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Is Villa Crespo on the move?

We did not do much today, but at least I finally finished the painting. Next job is to clean the cooker, and that will be epic. I had a look and it is bolted to the wall the jets and air mix is in the burners so the top will not lift off and there is six years of grime under it all, watch this space.
We called in the chino again (I am not allowed to call it a chinky, it seems) and bought a nice piece of steak for tea. $28 less than £1.50 you just can’t argue with that. With just enough griddling to sear it, it was gorgeous. A couple of facturas from the new confiteria on the corner for afters. Not much point in eating out when you can eat in like this.
Still we had Fulgor to look forward to. I am sure that they are moving it further away, every night it seems to take longer. Marian had our drinks ready again, and as always it takes a good fifteen minutes to get in, what with all the kissing.
It is a much better night on Sunday, they have a proper DJ, but they still play too much Pugliese for me. The numbers are starting to rise as well. There were even some new faces, who seemed quite perplexed, that all these locals were greeting these extranjeros, kissing them even.
The Cumbia gives us a rest, but often is tagged alongside a Pugliese tanda so I am getting stiff by the time I get moving again.
I never won the sorteo tonight, still Viv thinks I drink too much anyway.
Roberto is still not there, but Ruben is doing a sterling job.
Now for that walk home again.

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Di Sarli, The missing years

Our trip to Ideal yesterday made me realise that there is a gap in my Di Sarli collection, so as I am in Buenos Aires there could be no better time to fill it.

We took the subte down to Callao where we surfaced right outside Zivals. The collection of music in here is colossal, and I suspect that if you cannot get it here you will get it no where. We trawled through all the Di Sarli albums, but try as we might, could find nothing for the years 31-40 and 48-51. Still I had a hand full of CDs and a way of using some of the dollars I had bought with our money from tango.

There was still Musimundo across the road. This proved fruitless, there was far less choice here and the arrangement was somewhat chaotic. So we left deciding to try El Ateneo. This also was fruitless, the shelves here were even more chaotic. Di sarli was spread about all over the place amongst D’Arienzo, Canaro even Queen. This was pointless.

As we walked back along Callao there was another small music shop and Viv said we should at least try. Well in here there was at least some order, but the collection of old tango was minute. We did however find that Juan Carlos Caceres track we have been looking for, for so long Tango Negro.

At the back of the shop was the most wonderful restaurant you have ever seen. With a patio out the back with trees and umbrellas, wonderful modern artwork on the walls. So we had to stop for a coffee.

When we set off again it felt damp, the sky was overcast and gloomy. I had intended to take the D line and go into Palermo to buy some tea for our practica, but we were not dressed for rain. We took our normal B line back to Medrano and rushed home.

Come time to head out again to Fulgor and it has not yet rained. God it seems does favour the brave, ah well there is always tomorrow.

We wonder whether the DJ has changed here, something is different about the music. I am not sure exactly what but something is different. It just goes to show that there is more to this than simply putting on a few tunes. It is knowing the audience as well as the music. We never see the DJ here as he is hidden away in a box, so we will never really know.

A lot of the old crowd were not here tonight and there was a big party of strangers, still we had a good time and all the locals came and wished us well as always.

On the walk home the rain finally came, not heavy but it would have been enough to get us wet, good job I thought to bring the umbrella.

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You can get a mirror made quicker than a meal.

A day for wandering the streets, we had a huge shopping list and wanted finally to meet up with Walk Jive Fly Mark.

So we set off for Palermo texting as I went. We arranged to meet up at two thirty, so had all day to shop. We were looking for some alfajores for a friend, but Havana was too expensive although we did have a medialuna there.

We wandered down Scalabrini and eventually came upon a fereteria that had some nice hooks for our curtain tiebacks and I learnt a new spanish word “tarugo” it means wall plug, very useful to know. Down all the way to Santa Fe and no luck, we even went to a shop we knew well but we got nothing we needed.

