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Great Break

After what was a great break in the Lakes, we took a couple of days rest. This gave us a chance to pop down to Upton Magna for their saturday milonga. It was however a bit on the run as we had only just driven back and had barely unpacked. Still we got some tango in.
We did give a bit of a demo at the goodbye party, so we had actually tangoed two nights on the run. Ok we rehearsed the day before so we had tangoed three nights on the run. But to be fair we only really danced with each other.
I can heartily recommend HF Holidays at Monk Coniston, the food was superb, the room with a view was almost out of this world, and the guides were knowledgable and friendly. It was a joy to be in a house of Beatrix Potter and to explore the walled garden just like Peter Rabbit. All things must come to an end though and we were now back home again.
We rested a couple of days and were ready for the off again; this time we planned to walk The Sandstone Trail backwards. Well what can I say, it all went well except for a few blisters and my annoyance that we could not find budget accommodation anywhere. It is little wonder people no longer holiday at home, for the price of my three nights away I could have had a fortnight in Benidorm.
Still we achieved what we wanted; covered a quarter of the distance of the camino and climbed more mountains than we would ever see there, so I was happy.
Now we had done all this, it was time for some tango. As luck would have it my break coincided with the Rudolfo y Miho weekend in Wilmslow. Saturday night we attended the Milonga and had a great time. I have to thank DJ John Tan for some wonderful music. He also introduced me to some D’Arienzo milongas that I did not know, these are now in my list. It is good to find another DJ who really understands what being a tango DJ is all about.
We had a good night in the Premier Inn as well. There was a live singer in there when we returned. A few drinks with friends, a raucous group at the bar and Bob does Modern Jive(untrained), all created a great night. No idea what time we got to bed, but we were all up again in time for a hearty breakfast.
Sunday and we went to the social colgadas workshop. Rudolfo will never teach anything you cannot do in a Milonga, but in this case I think he taught something we can never do! but we will keep trying.
So there was just our Monday practica and then it is back to work again for Bob. Still this is the last break I will have officially, but I suspect with my rundown to retirement there may be times when I have so many free days we may get away again.

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I am feeling extremely lucky of late, after what seemed to be years of dearth, suddenly there are Tango venues cropping up all over.

Despite my admiration of Atilla’s teaching methods I have been unable to attend any of her classes of late, the distance and time involved of getting to Wilmslow meant that for most of the time it was just not worth my while. I have a grouse to go with this as well, why are the workshops always when I am working? but more of this later.

After that preamble, Atilla took over The Groves Wednesday class this week. So for one week only we abandoned our usual Wednesday dance and attended The Groves.

It was really nice to meet Atilla again after so long, after all the greetings we were soon into the class. We were all asked to do a warm up dance, and I was amazed at the range of skill levels. How Atilla was going to run this class was going to be a revelation.

It was necessary to keep it simple as we had first timers in the class and even some of those who had been coming a while were still unable to grasp the basics. The class consisted of conitas and half giros, but with enough variation to keep the rest of us interested.

What happened to the hour? as usual Atilla’s class passed in a flash, and we were into the practica part of the night.

The ability to pitch a class across so many levels and keep us all interested can only be put down to her vast experience. I look forward to her next visit in a fortnight.

A new experience for me as well, I finally danced with Atilla. I do not know why but I have been too nervous to dance with her. One of those totally irrational fears that bug our lives, anyway she did not eat me, and for me anyway it was a pleasant experience.

There is an up coming weekend of workshops starting Friday 27thFebruary. This will be with Rodolfo and Miho, and again I am working the whole weekend, Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I could start to believe it was on purpose, except I know it is just the way it goes. Three years ago I did not miss one weekend. Those of you who followed my old blog on AOL will remember that I have not seen Miho since we met in Salon Canning in September and Rodolfo even longer.

Miho was returning for the last Wilmslow Tango weekend while I was in Buenos Aires. It is a shame that I keep missing them as I find Rudolfo not only a great teacher but also he keeps us all amused while we learn (maybe that is his secret).

They will be at The Roundhouse Theatre on Monday 2ndMarch for the usual Manchester Monday Class. I hope to catch up with them there. I must apologise beforehand  to Sharon for missing her class that night, but as I  am working all weekend this will be my first opportunity to catch up.

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