After a very late night we were never going to do much with the day. So after breakfast we just sorted out a bit and did very little.

I left Viv doing what she does best and I set off on a foraging trip. I got every thing I went out for even managed to ask for a magnetic knife rack (you try that in Spanish) The only thing I did not get was a biro, (for our American friends a biro is a ball point pen invented here in Argentina by László Bíró,) what is it about pens here? You would think if they invented the things they would be everywhere.

So after mounting my knife rack and having some macaroni Bolognese, sorry did I forget to mention something else I did not get? I did not get fresh spaghetti, well it looked like spaghetti to me. We set off for Glorias Argentinas on the 92 bus.

We did not have to wait long before the bus arrived, so I was still counting out my monedas when it arrived, struggling to get them counted and back into my pocket I lost some of the invaluable coinage on the street. Then as I struggled to get my money into the machine my phone rang as well. It was Janice saying she was leaving Centro Region Leonesa (The home of Los Consegrados or more famously on a Thursday Nino Buen). She said we should get there before her, but this I did not understand, she was with Irene and Man Yung and they always take a taxi.

When we arrived, as expected Jantango was already there. She said “Man told me we would take the collectivo tonight” so now I have renamed him Asif, as if he would take the bus. I am not sure if they have forgiven me as I never got to dance with Irene and Man did not dance with Viv.

As always we had a great night and  was as ever a great host. As well as having a bloggers convention (three bloggers in one place and no fighting must be some kind of record). There was alive band, who were brilliant musicians, but this was music for listening not dancing, although some did dance I saw little of the music in their feet. So after an hour of sitting we did one tanda and were ready to leave.

Janis came with us and fortunately her bus arrived almost immediately so we waved her on her way and walked over to our stop. Our 92 arrived maybe twenty minutes later, which was a massive improvement on last nights wait, but it was almost exactly the same time.

As we got in the lift up to pur apartment I felt damp, thinking at first that sitting for an hour it was just my own sweat, I soon discovered it was something more obnoxious, someone had wet themselves in the seat I had used.



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2 responses to “Asif

  1. tangobob

    Ha ha yes I check them all now even on the very clean busses. Forgot to mention in my blog that Oscar Hector turned up at Fulgor last night, not often we see him there. He was just promoting the event on Wednesday we think.

  2. You’ll be checking the seats before you sit down on the bus from now on.

    I’m pleased that you consider it worth a long bus ride to attend Oscar Hector’s milonga at Club Glorias Argentinas. After the first time, you told me you’d never go there again. We always have a good time with Carlos Anzuate.

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