We walked back up Armenia, nothing really grabbed us so we settled for a meeting and coffee. We were, as always early but it meant I could tell Mark the cafe was called Crack Up (very spanish) 4771 Costa Rica. We had apple pie there a couple of days ago and it so “rico” but today they had non, so we had to make do with escones (scones). We spent nearly three hours there talking, at home they would throw you out, taking that long over coffee, but here they don’t seem to mind. Now I know a bit more than there is in his blog, I envy people who can just leave everything and travel, I am too hooked on security. He passed all my tests and I can tell he really does read this (must be careful what I say then). As we left I noticed a new crumble de manzana just out of the oven, just our luck.

After we left it was getting late, so we headed towards Estado de Isreal meaning to cut down Guardia Vieja to the glass man. Unfortunately Jumbo got in the way(no not elephant, the supermarket) and Viv saw an oportunity to make up for the lost day. We did not get a shower curtain there as she had intended. But we did find some bowls that we were short of (not on our list) and the alfajores and dulche de leche (which were) some bread for tea and sultanas for my breakfast. So all in all the day was not lost, but gone six it was too late for the glass man.

We walked down Guardia Vieja and when we came to Acuna de Figueroa behold the glass man was still open. We walked in and measured and deliberated,  but the man said all these mirrors were for display we should tell him what we wanted. I told him our sizes and he gave me a price $178 but he was not happy about the holes. After him showing me some other fixings we decided against the holes and even with the brackets it was only $145 (less than£30) he had said manana but now he said less than two hours, Viv said a meal takes longer than that here. I don’t want it today so will pick it up tomorrow. While all this went on a crowd had appeared either to buy glass or to hear the locos extranjeros trying to buy an espejo, I don’t know which, but I do know the service I got was exceptional, and the entertainment they got was pretty good too.

This being Tuesday we are off again to Porteno y Bailarin. Janis has said she will meet us there tonight. So as well as the excellent music we had some company as well, and we now get a friendly greeting from the organiser. As always here there is some dancing that falls short of great, I used to think it was just touristas but they are in short supply this time of year. This seems to be the place for teachers to show off to their students, so we get some big dancing that does not fit a small floor, but my defensive dancing is improving. Never the less when one guy decided he was travelling backwards about three yards there was little I could do, still that was my only serious collision of the night.

El Flaco Dani was here tonight, they are all friends of Janis and she introduced us, I told him how much I enjoyed his brothers dancing and his. Again though he did not dance, doctors orders for a milonguero can be a real burden. I do hope he is dancing again soon.

Janis was trying to establish what was our criteria for a good milonga, in truth, I don’t think we have one. Sometimes when you try to put something into words the right words don’t come. But I will try: The music is absolutely essential, play rubbish and there is no desire to dance. That said there are not many poor DJ’s here though some are truly great. A friendly atmosphere, at some of our favourites we are greeted as old friends when we walk in, just knowing you are welcome and not just another punter can make the night. Room to dance, and this does not necessarily mean a big or uncrowded floor, in Fulgor the floor is small and crowded, but you are not hastled by people trying to push you out-of-the-way, people respect your space and generally will only move if there is room to do so. Then sometimes it is just a great night for which I have no explanation, when I know I will probably do my own milonga, because few really know the secret of happiness.

When it was time to leave, we walked Janis to her bus stop, and she seemed concerned that we would walk, we actually enjoy the walk now and every time we learn more about this city. Tonight, for instance we found a bar we had never seen before across the road from us. Obviously only open at night had we taken a taxi we would have missed it.

On the subject of taxis our route up Lavalle would have cost us about $12 so my savings were wiped out when Viv got her chocolate urge and that cost me $14 that is seriously expensive chocolate even for home, had they not been price marked I would have though it was tourist pricing. It was nice though!

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Another guilt ridden day, Phillippe asked if we could meet at 9de Julio but I was too tired and we were up late, so we headed over to Palermo.

