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One tired Milonguero

Twelve hour shifts and Tango never did go well together, so I arrived at Saturdays milonga not in the best condition to dance. As usual we arrived early to set up Viv’s shoe stall and help where I can in the setting up.

The dancers arrived slowly at first as I warmed myself on the wall heaters. When there were ladies to dance with, they either danced with their partners or disappeared to look at the shoes. My rest did not last long though, soon enough I was up dancing and from then on there were just too many women.

My heart was not in it however and when I danced with Sharon she complained that I was sleeping on her. (I must qualify this as I have been taken to task before; it was not really a complaint just my way of saying she noticed I was not totally there)

Then a milonga came on and I was alive again, the music always lifts me and can drag me out of the deepest stupor. I whisked Viv around the room and for around nine minutes I was lost in the music.

A tanda of DiSarli was what really finally brought me alive, Sharon has spent all the money she has made from the milongas on a new sound system and now it was really paying dividends, suddenly it sounded like we are in Buenos Aires not some village hall in Shropshire and I am grateful for a little taste of heaven.

It was nice to see everyone sticking to the line of dance at last, and I never saw anyone trying to teach on the dance floor, it could be because I was semi comatose but I suspect that everyone is finally understanding the difference between classes, practices and milongas. I did however see the odd case of kicking as someone tries to execute something they saw on you tube and has no idea how to do properly. I let it pass this time as every thing was going so well and you can only change so much at once.

I think I managed to get around most of the women there, but again for those I missed, I probably could not even see you through my haze, so please accept my apologies.

After two weeks of appalling weather I was surprised that more did not turn up, I think that there were perhaps two dozen there, the hall could accommodate easily three times that amount. Personally I was desperate to dance after the amount of dances that have been cancelled, so that even though I was tired I needed my fix. Dancing is my drug of choice and I was getting serious withdrawal symptoms. You need only look at my dance diary                       01 January 2010  and see the amount of red text to see how many nights we have missed.

By the end of the night I was really in no fit condition to drive home, but I had enjoyed myself and yet again I have to say that those who missed it really did miss a great night.

My thanks to those who helped Sharon pack up, as I said; I was in no condition to help.

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Sally Comes to Shrewsbury

A big warm welcome was given to Sally Blake at the Lantern. Sally for anyone who does not know is the writer of The Sallycat Way (you can link there from my blogroll). She brought Carlos along with her, who proved extremely popular with the ladies. Unlike some he had no airs about him and was happy to dance with all the beginners, in fact he was getting a bit too popular everyone wanted to dance with him, poo, what about me?

I jest of course there are more than enough ladies for a few more Carlos’s, I never missed out, and it was nice to have some more experienced dancers there.

The class, when it stated, had just about even numbers, just one extra lady. That allowed Sally to sit out and enjoy the show. She took a number of pictures, hopefully they will appear soon on her blog.

Sharon did her balloon class again, always entertaining and great fun. I worried about Carlos, from time to time he looked puzzled, not really understanding what was going on. I had no real need to be concerned, as Sally also noticed his confusion and came out to explain what was happening in her Shropshire castllano. (Shropshire Castillano, something that Carlos and I both love, the way that Sally speaks Castillano with a Shropshire accent. You don’t get much of that in Buenos Aires)

When the class was over we had the usual practice time. I had had a tango with Sally before the class so I made my usual effort to get around as many ladies as possible. Nice to see Carlos doing the same, and many of the men inviting Sally to dance.

Towards the end I put in a request to Dave for some milongas, so I finished the night doing milonga with Sally. While we danced round she commented, what was in my head as well, that the last time we had done this was in Club Fulgor, where there had been much less room.

We retired again to The Coracle. Some have commented that perhaps we should just miss out the dancing, then we would have more time to socialise here. This is not something I would agree with, but it gives an idea of how the group has gelled. As we sat and discussed tango at home and abroad Carlos just sat there cradling his balloon understanding little of the noise these english were making, just looking enigmatic.

We had more that the usual sitting around drinking. I think the presence of Sally and Carlos brought a few more over, even Sharon Joined us. But in time we had to leave, I never look forward to the long drive home, but it has to be done.

We said all our goodbyes. Sally unfortunately cannot get to the milonga on Saturday, so we probably will not see her again before her return, but we have promised to meet up again in Buenos Aires on our next visit.


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