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Buenos Aires

We had three visits last year, and when we returned home in September May seemed a lifetime away.

Now finally after badgering people daily, and a mountain of paperwork I, at last have my May break organised.  So yesterday it was with some joy that I got online with Air France and ordered my air tickets.

I can now safely say we will be in Buenos Aires from Saturday 9th May until Saturday 30th. This will mark the end of  my longest period away since our first visit in 2004.

Whether we will be in Salon Canning on the 9th remains to be seen, but I can see no reason why not.

Philippe has looked after our apartment,  and so we should be able to manage a few hours sleep in the afternoon. But I will definitely be in Club Fulgor, Villa Crespo Sunday night the 10th.


Salon Canning last year

Salon Canning last year


By the way, How do you like my new banner? It is La Glorietta in The Belgrano district of Buenos Aires, an outdoor milonga.  If anyone prefers my old banner of my houswarming in Almagro, let me know.  I may just alternate them every few months with the sign above Corrientes 348 as well.

For anyone who does not know the significance:

The first line of the Tango, A Media Luz is:

Corrientes Tres cuatro ocho, segundo piso asenssor.

Corrientes Tres Cuatro Ocho


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