Normally it is buzzing at the weekend, but we suspected (correctly this time) that due to the anniversary celebrations it would be quiet this week. Most of the stall-holders were there although one or two were absent, but the crowds were much thinner.

Rain had been predicted, but you never know if it will just be a bit of drizzle or the real thing. As we walked arround the sky started to look very angry so as we walked up Costa Rica we saw a bookshop cafe selling apple crumble and coffee for $17 only about £3 I was hungry and did not want to get wet so in we went. I never quite understand how this works but the girl kept asking if we wanted one or two. There are two of us so we wanted two, when the crumble came it was huge, now we could see why she was asking. As I said I was hungry so I wolfed mine down, even Viv managed most of hers, though she kept a little in a napkin for later. The promised rain battered the canvas roof  and I found myself wondering if we were about to get a soaking anyway. When we got the bill it was $40 still cheap but I could not understand why it said coffee and crumble $17 they say that the portion is too big then charge us $20, why not cut the piece in half and charge what it said on the door? I guess I will never fully understand this place, I made no complaint as we had had a good feed that would last us the rest of the day but still I wonder.

The rain eased and we decided to escape, we were wearing our waterproofs so the light rain that was now falling was not a problem. Distracted I now made an almost fatal mistake. We stood on the kerb at Scalabrini Ortiz and looking to the right saw most of the traffic had passed, only a solitary jeep was left, “when the jeep passes we can go behind it” I said we stepped out into the road and completely forgetting that Scalabrini is two-way heard a screech behind me. There to my left were two lanes of traffic intent on death, but fortunately one that had taken mercy. Were it not for his tyres squealing I would not be writing this. You never know your own strength until it is really needed, I grabbed Viv by the shoulders and literally lifted her off her feet carrying her back to the kerb.

The rest of the walk home was uneventful, as yet the streets were not flooded but we still had to take care of broken flags concealing gushing water fountains.

Tonight we are off to Fulgor and we will be joined by Roger and Mirta and Janis again. As we are getting ready I get a text off Janis saying she is there but very wet, then a text off Roger saying he is stuck in a lift. The weather outside is atrocious, there is no way we will be walking tonight.

On the corner is a bit of shelter,but not a taxi to be had. We saw a possibility, but then from the other three corners appeared others also looking for a cab. This was hopeless, we decided to walk to Medrano in the hope that on a busier street there would be more. Again the same problem, in half an hour we only saw one cab stop and that was grabbed by the people who were already there. Hopelessly we walked back to pick up the umbrella, madness to walk on a night like this but we had arranged to meet people and felt obliged.

The minute we walked out of the building again, there was a taxi outside, maybe the umbrella did the trick. When we arrived at Fulgor it was almost deserted normally Roberto has trouble finding us a seat, but tonight he wanted us to sit at the front, we pointed out that Janis was there and he offered to move us all. Janis confused by all this thought he was trying to separate us, but I pointed out he was offering us better seats. Not long later Roger arrived, no worse for being stuck in the lift, Mirta said he had fallen in the lift and that had caused it to stop. I think he is eating too many empanadas.

Another great Fulgor night although Janis had a run in with Roberto when she tried to film us. There are men here who do not want their wives to know that they are out dancing, it is the porteno way.

We returned by bus, Janis directing us to the right stop, unable to understand why we would want to walk. Fly,drive, take a bus, it’s the american way, we English are all crazy wanting to walk still now we have another option next time it rains.

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Catching Up

Not catching up as in someone running away, but in the english sense of meeting up with old friends and finding how their lives have gone on.

We had a long-standing arrangement to meet up with Pericles. For those of you who do not know, it was his help and guidance that allowed me to buy a property here. It is not often you meet someone on a business basis and end up as friends. It says a lot about his integrity.

We arranged to meet up in Las Violettas, a beautiful art deco confiteria on Rivadavia. We had arrived early and settled in with some orange juice. When he finally arrived we greeted each other with hugs and kisses. An Aussie and a Brit man both straight kissing each other, it could only happen in Buenos Aires.

