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Drunk on the train

As the weekend comes so we get more tired. Not up today until 11:30, how decadent. Still we do not have a lot to do and the milonga is later today.

After coffee it is time for me to go shopping again. First is Viv’s trainers. She had washed them in hot water and the soles are loose, seems they use PVA these days. I am all for health and safety, but sometimes solvent adhesives have their uses. Anyway he said the shoes will be ready Wednesday.

Next I went to the butchers in the chino, but he was not there. This gave me a problem with the fruteria, no change. So I headed off up Salguero to the butchers at the top. It got complicated again as it was $205 per kilo. so the guy just weighed me out $200 worth. Next to La Riena. Same conversation as before “Hay pancitos de queso?” same answer. They used to have a range of flavoured rolls here, I think everyone is cutting back. I had a long conversation with the fruit guy about how many pesos I get to the pound. Finished off with for £1000 I can buy half the country. At least he has a sense of humour.

I then wandered around trying various confiterias and panderias until I came to the one on Corrientes and Bulnes. There I finally found saboritas as they called them.  It got confusing when I tried to pay. Normally they are happy for any change here, but this lady could cope with nothing other than $100 note. So for the sake of $45 I now have a pocket full of change. Still I returned home triumphant, mission accomplished.

The journey down to los Consegrados is now routine and we arrived at Leonesa in good time. The guy who accosted Viv last time is still waiting outside, but as people are only just arriving and not leaving, I think that he is wasting his time. If anyone needs a taxi it will be to here not from.

I still find this floor difficult. There were many ladies I knew but I was still having trouble, Viv was sat behind Julia and also having a hard time. At one point I was missing every other tanda, but for the vals and milonga we always had each other. My favourite lady that I upset in Lo De Celia was not here, so I never got a chance to redeem myself. Still we got three and a half hours of solid dancing and left thoroughly exhausted.

We got on the subte again at San Jose. It was generally quiet and we got a seat straight away.  We were at the end of the carriage so there was nowhere to go, when a guy just along the train kicked off. He was covered in bandages and scratches and obviously drunk.  When the train stopped at Bolivar he decided to come down our end of the train. The big guy opposite me his girlfriend and the old lady all jumped up and left the train.  We were now stuck there but decided to brazen it out. He may have made a lot of noise but I think he was in no condition to cause trouble. His girlfriend appeared and st on the seat opposite. The guy just lay across the seats with his head in her lap and never moved until we had left.

We got off our train at Carlos Gardel. Viv wanted to try El Rey, comida peruana. We have been here before so it was not a totally new experience. The girl who served us was a bit slow, considering we were on our own until we had almost finished. I asked for the WiFi and she told me quickly and I was unable to connect or attract her attention again. It was the cheapest meal yet, half a chicken, plate of salad, plate of chips and beer for me and it came to $710. I left $800, Viv said I was tight. Well I would have left more had she been more helpful.

It was just enough food and it was fully settled by the time we walked home.

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