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Keep it local

Viv sent me out for my usual shopping expedition. Household stuff nothing exciting, but I did have some trouble finding washing up liquid. Seems you can wash your floors a thousand ways but your dishes only two.  I gave up on her bananas, the usual guy was not there, but his misses (I presume was) She blocked the entrance with her backside and there was no way past. Meanwhile the child on the floor was sucking on a grape and dribbling all over the floor. I could not get her attention so I went around the corner.

Fixed the fridge though. My favourite ferreteria had a lamp, the envelope was a little larger but for £1 it was worth trying. Anyway it fits and at least Viv is happy.

Got a call from Isabel, she was at DNI so we said we would escort her to the milonga. She was a little worried she would get no dances, but I told her ” You are young, good-looking and foreign, you will get dances” And for the first hour or so She and Viv did very well. All my old regulars arrived so I knew I was OK. Margarita was there so I was not going to miss a tanda, she would not let me.

As always though by just after seven the girls had enough and we set off into the street. Isabel was using Google earth to find her bus so we left her at Hipolito Yrigoyen. She was catching her bus on Avenida Mayo and were further up this road.

Back at Imaginario we ordered a black beer and Philippe arrived. Nice to see him and have a chat, seems the letter we have for him is for a fine. Unlike most motor cyclists he still has his number plate on, so they got him.

Anyway our meal and drinks including Philippe’s was only £15, glad we stick local.


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Return of the Shoe

Viv sent me out shopping again. Amongst other things she wanted risotto rice. Well they had quite a range in the dietetica but nothing that I recognized.

In the end I bought some boxed stuff from the Chino, it costs more but at least it was safe.

All the shopping done and it was time to get ready to go out again. The subte down was again one of the new ones. I cannot say I enjoy the feeling of rattling around in a box, still it’s a shorter journey today. You feel a bit like a rabbit coming out of a hole when you leave the underground and my memory has faded so we came out the wrong side if the road. I will have to remember next time.

El Arranque is very quiet when we arrive, but we are greeted by the waiter who still remembers our drinks. There are one or two old faces so we are both soon dancing. As the numbers increase so do our opportunities and again we dance for three and a half hours without break. (apart from the cumbia, but that is another story)

Maria and Graciela arrive like queens to their reserved table and I am treated to more hugs and kisses. We even managed a few new dances as well, Viv is enjoying this new popularity but soon it is time to leave, we are just not fit enough to keep going at this rate.

We stopped off at Imaginario for some food and beer. We got this sussed now, we order beer first and get some nuts with it, only afterwards do we order the food. We feel too tired to walk over to Canning, but go we must. When we got there they soon found the missing shoe, so now, at last, we can stop this constant trek.


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Final Arranque

Our last trip to El Arranque. We had our usual seats and we literally danced our socks off. Viv said she only missed two tandas. I struggled when there was a DiAngelis vals seemed every time I looked I was just too late. Seemed like I managed to find the worst dancer in the room, but she seemed happy enough.

They had the cumbia, followed by Pugliese so I had a rest for a while, then it was right back to it. I exchanged emails with a few of the ladies, don’t know if they will ever write but nice of them to ask.

Soon though it was time to leave, muchos besos and “buen viajes” then back on the subte.

We were supposed to be meeting Mauricio and Kim at a place called Lo de Roberto. It looked a right dive from outside. Inside was not much better, We found a big table, sorry the only big table. This place was established in 1890, same furniture and sanitary fittings, I think. We ordered beer and already had trouble I thought she said “solo negra” well that would do for me, but when it came it was Schnider. We then had confusion over the negra she said “Si es negra” I finally worked out she was saying “Schnider”. I think she needs her adenoids removing.

We were starving and waited a while, but with no sign of our friends we decided to order some food.  No empanadas, everything else was just nachos and sort of picada. Viv ordered a lomo sandwich and I ordered something ham on a plate. Then we ordered some more nachos.

Well the whole lot would not keep a sparrow alive and when I saw the girl scooping nachos out of a jar with the hand that had just handled money. I thought enough.

We waited until ten, no sign of Mauricio or Kim so we retrenched to Imaginario for some empanadas.

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One of those days

Well it started well enough, despite having a miserable cold. We found the umbrella shop on Columbres and Independencia. The guy was very helpful and spoke good English and Viv managed to get a very nice umbrella. We wandered down Boedo and stopped for some lunch.

