Too darn hot

After watching Wales loose to Scotland it was time to dance again.

Today is the last ever El Arranque at Nuevo Salon Argentino so we expected big crowds. And they came, the place was packed out. The normal excuse for not coming, there is no air conditioning, forgotten for the day. Well not forgotten for long, with this big a crowd the temperature was soon on the rise. The floor got sweaty and sticky and everyone was soon complaining. I didn’t mind too much, as long as the ladies did not object to the fact that I was completely soaked. All my regulars were there so apart from a sit out to cool down I did not miss. Viv was having less luck, as always when it is too crowded she has difficulty.

At seven again she had enough and went over to speak to friends then headed off to change her shoes. Meanwhile I got pinned down while Jesus made a speech and the Juan Carlos as well. She was standing by the door fed up by the time I got there. I am, by now, well used to always being in the wrong,, so I just let her moan at me.

We have been recommended a restaurant on Juan Peron only two blocks away so we thought we would give it a try tonight. As usual there are some things on the menu we did not understand, but trying to get answers of the waiters is like getting blood out of a stone. Eventually we found out that the pasta was served with tomato sauce and Viv said she would give it a try. I ordered steak, of course.

The waiter came back and asked what we had ordered, strange, I thought. Then My steak came, it was huge and a big pile of chips and salad. It was served on a serving plate, obviously to share. We debated a while what to do and then asked if we could not have the pasta, fortunately he said that was ok.

Well we finished the steak, the chips and the salad, but only just. It needed help from the Stella or it never would have gone down. Another £15 meal for two, who says it is expensive here?

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