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Firstly let me thank the hardy souls who turned up last night at the Groves. Because of the lack of numbers, they were unwilling to keep the place open, but never the less, they allowed us to dance until half eight. A particular apology goes out to Patricia, who turned up for the second class, only to find us packing up. I put the music back on and did two dances with her. After her battling through the snow, it was the least I could do.

Sharon had left word she wanted us to practice the cross, but after an initial start, the numbers and levels attending made a class impractical. Of course there was also the problem that I had no lesson plan. Fortunately I did have my laptop and sound system with me.

This caused it’s own problems: my laptop refused to respond to mouse strokes, even the arrows did not work at first, although they did respond later, enough for me to get the music going anyway.

Typically, it was fine when I returned home, technology, where would we be without it?

I believe Sharon was stuck somewhere on the A483 or A5, I hope she got home safely.

I must also add a word about Pete Rogers. I joke about his singing, but he always gives a good night.  It seems the act for Sunday night was worried about the snow, thankfully Pete stepped into the breach and kept us fully entertained all night. I think I can speak for everyone there, in offering our thanks.

I am a bit pressed for time so I apologise for the short post, hopefully there will be time later to add more.

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Northwich 2007

Northwich 2007

For those watching for events, we will be at Northwich Memorial Hall on 22nd November, Ballroom and sequence with Goodtime Combo. we will be booking two tables, and already we have fourteen names. If you wish to join us drop my a line we can always book more tables, just pay on the night.

On the Tango scene I will be at the Groves tonight probably being a leader for the absolute beginners.
It is strange that in Tango for the absolute beginners there always seem to be more leaders, yet any higher levels and there are never enough. I have heard many theories on this, mainly women saying that men never stick at anything, I would love to hear yours.
We danced our hearts out last night in Connah’s Quay Navy club, a guy on the accordion called Eric Reid from Stoke. He was really lively and never gave us a moment to rest. The floor which is usually awful seemed much better maybe someone is listening.
Anyway I am off now until Sunday so watch out for reports of our activities.

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