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Andamos Corrientes

It is supposed to be winter here, but every morning it is just so warm in our apartment. This causes a problem as it is somewhat cooler outside. I wear a T shirt with another top over it, and Viv has a sort of zipper top. Not over dressed for winter you would think, but as I walked the streets today, most of the time I had my top off’ just in jeans and a T. Of course there are locals going past with anoraks on, looking at us like we are mad. It is 20 degrees with high humidity, at these levels we would sit outside at home, not wrap ourselves in thick coats.

We caught the subte down to Callao where we know there are good music shops. Once there we did not know which one to choose, in the end we went into Musimundo. Once inside an assistant asked if we needed any help, so I asked for a discount, he said it was not possible but he could let me pay in cuotas sin interest. We have been down this route before with furniture and know well it is just not possible if you have a foreign card.

We spent some time choosing music, we started with a DVD of Cafe de los Maestros an open air concert at the planetarium (see Jan’s comment on my planetarium post) I had a long list of music we wanted, we chose mainly double CDs to save duplication an money. I can justify the money I spent by saying we are living here on the money from Philippe, so my money at home is untouched. Who said to your own self be true? 

After all this exertion we stopped in a cafe close by for coffee and medialunes. It was still fairly early so I suggested we walk back, the two pesos subte fare is not an issue (about 40P) but we had not seen this part of Corrientes.

The buildings are mainly quite characterless along here, although if you look up there is the occasional gem, finely decorated buildings with filigree balconies, like something from bye gone France. The shops however are what kept Viv entertained. There was a wonderful kitchenware shop another filled with cake decorations, you could buy anything from an icing sugar house to The whole Simpson family.

We found another place that specialised in picture frames, worth noting as we are short of decor here.

We also found a shop specialising in wigs. The boss quickly sussed there was a potential customer here when he saw Vivs hat. The range and quality was good but Viv was not in the mood for buying wigs, perhaps we may return. The prices were not cheap, being comparable to the UK, so my view is if we were to buy it must be soon, just in case there are any problems.

All the shops, before we knew it we were back at Carlos Gardel, so we popped into Coto for some provisions, for tea.

Looks like we had another told you so night, but we have been together alone for too many years not to make our own mistakes, and as for the places we love to visit, we can only accept that they have changed , when we see it for ourselves.

So we went to Salon Dandi, the numbers were really down. It gave us room to practice and try some things new and we still love the ambiance, though I think we will not be back for some time. Of the few who were there, one guy spent all his time teaching on the floor, so the two women he had with him were out as possible dance partners. Viv had unilaterally decided we would dance with someone else tonight, as it was quiet, trouble was it was too quiet so there were few oportunities. One couple came in and sat at the edge of the floor they were speaking in english, Viv’s biggest problem is that she cannot speak to dancers between the dances. So after being egged on I said I would ask the lady if Viv would ask the man.

I went over and asked, the lady just said “no” she also said she was not english but german, as if that explains ignorance. We later found out she was a taxi dancer, whatever the man who was an obvious beginner had missed an oportunity to dance with Viv. She also was not the best dancer we have seen here by any means, and we now think she did not want to dance with anyone else in case her customer realised he was being fleeced. Their loss we still enjoyed dancing together.

The collectivo web site would give me no bus routes from San Telmo, so we walked to Indepedencia and caught a taxi just after the filling station. The taxista was quite chatty, normally they here foreign tongues and  stay quiet, but he was quite keen to express his views on tourist tango, right up until he ran out of gas. Now you may ask the same question we did “was he not outside a filling station when we were picked up?” TIA (this is Argentina) . So we grabbed another taxi “Salguero y Guardia Vieja” I said again, so he hared off in the usual fashion.
The route was unusual but I did not think we were being taken out of our way, as it was in the right direction, only when he turned behind The Abasto Centre did I realise he did not know where he was “Aca” he said “si esta buen” I was beyond arguing and anyway it was only about five blocks.
A short walk home would bring my blood pressure down. 


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Salon Dandi

Getting a comment from New Zealand, has prompted me to comment further on one of my photos. In moments of boredom I may well tell the story of all of them, but for now just the one.

It was our third visit to BsAs, and by now feeling that we knew the place, we were not averse to giving others the benefit of our knowledge. I had also come with a pocket full of money, in the vain belief that I could buy a place here.

During our second week Luba went into panic “I have double booked” she said ” I have two people coming, Keet and Ann, and I only have a single room left” All things work out well in the end, Luba went to her sisters and let the Colombian girl stay in her room, leaving the two singles free.

In due course Ann and Kieth arrived (forever now to be called Keet), they came together but not as a couple. Kieth said “I am just a body guard”. Both English but now living in New Zealand, the only other common denominator is the dance classes they attend in NZ.

Ann and Keet

Ann and Keet

They took Tango lessons with Juan, did touristy things all day, and at night we showed them the milongas.
Salon Dandi (us in the foreground)
Salon Dandi (us in the foreground)

So this is how we ended up together at Salon Dandi. I have precious few photos of us dancing together, so I am grateful to Ann for taking some of us, one of which I have used on our business cards. Ann went on to see more of the world while Keet flew back to NZ.

Ann spent some time in the UK and came to visit us, unfortunately I had to work all the time but, hey that’s what pays for me to go to BsAs.
My search for property had gone completely wrong, and with only three days left in Argentina I had all but given up hope. It was Ann who set me off again on what was to become an ultimately successful quest. She pointed  out an advert in The Buenos Aires Herald for Pericles James (see link) without whos help and guidance I do not think that I would ever have succeeded.
Incidentally, how many spotted Roger and Mirta, also in the photo?

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