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Smoking BsAs style

Plans for today were again thrown into turmoil, as Philippe turned up this morning. Not that I am complaining, I am glad to see him and it gave us some time to catch up on what has been happening to my apartment while we were away. So we were later than expected picking up the new bedside tables and plans to do something touristy are again on hold.

Last night we made a return to Plaza Bohemia, and as always we were greeted like long lost family by Gloria Garcia, I think that this is what probably differentiates between the Milongas we like and those we do not, in the ones we like we are always welcomed whereas in some others everyone (it is not just about us) is treated like just another punter.

As we were settling in Carol from Leeds turned up, funny how we almost never see her when we are at home, but somehow manage to meet regularly here at Maipu 444. Unfortunately she was not stopping, she just called in to say hello to Gloria, so we never got a dance.

Not many people here tonight so we had room to move and practice a few things. We were very impressed with a young couple who were there, no fancy moves, no ganchos, just basic salon tango beautifully executed. Now some will say that I am an old misery, because they see dancers who look good and can do all sorts of things I cannot, and yet I am not in the least impressed. Well here were dancers who impressed me, and proved beyond doubt that to look good there is no need to be an Olympic athlete (though no doubt they were fit) they just chose not to dominate the floor with flying legs.

We had two birthdays as well, a man and a woman. Feeling braver than last time I took my turn dancing with the lady. I had more than my share though, as the guy who got up to dance after me went over to the man who’s birthday it was and tried to take his partner,causing confusion, so again I finished the dance with the birthday girl.

Now as some may already know smoking is not allowed n the Milongas any more, neither is it allowed on the stairs up to the dance hall, but this is Argentina, so you must fight your way through a haze to reach the dance. But the thing that amused me the most was a sign in the milonga, that said not to put your cigarettes out on the carpet. Did I say, all the floors here are a beautiful parque? there is no carpet.

Another anomaly is the taxi’s, taxistas cannot smoke when they have passengers. This does not seem to stop them filling the car with smoke before you get in though. TIA this is Argentina.

Sorry I forgot to add, thanks for the cake.

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