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Another Tango year begins

Not the first tango of the year but it is time to come out of the torpor and write some more tango notes.

As I think I mentioned, Sharon has decided that we are the link Chester Tango  needs to Buenos Aires. Not that we are great experts, but most people in the UK tango scene have never been, and those that have, have been maybe only once or twice (I accept that there will be exceptions here, generalisations are never perfect). So Sharon sees it as a great asset to have a couple who actually own property in the city of tango. So this week we had some of our pictures arranged around the room for people to comment on and ask questions about.

The beginners class started as usual with too few women, so Bob was left out. Then as more women arrived it would have been unfair to send Viv out so I joined the class as well.

When we later decamped to the other room, I had three couples all keen to learn more. I am under strict instructions not to push them further than the class, but we  worked on posture and finding the woman. I remember many years ago when we first learned ballroom dancing our teacher said that part of his job was marriage counselling, so here was I trying to convince two new dancers that there should be no culture of blame here, we need to work together on the lead, tango is a conversation that carries on for years. Sometimes we get it sometimes not, but it is as important for the woman to let the man know where she is, as it is for the lead to be positive. We all play our part and if things do not go well, blame will not improve things. I recognise something of ourselves in this couple, the tension is common in new dancers, and I think shows a desire to go further, certainly the third degree I got about how long I had been dancing, where and when we started tango and how much time we spend in Buenos Aires, shows a definite desire to learn.

Of course now it was a good time to promote my pictures, La Glorietta excited the most comments as usual. The questions never stopped it is great to see that we are stimulating interest in Buenos Aires.

On the subject of Buenos Aires (and tango as well). I read this article from Janis Kenyon http://jantango.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/pedro-alberto-rusconi/ and decided it was so good that I copied it and brought it with me for people to read. It stimulated more interest than  could have imagined, so that now I have emailed a copy out to friends. I now thanks to Janis have a copy of the original letter, and am busy translating it as best my spanish will allow.

Looking forward to Saturdays Milonga at Pant see 01 January 2010 for details. I will of course post about it as soon as I can afterwards.


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Buenos Aires

We had three visits last year, and when we returned home in September May seemed a lifetime away.

Now finally after badgering people daily, and a mountain of paperwork I, at last have my May break organised.  So yesterday it was with some joy that I got online with Air France and ordered my air tickets.

I can now safely say we will be in Buenos Aires from Saturday 9th May until Saturday 30th. This will mark the end of  my longest period away since our first visit in 2004.

Whether we will be in Salon Canning on the 9th remains to be seen, but I can see no reason why not.

Philippe has looked after our apartment,  and so we should be able to manage a few hours sleep in the afternoon. But I will definitely be in Club Fulgor, Villa Crespo Sunday night the 10th.


Salon Canning last year

Salon Canning last year


By the way, How do you like my new banner? It is La Glorietta in The Belgrano district of Buenos Aires, an outdoor milonga.  If anyone prefers my old banner of my houswarming in Almagro, let me know.  I may just alternate them every few months with the sign above Corrientes 348 as well.

For anyone who does not know the significance:

The first line of the Tango, A Media Luz is:

Corrientes Tres cuatro ocho, segundo piso asenssor.

Corrientes Tres Cuatro Ocho


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