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End of an Era

On this blog I know I post mainly about Tango, but as I have said before, on  a Wednesday we normally go social dancing. We go to a small, well run social club called The Ewloe Social club. It is much like the clubs de barrio that I love so much in Buenos Aires, the clientel likewise are aging, mostly in their seventies and eighties.

The act on a Wednesday consists of two men known affectionately as Deryk and Geoff. Deryk plays the organ and Geoff the drums. There is a banter all night with each other and the audience, the entertainment goes far beyond just dance music.

They are both in their eighties and, as you can imagine have had a few health scares. Now though they have decided to call it a day, after twenty five years of playing the club. Unfortunately I cannot be there for their last performance, that work thing gets in the way again. Perhaps it is just as well, Viv would be in tears , and I think I  may have  been as well (very un british).

Viv, myself, Doreen, Ralf,  along with all the club will miss them terribly, hopefully they will come back and visit us often.


Deryk and Geoff

Deryk and Geoff

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Happy New Year

First let me apologise for being a day late, but I wanted to include Dave Bassett’s party in my post.

We brought the new year in at The Memorial Hall Wrexham. Steve, who had organised the occasion was on top form. The group who normally attend these socials are not the easiest to please, but we never heard one complaint.

Steve again brought out his trumpet and gave us a blast, not having tried myself, I can only give the opinions of others, who tell me that to play the keyboard and trumpet at the same time requires some skill. All I know is that we love it and we want more.

New Years day evening is always a bit flat, and so it was nice for once to be invited to Shrewsbury again for a House Milonga. Dave Bassett had invited a few tangueros for an evening of dancing.

He, like most of us completely hooked ones, has a room dedicated to dancing. I was impressed with the technology he had, as well as the obvious sound system, he had a projector screen covering one wall and one of those back lit televisions on the other, and while we danced we were treated to tango videos from Youtube.

The group from Shrewsbury is starting to develope into a knowlegable and friendly group, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Dave. He has a battle on his hands though as the, neo, nuevo, show dance, fantasia, whatever you choose to call it faction, is still in evidence and seem determined to take over.

I will be keeping an eye on the Shrewsbury scene and Dave in particular through the coming year ( as best the distance and my work allows) because with the enthusiasm that is there, I am sure that it will grow and grow.

Prospero Año Nuevo a todos.

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