of Vill Crespo. Finally we got off at exactly the right stop, things are looking up.

Mariana could not understand why we did not want beer tonight, but too much beer ruins your dancing and we already had enough, besides we had less than two hours to dance in before  they played La Cumparsita. We made the most of it and danced till the bitter end.

(The bitter end is not some reference to a sour taste, but a nautical reference, Anchors are paid out as the weather deteriorates, the more chain that is lying the better they hold, the last piece of rope is called the bitts, so when you have run out of chain you have reached the bitter end)



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2 responses to “Bife de Chorizo

  1. tangobob

    The confusion gets less each time and the more experience we get, you know what they say; experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
    No need to apologise for the coffee, just my little joke, we appreciate your hospitality, and anyway every coffee cup is different.

  2. There are two 168 bus routes. I have no idea why the former 90 is now 168 running up Rivadavia. That’s why I kept repeating the corner where to catch the bus and where to get off on Cordoba. An already confusing system is only more complicated.

    I’ll apologize for the strong coffee because I’m not a drinker. You thirst was quenched with cold Quilmes beer. At least I didn’t overcook the bife de chorizo. It was delicious.

    I need one or two titles for the photos before making you and Viv famous on the blog. Thanks for helping me as tango models!

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