We sat and talked for maybe two hours, about life here and at home, our virtual lives, and people in general. Somehow we talked of so much yet I never asked him the questions I wanted to ask, like how is his Tango now. After two hours, as usual Pericles had people to see, places to go. Life in business here is non stop. He walked with us back to our apartment, said he could not stop for coffee and was gone.

Viv was in need of some tights, and this being Sunday little was open, except the big shopping centres so we walked to The Abasto Centre to practice my spanish again with a surely shop assistant. After moderate success we headed out again. Not wanting to walk back the same way, we walked to Corrientes and after half a block my phone rang, it was Janis. She was not far away and said she would meet us here.

The first thing she did was complain (yes you did this time) that I had been here two days and not contacted her. I explained that not wanting to bother anyone I had simply sent a text to everyone that I was here and waited for replies. It seems she cannot read the texts on here phone, and it being one I am not familiar with I could not show her how. Again we headed off to a cafe for more coffee, this time to my favourite local bar that has become familiar with all my women. Now arriving with two at once they never batted an eyelid, what they must think I daren’t contemplate.

Again we sat for two hours, just catching up. Janis ordered submarino, which is just hot milk into which you dip chocolate, she was much impressed by the chocolate which was in the shape of two spoons.

Tonight is a Fulgor night so Janis wanted to leave us free to get there not too late. We walked her to the bus stop and sent her on her way home.

As usual we walked to Fulgor, there are a number of Busses we could catch, but to be honest, it is just easier to walk.

We walked in to be greeted by Roberto Orlando, the usual Argentine kiss, then Marianna the waitress kissed us both, before we knew what was happening half the punters were lining up for their turn. Most of these people were just nodding acquaintances, but they all wanted to great us and make us welcome.

Another thing I like about this place is the manners; the lady who sits alone on the far side often has a dance with me, but before she would dance with me again, she had to ask Viv for permission. I spun her around the floor to a fine tanda of D’Arienzo and she thanked me wonderfully at the end. When occasionally she did not pick up my lead, no body said this is how it should be done, there was no recrimination, we simply caught up and got on with it.

All the music was traditional all good and all danceable. I only sat out one tanda; Pugliese, and to be honest, at home I would not have sat it out. It was early Pugliese and very danceable, but the crowd here love their local hero (Pugliese was from Villa Crespo) so I did not want my clumsy movements to get in their way. We even did the Chacarera, you can always see the doubt in the minds of locals when we get up, but they always rapturous at the end.

It is an early finish Sunday (midnight) and we stayed right until the end, I think they had to throw us out in the end. Marianna asked how long we would be here and how often we would come, she seemed genuinely pleased when I said  “por supeusto, dos veces por semana, Viernes y Domingo”


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Nuevo anyone?

We arrived home at half past one in the morning, our trips to Shrewsbury finish later every time.

We had sat in The Coracle until about twenty to twelve, and talked about all the usual rubbish, who was doing what and with whom. There was nothing exciting that I could report here. Strangely it was after Dave left that things became more interesting, he’ll be upset to have missed it.

As we got up to leave, the conversation turned to Nuevo Tango, or more to the point what constitutes traditional tango. We stood with our coats on and carried on for nearly another hour, unable to leave the gripping debate.I think we all agreed that those who do Nuevo moves rarely if ever do them with any musicality, but interestingly, someone said that I do more moves than anyone.

This is obviously a matter of perception, I may do lots of secadas, and the odd volcada and barrida but nothing is choreographed. This I think is what makes it look like I do a lot, because nothing is set, I can do the same thing over and over, in different ways and it always looks different. (I hope).

The point is I let the music tell me when to do a certain move, not some routine that has been taught.

