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Local Knowledge

I have one small job today, to take Les’s sube card. Normally I would walk, but after last nights excesses I am too tired. I already have 5,000 steps in for the day before I get up. Outside of our building there is a 151, it has passed the stop but is stopped at the lights. I raise my hand, more in hope than expectation, but he opens the door for me anyway. I have pre explored this area, but I still get it wrong and have to backtrack twice until I find the hotel.  The girl was very helpful ( she never replied in English, although I suspect she could) even gave me a note to leave.

Mission accomplished it was time to return. I had not checked the colectivos, getting a bit over confident here. I knew that they ran back along Colonel Niceto Vega so I crossed the road looking for a stop. Passed the railway and there was a 168 coming. There was a lady at the stop so no panic. I jumped on and said “a Medrano”. Now the driver said nothing just charged me $20. I realized my mistake when the bus turned up Pringles. I had quite forgotten that there are two 168. They may look the same but follow different routes. Years ago I had caught the wrong one and ended up at the depot. At least I knew where I was here. I pressed the buzzer as we left Rocomorra. It was not too bad in the end, I got off at Pringles y Guardia Vieja which was five blocks away instead of two. Then I remembered Viv had asked me to get something to eat, so I diverted another two blocks to Augustus for some Medialunas.

Friday is El Beso again. Same old with the seats, but at least with Zoraida here she found a decent seat for Viv. I have my usual seat under the mirror, but even here, two tables are reserved and I am not exactly where I like to be. I was, of course off like a shot once I had my shoes on. Although I am tired after yesterday, and missing any tanda I did not like the sound of. At least for a while, then a couple of  missed cabeceo meant I would promise the next dance to someone, and I even danced Pugliese.

It was hard dancing, too many on the floor and no floor craft, so I was soon tired. Then Viv was getting bored, so it was time to leave. We had our usual promo at The Coffee Store, and soon we saw everyone was leaving. I wonder sometimes if we should stay, maybe the dancing gets better later.

We had a list of things to buy for the trip home so we stopped at Farmacity. Got most of what we wanted except for soap dishes. Well we stopped at Petish and got just the thing, then La Riena for some scones and we were still in time for El Bosque. With good local knowledge now we get things done quickly, but Viv was in a hurry. She rushed out and I never got a chance to say goodbye to our shoe man

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Coffee crisis

We went out to Petish Bazar this morning (It’s a general household ware shop) for some plates. We have the bowls and are happy with them. They are supposed to be unbreakable so we wanted some plates as well.

Four large and four small just over £20, but hopefully we will not need to buy again. When we got home two of the small plates were chipped. Unbreakable, ha. Muggins here gets all the good jobs, I had to take them back. The guy in the shop was no problem but I checked every plate. I took two plates to the counter and another damaged one. I wrapped my plates showed them to him, he said “Dale” and that was it. Don’t know what I was worried about. He did not clear the security tags though, the alarm went off as I walked out. I looked around and no one took a blind bit of notice, so I just carried on out of the shop.

Salon Canning was very quiet today. We get tired so Wednesday we do not mind a quiet milonga. That said we never actually missed a tanda. We did only stay two and a half hours once the rock and roll came on it was time to go. We needed coffee anyway, we had no milk in the flat so came out on low coffee. We walked to the end of Scalabrini and Cafe Artaud. It cost us more for two coffees than it did last week for two pints, but hey this is Buenos Aires.

Afterwards we had some things to get in Farmacity then it was down to The Taco Box again. Two pints of red beer and mixed tacos, just the job. Our usual little girl is back as well.  I did think to ask where she was last week, but the answer would only baffle me.

One last stop on the way home, buy some milk, so that Viv can have her coffee.

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