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El Revolutionario

It was threatening rain and stupidly we left the flat without umbrellas. I could have negotiated the subte system to get us within two blocks of Nuevo Chique, but did not think about it until we were about to come above ground. As luck would have it, it was not actually raining although we could feel the odd drop. The pavements were another matter though. We needed great care to avoid getting splashed by lose flags that will send a jet of dirty water up your leg at any opportunity.

Somehow we arrived clean and dry and were soon installed in our favourite seats. Another great afternoon but again the crowd seems to have changed. Viv never missed a tanda but a lot of her favourites were missing. Every time I leave I give my ticket to Miguel, it’s a thank you for dancing with Viv every time. Last Thursday he won the sorteo with my number. Now he had given the champagne to Viv to distribute. “It was your number” he said, I could not convince him that it was a gift. There was too much for Viv and I so we called for extra glasses and gave some to Pauline and Geoff and to Hubert and Paloma.

There was a huge amount of women, Viv did really well to keep dancing. As well as all my regulars from here there seemed to be all my regulars from other venues as well. I had a real problem trying to make sure that I did not upset anyone. The lady who says I have lovely eyes was here and I very nearly did another double cabeceo with her and the Polish lady. I had to quickly look away and break the contact. Having established that she wanted to dance with me I then rushed over to her. She was embarrassed when in El Arranque she had come to the floor and I danced with someone else, I did not want it to happen twice.

Three and a half hours of solid dancing was taking its toll so at seven thirty Viv called time. On our way out Marcella gave us a huge chocolate sweet. Some sort of Valentines tradition apparently, we thanked her and set off into the street.

Viv is still in search of the perfect coffee stop and we are running out of places at Congreso, but half way along right behind our bus stop is a place called El Revolutionario. There are pictures of Che Guevara and all sorts of other symbolism, we thought it just a bar. So we checked out if it did indeed do coffee. Well it turns out to be something to do with Madres Plaza de Mayo. It would take too long to explain here so you can read up here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mothers_of_the_Plaza_de_Mayo if you so wish.

Anyhow the coffee was excellent, as were the medialunas and the price was not bad either. We had the added pleasure of knowing we were supporting a good cause.

We came out to a number 90 collective just stopping at the bus stop, perfect timing.

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Shopping trip

Viv dragged me out shopping again. I don’t mind when she sends me out, but being dragged around feels off somehow.

First stop was the Post office, then back to the Almecen on Corrientes. They did not seem to have anything we wanted, so it was down to the verderia for some spuds and apples, oh and bananas. Then down to the chinos. Pretty much everything we need is here, but we were looking for some bulk items.

We took our stuff up to the apartment and set out again for the deli. I know that the chino is cheaper than the big supermarkets, but I was shocked to find that the rice and oats are a quarter of the price. Bulk buying it is then now. The trouble is we needed arboreal rice and that we could only get at the chinos. Still we now have some bulk and saved some money.

Our Tuesday trip to Nuevo Chique is next. Some faces missing today, but Pauline and Geoff were there. Despite this Viv only missed one tanda. I was lazy and missed a couple, but only because I wanted to rest. I had a nice dance with a Columbian lady. Apparently they export more than drugs, emeralds and gold. Good stuff but they are in just the right place to get drugs to the USA.

We stopped for coffee on congreso again, this is getting to be a habit. Then home to the risotto that we got the rice for. I suppose that Vivs risotto is worth the shopping trip.


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Of Mice and Men

The last few days we were in Buenos Aires, are hectic, so there is little time for me to write. Therefore I am writing up the weekend and our return from home. So if there are any errors or omissions I hope you will forgive me. There is one up side of this though; it extends my holiday mood for a few more days as I recall happy times in the City of Tango.


If the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry, then you will understand how my poor organisation can end up in chaos. We had already postponed our lunch with Philippe due to over booking, but today we had reserved the afternoon for him.

We set off down Guardia Vieja in the hope of visiting Guardia La Vieja again. Unfortunately I had not checked, and it seems they do not open during the day. There are two “Organic” restaurants also on Guardia Vieja, but I don’t do organic. Carrot cake and lettuce leaf butties are not what I think of when thinking food in Argentina.

So we set off down Corrientes, Philippe knew of a place opposite the Abasto called El Rey. He was a bit more reliable and the place was there, and open. It was Chilean food, but somehow we ended up with Pollo Entero again.

The chicken arrived already quartered; there was a huge plate of chips and just for healthy balance a huge plate of salad.  The chicken was cooked to perfection with an unknown (to us) variety of spices. The chips were perfectly browned and even the salad was a good mix. (Usually here they overdo the onion and under do the lettuce). All this was washed down with a fine Malbec.

The only downside of the experience was the door that no one seemed to understand should be shut after going through it. The weather now is getting cooler and nobody likes to sit in a draught.

We finished up with coffee in the apartment. All our business sorted, there was nothing left but to say adios for another year.

My plans for the day continued to go wrong; Janis had said we should meet in Lo de Celia, but we had arranged to meet Roger and Mirta at Consegrados. I checked the times and there was no reason we could not do the two especially as they were only three blocks apart. So I mailed Janis to tell her.

Janis though decided that she would come to Los Consegrados so we all met up there.

Viv and I had a few dances but she was still suffering, so her instruction to go play was not unexpected.

From where we were sitting though it was not easy to cabeceo and I could not really see who I was asking to dance. My first victim was a real surprise, blessed as she was in the chest department, she was also very tall. I think Viv Janis and Mirta were all somewhat amused by me attempts to look dignified as I tried in vain to find somewhere to put my head that would not lead to embarrassment. Still the lady in question did not seem to mind too much and despite my obvious discomfort, I did enjoy the experience.

I also met up with a lady from Windsor called Jane, who is a friend of Janis. I told her if she is ever up north to give us a visit, but I doubt she ever will. Londoners think the world ends at Watford Gap.

We all sort of broke up early. Roger and Mirta were tired and headed off back to their hotel and with Viv not dancing, we decided we had also had enough, by about ten thirty.

Janis stayed on with Jane and we set off into the night.

We do not know this side of town that well. (It is reputed to be dangerous, phffat) I thought we could walk through to Congresso so that is what we did.

Even this late at night some of the buildings were beautiful to look at, although my little camera would not do them justice without the light. We saw a 168 stop, and for a second or two thought about just jumping on, but sometimes after a milongas we just enjoy walking together and reliving some of our experiences. For me some of our best times together are when we are just strolling after the milongas.So we walked on.

When we finally got to Congresso we stopped off at Moncloa the café where we had met Maggi last year. So at close to midnight we had Submarino (Hot milk into which you melt chocolate) and medialunas, watching the never-ending traffic around the square, until it was time to catch our colectivo home.

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