We had a lively debate about what is traditional tango: To me it is what we have kept from the golden age. I say kept because much has been lost and some only exists as yet in sheet music. The dancing is close, very close, it involves a lot of pivots and giros, the heels never come far off the floor. This is a style that developed in the golden age, when we had (in my opinion) the best music, there was money in Argentina and people had leisure time and wonderful dance floors.

The assertion was made that traditional tango could be what came from the turn of the last century. To this I would disagree; the music was more rhythmical, the hold was more open and pivots did not exist. This was a product of the floors that they danced on; it was not common to have good floors, often dancing on cobbles or flagged areas.

Later on in tangos history the film industry got involved and a much more open style developed, what we now call Nuevo. The distance between the couple was necessary so that they could both be seen on the screen. The big kicks and flicks again were there to look good on the big screen.

We (well most of us) are not in the movies; we go onto the dance floor for our own pleasure, so it makes sense that we do the dance that is designed to give us the most enjoyment, not something designed either for the big screen or cobbled streets.

Back for a while to the music: There is nothing wrong with a bit of canjegue along with our golden age music, it gives us some variety. We can dance to tango music from all over the spectrum, and why not? The problems come when we move into electronic. All argentine tango music follows a set pattern and because they follow this pattern we can predict what the music will do next and when it will finish. For this reason they are all between two and a half and three and a half minutes long, generally three minutes or there about, but theses are the extremes.

So how can the likes of Gotan fit into this? Triptico, for instance is ten minutes and ten seconds long. Quite apart from the difficulty of knowing what is coming next, I would be exhausted, and because the music does not tell me what to do, I would be running out of ideas. This is of course why the Nuevo crowd dance to this music; if you are choreographed you don’t want the music to get in the way of your routine.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy listening to Gotan and other elecronico, but tango is about the music as much as the dance (some would say more). There is some modern music that is good tango, there are good bands out there and it can be fun to experiment with new instruments and push the boundaries, but when you loose the structure you loose the essence, the dancers cannot follow and this feeling that the whole room is dancing as one is lost.

There I have gone off on one again, tango brings out a passion in us all, and to those who still want to do Nuevo I would say “As long as you feel the passion it is OK” but the two cannot mix, our social dancing is interrupted by high kicks and we do not allow the space. Nuevo should be kept to the clubs and dances that cater for it, when you mix Nuevo with traditional, conflicts happen. The traditionalists will complain about selfish dancing and music that is not tango. Often the nuevos will not be allowed the space in which to dance and will be treated with hostility. This is of course because the traditionalists need to keep moving line of dance, where as the nuevos do not, so much so that they almost become different dances.

There are places to dance in this style even in Buenos Aires, so that is why I am bemused by someone coming into a traditional club and throwing their legs in the air. This happens of course, but in my favourite club Fulgor, I have seen people thrown off the dance floor for doing ganchos. (Not physically of course, but they were asked to leave)

I think that those who do Nuevo will, in time, learn the true meaning of tango and come back into the fold, until then they must enjoy in their own time and space.

Something else that came up in The Coracle was of course my blog. I get some stick about it, it is only fair as I often give it out, but all I would say is if ever I upset or unjustly insult someone (Dave is excluded from this) please tell me. It is never my intention to cause offence. Similarly you are more than welcome to correct any factual errors or spelling mistakes I may make.

If no one pulls me up I will of course go on believing that I am perfect.

One other thing, I have accumulated some more facts for Mike about the Dutch invasion of Britain on 5th November 1688 with some20,000 men and 500 ships. I will of course debate this further next week.

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Independance Day

It is the 25th May Independance day here, and I have seen no sign of Will Smith in an F15 or any aliens. We had planned to go to the Obalisco see the celebrations that were supposed to be starting today, but there was some confusion about going for a meal with Luba, so all our plans as usual have been altered.

The meal with Luba we thought was tomorrow, and the celebrations today. Janis had told us she thought the celebrations started on Sunday and as usual she was right, Sunday is Fulgor however, so we would have missed it anyway.

