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Too many goodbyes.

You gotta love this place. We went to Comme Il Faut this morning, but I gave strict instructions to Viv not to let me forget my trousers. The trip was successful, Viv even managed a sale pair.

We headed back all the time I was making sure I remembered my trousers. We arrived there just after one, the guy has a lunch “hour” 12:30 until 3:00.  I thought I would check El Bosque to see if it was open, it too has a long lunch time. Makes you wonder how anyone does business here.

I managed to get out again before we left for the milonga. El bosque was open and he could get the shoes done this week. He did a really good repair on the other strap, you can hardly tell it was broken. Now he will do this one as well, and he will do it by Friday so we will have the shoes ready for next time we are here. All for 0nly$150. I picked up my trousers as well, and he threw in a hanger. One pair repaired and one pair shortened $300. That is a good deal of repairs for less than a fiver.

It’s Wednesday so it is Salon Canning. This will be our last visit this trip so I make a resolution to dance with at least one of the women that have avoided me. Well I failed with one, she left before I could get to her. Thee second I was failing every time I tried to cabeceo, then as the evening wore on she was left sitting. She was still not looking my way, but faint heart never won fair lady I walked over and said ” I know it is breaking all the rules, but will you dance with me?” Well it worked and she seemed quite pleased. I think that I now have another lady to dance with.

On those lines, there was another lady who, it seems, has been trying to get a dance with me. Numbers being so low, she was the only woman left. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes that is what it takes. Viv has been in the same situation. Anyway, this lady also comes to Chique, so I may see her again Thursday.

We said goodbye to Erwin, and thanked him for the music, we will not see him again before we go. Then we said goodbye to Montenegro, our waitress here.

We had our regular trip to The Taco Box again. We don’t even get the menu any more, we just ask for the usual, that includes the beer. Our waitress was showing another the ropes and teaching her the English words for things. When we left we said Goodbye to her as well, Everyone seems surprised when we say we are going home, we seem to have been here forever. That, I suppose, is the advantage of  becoming regulars.

Afterwards we walked back along Gascon and crossing the road at Honduras was the guy from Sullivan’s bar. He was really pleased to see us, but gutted that we are going home. He told us that he lives near to us, but he was having trouble because he was the worse for drink. We had to promise him we would come and see him Sunday. My appointments diary is getting very full. I love the fact that we meet people as we walk around here, and everyone is so glad to see us.

We stopped at Chioco to find out what time it closed. We intended to have an ice cream there tomorrow. But, what the hell, you only live once, so we stopped for one now. It was a nice end to the night.

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70s Bell Bottoms.

My first job of the day was, to get my new trousers altered. I am still not sure about them so I am not going to pay UK price to have them altered. Our usual shop is empty, maybe they could not make a living here. I searched the streets unable to find another place. There was a tintoria with a notice about Arregular.

Anyway I came back with my trousers and no fruit. Viv was not happy, so I had a coffee and tried again. This time I knew the word for alterations, and tried the tinteria. I have learned something else; the difference between “cortar” and “anchar”. I wonder what they would have looked like if he had done 11cm anchar. He was measuring the width of the leg. I would not have got my foot through. I remembered to buy some fruit on the way back as well. Just checked “anchar” and it means to widen. 70s bell bottoms then.

Salon Canning was all but deserted when we arrived, so we danced together. Soon though one or two arrived and for a while Viv did better than me. It was a slow build up but we never really missed out. I may have missed one or two tandas but generally we did well. We stayed past the rock and roll section. Every time Viv was ready to leave she got another dance. We both danced with new people, because the numbers were low. This, hopefully means that those people will remember us for again.

We called time just before eight and went across the road to a place called Baru. We went here many years ago when it was called something else that we cannot remember, for an anniversary meal. Now it is a sort of salsa bar. We asked if we could just have coffee and they said yes. We sat down ordered a coffee (or so we thought) and asked if we could just see the menu.  There was no sign of our coffee so we called them over. We asked if we could just have coffee and she snatched away the menu.  Well it was a tiny coffee and I never had time to see what they had. Seems you can not order and still view the menu here. So we drank our coffee , then left for Taco box.

Still great food here, good service and beer. What more can you ask?

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Don’t let me forget my shoes.

A bad start to the day; we were in Sullivan’s to watch the Rugby. Wales were roundly beaten by Ireland and there was quite a crowd of Irish there to enjoy my discomfort. One guy had quite a bit to drink before he arrived. It was hard enough following the commentary in Spanish, but now this guy was giving me his life history, in a drunken Irish accent. He moved later and then spilled his drink over Pauline. Well Pauline and Geoff are staying for the England Scotland match, I hope they are ready for another hour and a half of this.

Los consegrados  was the same as always, although Viv was complaining about not getting dances.  From where I was sat it was not possible to see all the women so I went over to ask Christine to dance. On the way over I was stopped by Maria, she had bought a cake to celebrate leaving tomorrow. So I had to stop for some cake and champagne. When I got to Christine it was Pugliese so I sat it out and talked with her. She said Viv is always up dancing, I said that is not the way she sees it and just to prove my point she came over saying that she was fed up and was going to get changed.

Well I did the next tanda with Christine, then said goodbye to Maria, and apologized to all the ladies at there that I had not managed to dance with them.

We caught the subte home, but when we got off we went instead down Medrano to the Taco Box there. It was still before eight so we came back half a block to La Parillita de pasaje for a coffee. It looks a good place so we asked if we needed a reserva, we did and had a quick scan of the menu. we may well be back.

Then it was back to The Taco Box for Fajitas and Amber beer. When we left the girl chased us down the street, seem I had, again, left my shoes. I think she was taken aback  when I shouted at Viv “I told you not to let me forget my shoes” Even if she did not fully understand what I said, I think she understood the sentiment. She walked back laughing.

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Tarrifa Dos

I only wanted a few things today from the fruit shop. As I entered I was followed by a girl, sort of miniature version of the proprietor and she started to serve me. I guess she must be the daughter. I have never seen her before, and I just thought how cute she was. I suppose that the boss lady is still cute but in a slightly larger way. My total today came to $95 hardly worth the trouble but they are always so cheerful and friendly, I always feel like giving them more.

A guy from the electric company was outside today, well a whole group and a truck with a hoist. They took the pole out opposite us and replaced it with another. It looked a bit rusty and possibly in need of paint, but I could see no good reason to change it. On a side note; because it was rusty looking we had thought it wooden. So the guy working off a fiberglass ladder on live cables, was not actually insulated from earth. He must have thick skin, one jolt at that height and he would be dead.

So, Salon Canning again today. We do not bother arriving on the dot, but even though we were half an hour in it was all but deserted. Pauline and Geoff were there but almost no one we knew. After the excesses of yesterday I was not too bothered. I had a few good dances and later on so did Viv, but afterwards when the rock and roll came on we did a couple of jives and hit the street.

There are a couple of new bars on Lavalleja y Gorriti so we stopped for a beer. It was too early to eat so we had some Porter and a bowl of peanuts. It was only $100 a pint here, and Viv could not understand why I wanted to stay.

Then we walked down Lavalleja to The Taco Box again. The service here is second to non and the food is exceptional. More beer and enough food to stuff two pigs only $1200. You have to patronize a place like this.

Two lots of beer and Viv was getting a bit loud by the time we got back. She saw some nectarines in a shop so we bought two $112. I think we were ripped off, I bought two this morning from our regular shop, a potato and three bananas for $95. Must be tarrifa dos after ten at night. still it is only a pound when all is said and done.

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