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Sol o Sombra

The weather is definitely on the change. Last night for the Nissman demonstration (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-31515822) the temperature dropped to 10 deg. This morning there was a definite chill in the air, that said I was only wearing a polo and shorts.
I took a trip out shopping, something I quite enjoy here. It is an experience unlike at home, I can walk out of my door and get everything I want within two blocks. First stop was the almacen, at the carneceria I asked for a Chicken breast (Pechuga de pollo). I was then given a ticket, than I went over to the cheese counter for some roasted peanuts (mani tostada con sal) Unfortunately I had not picked a number when I entered and so I had to wait a while. Again I was given a ticket and then I had to queue at the till to pick up my purchases and pay.
Off then to the confiteria. I walked in and the place is different in the morning. There are prepared lunches everywhere. People come in and buy their lunch and eat it at their desks or in Patio Salguero or Plaza Almagro. So I could not find what I wanted.
The Girl said “Esconitos?” that is the advantage of being a regular, she knew what I wanted. So with my cheese scones I left to carry on up the sunny side of the street. Funny how a day can make a difference, one day it is Sombra the next it is Sol, just depends on the weather.
Philippe paid us a flying visit again. We now have our basket back for the drawer unit and he now has all his bills and receipts. A coffee and he is gone again.
Not a lot left of the day so we went out for a coffee around the corner. I have visited this café before although I cannot remember its name. It is now called Naranjo y Flor (Sic). I like the café life, just sat out on the pavement watching the world go by, with a coffee and apple tart. This is the life, the sun is out and the greatest of the heat has passed. Across the road they are working like Doozers on the new building and Mr Pigeon (or is that Mrs?) happily pecks around my feet. Until Viv gets restless again and we head home for tea.
I noticed that Fulgor was not advertised in Hoy Milonga tonight. This is worrying considering the amount of people turning up lately. So I messaged Mariana on Facebook and she assured my that it is on.
So we set off hoping for a milonga, but not expecting many there.
As I call the lift I suddenly realise I have left my keys in the flat. Viv searches her bag and luckily she has hers with her. We are not yet out of the woods though, my keys are in the door. They were in and turned, it took a good ten minutes of scratching the key to get it to turn enough to drop out inside. Panic over, but it has shown us how easy it is to lock ourselves out. We will have to take more care in future, next time we may not be so lucky.
Fulgor was its normal Thursday self, although the numbers did reach the heady heights of fifteen.
We get plenty of space to practice some moves, but because we do so much after two hours we have had enough. As well as this we are both coming down with a cold. (In the middle of summer?)
So when we return we dose ourselves up to sleep. Viv is on the ibuprofen the big ones I got in Spain, I have something much more effective, Gin.

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