The day started in the usual way, there was important shopping to be done. Viv needed vacuum cleaner bags (must be a woman thing this). The original bag had never been changed, so I think it unlikely the spare that we had would be used before we return, still now we had them she was happy.

I must mention at this point, there was thread on the expats site, started by Pericles on 70s music. I enjoyed no end searching out on you tube the music of my youth, so much so it almost delayed our trip out. They do say nostalgia is not what it was, but that old music certainly brought back many memories.

We were off again to El Arranque for an early milonga. It had looked like rain earlier but now we left in bright sunshine. At El Arranque we were again shown to a table right on the edge of the floor and we sat there with our fizzy water. Soon we were up enjoying the dancing, early on there is plenty of room, but as the day goes on it does get quite crowded. There are few touristas here and it has a feeling that we like, the floor is large, so that even though it can get busy, with care you can always find room to move.

We did notice a group, who I suspect were Americans (who else would go to a dance with jeans and a big leather belt). Every time they got up to dance they ended up right in the middle, looking puzzled as to why they were there. Their dancing looked good but they had no idea how things worked here, they were unprepared for the challenges of a Buenos Aires dance floor. They also looked puzzled when we had an interval where we again all stood up to sing the Argentine anthem. This time I was ready and under my breath sang God save the Queen, (just for comparison, I was not being chauvenistic) I was finished less than halfway through the intro, it must be the longest anthem in the world. Now, at last, I realise why  they are prepared to queue so long here. When the singing was finished they all shouted “Viva la Patria” then we danced the Chacarera, of course.

At eight we prepared to leave, as we were to go to Luba’s for nine. Outside it looked like it was raining, but under the shelter of the building overhang we stayed dry. Halfway around the block we were subjected to torrential rain, we were unprepared, as it had been sunny when we left. It was decision time, we could not make the subte, as we would get soaked. I said we should take a taxi, but then we would be too early, so we darted across the road for a coffee.

Inside the girl asked how we wanted it, strong, medium, or weak. We have never been asked this before, so to be on the safe side we plumped for medium. She tried to sell us something with it, but although we were by now very hungry we would be soon eating with Luba. When she returned with the coffee she rattled something off in true portena style, too fast for me. I said “mas despacio por favor” but instead of repeating she just said “cash” ah! cash we understand, it seems we would not be allowed to stay long as they were closing.

The rain had eased off so we took the subte, and again arrived dead on time. I really do not know how we always manage it, in a city so large with so many traffic problems, nobody is expected on time, yet somehow we always arrive on the dot.

Luba was not happy to venture out in the bad weather so we ordered in a Chinese meal. We sat there until the early hours drinking beer, then wine, followed by vodka, and talking soft, (as you do when the vodka gets hold). Then we had a stroll home in the cool evening air.

Post script: I had an email from Janis warning me to take an umbrella, of course I did not see it until it was too late.


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Listo, a (‘listo, a)adj (perspicaz) smart, clever;(preperado) ready.

That is the dictionary definition, but here it usually means finished or it can even be a way of dismissing someone.

Today we decided that we would collect the papers for our apartment, Viv would not be happy that we own it until the escritura is in our hands. So we took the subte to the final stop Av Leandro N Alem fortunately this is also the address of our escribano. This proximity however did not stop me getting a little lost in our search, but not for long. We soon arrived at the right building, there was security on the door, that would not let us in until we said what we wanted. Then when we got out of the lift on the eighth floor the door was locked and we had to request entry over an intercom.

Our escribano was courteous and remembered us (I had announced our name over the intercom, that gave him a clue). he spoke in English though he struggled for some words. The secretary went to search for our papers, then he explained that we must wait while he prepared the building contract (the owners form a company to administer the building, The consorcio).

While we waited we sat in dining type chairs facing what looked like the counter in a Chinese take away. I did think of asking for sweet and sour chicken, but I have learned my humor is just not understood here.