We did not have much, just some media lunas for Viv and I had a couple of empanadas. The bill came and it was only $90. We have paid more than that for just coffee.

Then we walked around to the office of our administrator. We told her we were coming and she had confirmed, Two o’clock we said. We arrived at a quarter past and got no answer. Philippe called wanting help with his fan, I said we were busy and would be an hour (Optimistic? absolutely)

At half two we had waited long enough and set off for Retiro. We had a letter to pick up and $50 to pay. It took us a while to find the Coreo and we asked the guard outside “Straight through and to the left” he said.

We walked in and were surprised how few people there were. We took a number, then everyone started on us seems we had arrived at the front of the queue. The room behind was full, there must have been two hundred people there. That was not the end, the queue was two deep out of the door and down a long corridor out of the building and round the corner. No letter is worth waiting three or four hours. We left.

By the time I arrived at Philippes the light was already failing. I managed to get the fan up and the controller on the wall, but when I switched it on the breaker blew. A quick inspection in the dark revealed nothing, time to give up on today, I think. Blow my nose and have a beer.

Back to Imaginario for our evening meal.  Hamburgasa for me and two bottles of stout, ah! the drink of the gods.

Lets hope for a better day tomorrow.

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Día Nacional de la Verdad y la Memoria

There is a bitter irony here. The President is trying hard to make the world see “Las Malvinas son Argentinas” without much success thankfully, even her plans to put it on all the busses has not got off the ground. Nobody seems to notice that without the defeat at the Falklands, the military Junta would not have collapsed. (Well not at that point anyway)

So although many hundreds, sadly, lost their lives, probably thousands more would have joined “The Missing” had it not taken place. History would have taken a different turn and perhaps the Kirchners never would have been in power and, who knows? Maybe there would still not be democracy here.

Also a day of memory for “The Lost” from the days of the Junta, sponsored by Christina, seems, to me, a bit pointless without proper investigations into “The Lost” and their missing descendants, and a tad Ironic while still sabre rattling over the Falklands.

There are two massive sores in the Argentine psych, both of which Christina seems to relish picking at. This is a great country, but it could be so much better if only wounds were allowed to heal.

Funny enough for a bank holiday there are two men outside working down a manhole. I never noticed this before, the electric, the drains, the gas, all services have to smash up the pavements to do their work. Today I find that only the telephone people have the foresight to put tubes in the ground connecting a network of manholes, and they work on bank holidays. Someone should remind me next time I have a go at the telephone people.

We arrived at Obalisco early expecting it to be crowded and certainly even at this early hour many seats are occupied. The first hour was a disaster for Viv, I danced with her more often than I should, hoping that no one noticed. Apart from Jon I was the only dance she got. Funny how the crowd changes though and it got much better for her. Not for the Lady sitting next to her though. She was an Argentine who has lived most of her life in Miami. I had a dance with her, but she left shortly afterwards, not having the benefit of a partner to occasionally make her less of a wallflower. Two dances in three hours in three hours, she had good reason to feel miffed.

We stayed on until after the sorteo, Viv missed the $500 by one number, but a miss is as good as a mile. We were lucky with the colectivo on this feria day, a 90 arrived not long after we did, and we had a seat all the way back to Guardia Vieja.

We dropped our shoes off and headed for Imaginario. There was going to be a live band tonight called El Doblado and we had arranged to meet some friends. It was however still early and we wanted some food first.

We wondered where the band would perform and had a look around. Then I noticed some sounds coming from the cellar, but it appears we were not allowed down there. Soon they had struck up and were rehearsing at full volume. We decided that we were in the best place to listen. I think they had their volume set to 13.

We enjoyed an almost full concert, but when 22:00 arrived it was quiet down there. Mauricio arrived with an American friend Antonio, but there was no sign of Kym. Philippe, it seems, thought it was Sunday today and was with friends. Mauricio was enjoying sending him messages in French, but he would not be coming either.

Probably just as well, as the band did not strike up again until quarter to twelve, by which time we had, had enough and were ready to go. It looked like they were charging at the top of the stairs, to go down and see the band, and I did not feel like paying whatever it was, for just five minutes. It was long past our bedtime and so we decided to leave, we said our goodbyes on the corner.

We enjoyed an unusually quiet traffic free nights sleep.

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