Anyway after a few minutes the secretary came out and gave us the papers, and said “listo”. That was it we were dismissed, but now Viv was happy so we went away for another coffee. I had had a bad feeling that we were going to be fleeced for more money, but we were just given our papers and dismissed, every time I try to pre judge this place it surprises me, it is never what you suspect.

Our evening was again spent at Fulgor, some of the usual crowd was missing, replaced by people taking part in tonights round of the local championships. Some of the fun feeling was lost as those who danced well and those who thought that they danced well competed with each other even when they  need not have.

My night was lifted to a new level however as we were joined by Sallycat. Because there were few free men I had to divide myself between two beautiful women. I have a hard life.

In a past post (sallycats adventures) Sally was put down by a man who said she could not milonga, so I had promised her a dance. Sally I enjoyed that milonga we had great fun.

Sally can milonga

Sally can milonga


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High pressure sales,BsAs style

I just love this place, as I look out at the trash in the streets, the broken pavements, and dog dirt, I wonder why, then things happen that remind me, the love of the people and every day being so different from the last.

I know some of my friends here read this, hopefully all those I have not yet contacted will do and accept my apologies, too much to do, too little time.

We arrived at Club Fulgor and as we walked in Roberto rushed over shook me firmly by the hand kissed Viv then found us one of the best tables, you would think I was the prodigal son, not some punter who has been missing for eight months. Next the waitress comes over and kissed us both warmly. Everyone in the club remembers us and even if they did not speak, they came to bid us goodbye before they left.

Funny holiday this we spent the morning, me doing repairs and covering our window seats, Viv cleaning to her own high standards, so as a break we decided to look for some more furnishings, and headed out to the shops.

There is a place near us which sells rustic furniture, Viv decided that would be nice for the bedroom. The guy pounced as we walked in I just said “solo mirando” and he went back to his computer game. Nothing was quite what we wanted, however there was a small bedside table Viv liked but only one. I called over dungeon master and said do you have two of these, he said no. I thought about walking out and trying somewhere else but Viv said she liked this “ask him how long it would take to get another”. In Spanish the conversation went something like this “when can you get another?” “if you leave a deposit, seven” “today?” “yes”

So after nearly walking out, we have arranged to pick them up tomorrow morning, it makes you wonder, if they ever manage to sell anything.


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Breakfast at Tiffanies (well Tomato actually)

On our fist night as promised,we headed off to Salon Canning. Looks like I am in trouble again because Saturday night is Viejo Correo, oh well I am used to being in the doghouse.

On our walk down we were asked directions,nothing makes you feel a part of the city more than being able to point a local in the right direction. This has happened a few times to me now, and every time it gives me buzz.

Salon Canning was crowded but not the usual no room to swing a cat crowded, there was a certain amount of bumping on the floor but  I only saw one instance of dance floor rage. I was however a bit tense, being unused to the Buenos Aires crowds, Viv was having trouble following and I was finding it hard to find space, but as this was our first night and we would not be out too long, I can live with that.

It has been suggested that we have a try at the local championships, only for experience of course, we would not really stand any chance, Viv is non too keen on the idea and after tonight it is probably best if we keep a low profile.

As we danced around the floor Viv caught her heel in something, it was in fact a table cloth as she turned she demolished the table, all the drinks bottles, everything hit the floor. The guys there said “no pasa nada” but we had to help them pick everything up including the two signs that said judges.

We left soon after this, not out of embarrassment but because I wanted to be up to see the Spanish Gran prix.

We have a favourite cafe called Tomato and when we turned up at quarter to eight (quarter to one UK time) we asked them to put on the projector television for us, they obliged us and we sat there for two hours eating a leisurely breakfast and lots of coffee, things have gone up here somewhat it cost us the equivalent of £10 unthinkable even a year ago.

After watching another Brawn one two we set off to catch up with a few friends and then do some more shopping (don’t get too excited ladies, boring stuff, food a toaster that sort of thing). Expecting more socialising this afternoon followed by Sunday night at Fulgor.


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